I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 167

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 167

Chapter 167

“What takes you guys so long? D*mn, does one know what time it is?” a lady in her
forties got out of the rear seat of the car. She was rounded and wore a blue dress,
The woman looked unfriendly.

She glared at Linda belligerently and scolded, “Linda, what is wrong with you? We
traveled all the way down here, and this is often how you’re treating us? What are you

This woman was Linda’s aunt. Her name was Paula Grecic.

Linda tried to elucidate , ” No, aunt, I’m actually…”

She was interrupted by her cousin. Karen said with a snicker, “Stop your excuse!
Mon, you recognize what? She got herself a boyfriend, and he’s from the countryside!
You were so right some time past . does one still remember the bet we were having? | said
Linda could attach some rich kid within the city due to her sl*t face, but you said
she could only get a hillbilly at the most . You were so right!”

Karen was loud. She didn’t care how her words could make Linda feel,

Hearing the insulting words, Linda’s face turned red. She gnashed her teeth, feeling
terrible. Linda wanted to correct them.

But within the end, she gave up.

Linda decided to allow them to be, and she or he also worried that they might keep pestering
Ethan once they knew how wealthy Ethan really was.

Linda glanced at Ethan, only to seek out that Ethan’s face was also not good.
He was angry.

Ethan wanted to try to to anything to guard Linda, and he wouldn’t want to mention anything
against her. How could he stand watching people insulting and humiliating

If it weren’t that they were Linda’s relatives, Ethan would have lashed out an extended
time ago.

Ethan checked out Linda. He was observing Linda’s reaction to make a decision if he was going
to keep pushing down his anger.

Linda chose to be silent, so Ethan did an equivalent .

Seeing Linda and Ethan’s silence, Paula and her daughter were getting

Paula sneered and said, “Him? Haha, | could tell how far Linda could go when she
was only three years old!”

Paula Jaughed disdainfully and continued, “Look at her dad and mom! Her dad
bailed right after he knocked her mom up. Her stupid mother still thought that her
dad loved her, so she gave birth thereto b*stard. She remains expecting that guy to
come back up to the present day!”

“Is it even possible?” Paula said during a strange tone, “| heard that the guy was from a
rich family. And her mom was just a plaything for him. Something to discard
when the joys is gone”

Paula’s words shattered Linda’s last little bit of dignity.
Tears burst out of Linda’s eyes. She screamed, “Shut up! You’ve gone way too far!”
Linda glared at Paula, anger boiling in her heart.

“ll make it clear. If you would like to remain in Buckeye for a few of days for fun, please
stay. If you think that Buckeye is just too low-level for your taste, return to where you
come from!”

After saying that, Linda rotated and walked away.

She walked toward the Volkswagen parked near her. Pablo sent it to select up her

Linda stepped into the car and cried.

Linda was angry. How could Paula say those insulting words once they just met.

Linda still remembered the times when she lived in her hometown. Linda and her
mom wont to live under similar insults and humiliations a day .

She had thought that when she got inte college and had a successful career, those
people would not dare to treat her like this.

But she didn’t know regardless of what she would become, she would always be
inferior in their eyes, and that they would always yell at her and insult her sort of a slave.

Thinking of this, Linda couldn’t help but clench her fists, and she or he cried harder.

Hearing Paula’s extremely humiliating words and seeing Linda was crying within the
car, Ethan was furious.

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