I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 168

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 168

Chapter 168

Ethan cast an angry glance at Paula. He couldn’t believe that as a senior, Paula
could say such vulgar words.

What quite monsters Linda had as relatives?

Ethan decided to form them buy the way they hurt Linda. No man could stand
and watch his girlfriend being so furiously insulted, and do nothing.

However, Ethan was stopped by Paula’s son-in-law before he could talk.
Roy also noticed that Paula’s words had hurt Linda deeply.

They had frequently humiliated Linda in their hometown, but they were visiting
guests at the instant .

They knew nothing and no-one in Buckeye. Moreover, Linda’s boyfriend was with

Linda’s cousin- in-law was more target- driven. He knew the goal was to urge
ownership of the house. So before they might do this , they couldn’t afford to offend
Linda and her mom way an excessive amount of .

Otherwise, they might not only be unable to urge the house but also wasted the
money and time to return right down to Buckeye.

Roy smiled at Ethan and said, “Hey, bro, don’t mind them. My in-law just made a
joke to Linda. Linda is young and inexperienced, so she may misunderstand my in-
law. Relax, dont get angry. You go and tell her to calm dawn.’

He then pretended to lecture Paula, “Mom, don’t blame me for saying this. You
need to take care about how you tell a joke. You went way too far on Linda.’

As he was speaking, Roy winked at Paula, signaling her that he was putting on an
act for Ethan to ascertain .

Roy was head- straight on their goal. Before getting the house, it had been unwise to
offend Linda and her mam. Roy wouldn’t mind if he needed to kneel before Linda
and her mom just to urge what he was here for.

However, Paula was a touch retarded. After hearing those words, she rolled her eyes
at him.

She was close to speak when Karen interrupted her.

“Roy, who the f*ck does one think you’re talking to? How dare you scold my mom?”
Linda’s cousin yelled at her husband, “What’s wrong with my mom’s words? Hurt
your feelings watching Linda being humiliated? Whose husband are you?”

Karen was angry at her husband’s language to Paula. She continued.

“You speak up for her? | know what you’re up to. wish to watch her little beautiful
sl*tty face? Tell me that in my face! Don’t think | haven’t any idea what you have been
doing behind my back!”

“What a bunch of stupid teammates!”

Roy thought in his head.

“Did they forget to pack their brains to Buckeye?”

“And they only didn’t understand why | winked at them?”

Feeling embarrassed, Roy glared at his wite.

Karen still didn’t get Roy’s intention. She sneered.

“| just want to insult that sl*t. you’ve got problems with that? Then leave!”

Paula helped her daughter, “Roy, what is wrong with you? Why does one help an

Roy was speechless. He was sure even Ethan could understand his motive, but why
couldn’t his wife and mother-in-law?

He hurried over and whispered something to Paula.
Finally, Paula understood Roy’s intention. She smiled awkwardly at him.

“Yes, youre right. | was a touch careless earlier, Paula said apologetically, “Well, I’ll
listen to you. I’ll do whatever you say.’

Roy just whispered his concern in Paula’s ear.
After hearing Roy out, Paula realized that she had gone a touch too far.

Paula didn’t realize that they weren’t in their own place. And Linda had grown up,
and she wasn’t that tiny girl anymore, who daren’t fight back when being bullied.

In the past, Paula could never believe that Linda could have the courage to scream
at her the way she just did.

Paula had been with Linda since Linda was born, and Paula had been treating
Linda terribly.

All Linda’s relatives were wont to insult and humiliate Linda.
No one had ever treated Linda and her mother as citizenry .

Paula was wont to the way she had been treating Linda, so she carried that attitude
over albeit the circumstances had changed at the instant .

Paula had noticed that Linda had changed, and Linda was not a helpless kid

So for getting the house, Paula had to vary the way she treated Linda for the
time being.

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