I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 166

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 166

Chapter 166

The one that stepped out of the car was a female during a summer dress,
She was in her early twenties and well-dressed.

The sunglasses on her face made her looked fashionable.

It was just that…

The woman had a really plain face. The fashionable items on her just made her
locked odd,

She wasn’t tall, and therefore the high heels she was wearing made her body appeared non-

After getting out of the car, she took a glance at Linda and Ethan then looked
around, without saying a word.

Stepping out of the driver’s seat was a sleeky looking man in his thirties. The grey-
brown suit on him made him looked a touch better.

As soon as he got out, he checked out Linda lusttfully.

“Karen, Roy, welcome,’ Linda greeted them. Ever since they stepped out of the car,
none of them had said anything.

The man just checked out Linda weirdly.

Linda had no choice but to greet them first. There was a forced smile on Linda’s

Hearing Linda’s greeting, Karen took a glance at Linda’s clothes and let loose a scornful

“Not bad, still remember me,’ she sneered, “I’ve come all the way. Why are you only
standing there?”

Karen’s words confused Linda.

Linda and Ethan were here to require them to the hotel. So what is wrong with Linda
standing there?

Seeing Linda’s confused face, Karen showed a hatred of expression and muttered,

“What’s wrong with you? Dont you even know anything? what is the use of gaing to

She then shouted, “Why are you continue to standing there? Get me something to drink! |
want iced fruit juice . it is so hot here. What a lousy place Buckeye is!”

While speaking, Karen kept fanning herself by her hand, albeit it wouldn’t
make her feel any cooler.

Her words surprised Linda.

It was the expressway toll gate and no gasoline station in view . Where could Linda find
a bottle of cold juice for her?

Linda checked out Ethan awkwardly and said to the lady , “Karen, there is no one
sells juice here. lf you’ll hold a touch longer, I’ll buy you the juice once we get to
the downtown.”

Anyone would know you could not buy drinks in between of an expressway.

Ethan tried to assist Linda out. He said with a smile, “We got to drive on the
expressway until we get to the downtown. | know an area , and that they sell great juice.
I’ll show you the place once we are there…”

Ethan was trying to be nice to them. Without knowing Linda’s fight together with her
relatives, Ethan just wanted to treat Linda’s relatives like his own.

Karen cut Ethan off. She sized Ethan up and asked, “Who are you? Did | allow you to
speak? | want to drink fruit juice . does one have problems with that?”

Ethan was stunned. He didn’t understand why the lady talked like that when he
was trying to be nice.

Ethan would’ve lost his temper if she weren’t Linda’s cousin.
Ethan couldn’t stand an individual without manner.
But he put it up for the sake of Linda.

Ethan forced a smile, trying to resolve the embarrassing situation. He said, “| take it
you are Linda’s cousin? Nice to satisfy you. | am Ethan Humphrey, Linda’s boyfriend.

Welcome to Buckeye…”
Ethan was interrupted again.
Karen checked out Ethan with ridicule in her eyes.

“Oh, the boyfriend. Linda, | feel disappointed. With a face like that, | thought, at
least, you ought to attach with an upscale kid. But why a hillbilly?”

The woman then began to laugh and laughed hard. Her husband also joined her.

At this point , the rear seat’s door was pushed open, and another woman’s voice
was heard.

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