I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 170

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 170

Chapter 170

Roy glanced at the car Ethan hopped in and chuckled.

“He’s just a poor university student . | bet the car may be a rental. it might be great if he can
afford a Passat within the future.’

Roy then laughed with disdain.

“Crap!” Karen disdainfully mumbled. She checked out Roy’s sedan and considered
how they purchased the car fully . it had been 300 and eighty thousand dollars.

After Roy bought the car, Paula and her daughter showed the car off ahead of all
of her families, and everybody envied them.

Although the car cost 300 thousand dollars, which was a lower cost for
a luxury car, driving an Audi going places was still a flaunt of their wealth.

Comparing together with her husband’s car, Karen was filled with ridicule and contempt for the
car Ethan was driving.

Karen was complacent at what a luxury car her husband had.

She looked down on Ethan for he was driving a standard affordable car, and the
car was probably a rental.

In her mind, the car marked her superior over Linda.

“Roy, I’m telling you. Don’t follow their car. Ask them far the address, and that we need
to drive before them; Karen said, “It’s a shame to let such a crappy car to steer
our way!”

Roy smiled without saying a word.
At this moment, Linda and Ethan stepped out of the Volkswagen.

Paula quickly walked to Linda with a fake smile, “Linda, why did you create such a
big fuss? | was joking, and | didn’t ask you to be so serious. it is your fault, sa young
but so tight!”

The way Paula apologize was responsible Linda for all the fault she had committed.

Before Linda could say anything, Roy cut in, “Let it go, Mom. Linda remains young.
You just forgive her for once!

Roy then checked out Ethan with a cheeky grin on his face, saying, “Ethan, here we are
in Buckeye! Where are we going next?”

Ethan didn’t want to waste his time arguing with those unreasonable people. He
replied, “You guys must be tired in any case the traveling. We are getting to the
restaurant, then I’ll lead the thanks to the hotel you’ll be staying in. Let me know

if you guys want to travel somewhere and celebrate . I’ll ask people to rearrange that for

Hearing Ethan’s generous offer, Karen snorted.

In her eyes, Ethan was a poor university student . But the way he talked as if he was
rich. Karen found it ridiculous.

She thought Ethan was bluffing.

“Watch your tough once you are bragging. it might be very embarrassing for you
when we want to travel somewhere you’re incapable of arranging, Karen said.

What she meant between the road was that Ethan, you were so poor, how are you able to
afford to require Us anywhere?

Ethan checked out her and said with a smile, “Just name the place you would like to travel , as
long as it’s somewhere on the earth earth.”

Ethan checked out Karen with contempt.

He found Karen ridiculously ignorant.

With ten billion dollars under Ethan’s belt, he could go anywhere on the world ,
Ethan was also supported by an omnipotent father.

However, Karen had no idea of who Ethan was. So Ethan’s words seemed like a
joke to her.

Not only to her, Paula and Roy were also laughed at Ethan’s words.
The two were laughing hard.

Roy patted Ethan on the shoulder and said, “Young man, let me offer you a bit of
advice. Know yourself! Your words really made us laugh. you do not got to brag in
front folks . We all know your financial situation just by watching your appearance.’

Paula added, “Linda’s boyfriend, don’t blame me for lecturing you. We aren’t fools,
and we can see that you simply are very poor. you ought to learn fram my son-in-law. He is
only six or seven years older than you, but he owns alittle restaurant. check out his
car over there, that’s an Audi! you recognize , his apartment is ninety square meters big.
It’s huge!”

Paula checked out Ethan with a smile and continued, “Look at yourself. See the
distance between you two? Young man, you ought to put your energy into working
hard but not into talking. Is there anything useful in talking? nobody may be a fool, and
we can all tell a lie from the reality .

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