I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 171

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 171

Chapter 171

Ethan didn’t answer Paula and Roy. He thought their words were ridiculous.

A small restaurant, an Audi low-end car, and an apartment during a village were
enough to form them feel superior to others?

The more Ethan heard their words, and therefore the more ridiculous Ethan found them to

Business? Although Ethan hadnt had his own business yet. He was holding ten
billion dollars for his investment.

Car? it had been true that Ethan did not have his own car. That’s because he didnt have a
driver’s license. If he wanted, Ethan could afford any car.

Housing? Roy was in no comparison to Ethan.

Roy felt smug to possess a ninety square meters apartment in an unknown location of
a small town.

Ethan wondered what their reaction would be when he told them that he owned the
top villa in Buckeye.

But he didn’t want to waste the trouble in arguing with these snobbish people.

The most important thing was that Ethan didnt want to embarrass Linda by
beating up her relatives within the game of wealth.

Ethan couldn’t care less about how Paula and her families feel. But he had to form
sure Linda’s feelings didn’t get hurt.

He didn’t want to place Linda during a difficult situation.

So Ethan just sneered and didn’t answer Paula’s words. He continued, “Follow
my car. I’ll take you to the restaurant.”

Seeing Ethan didnt answer her words, Paula believed that Ethan was defeated.

She whispered in her daughter’s ear, “Haha, did you see that? He didn’t dare to
catch my words, he’s scared’

Karen was also complacent. She laughed and said, “Of course! How could a poor
loser as compared with my Roy? My Roy features a car, an apartment, and a career.
What does he have?”

Karen was reminded of something. She quickly asked Ethan, “Wait a moment , what
did you only say? Us following you?”

Ethan nodded, “Yes, alternatively how can | take you to the restaurant?”

Karen snorted and said, “What are you thinking? Making us Audi following your

crappy Volkswagen Passat? Are you kidding me?”
Ethan was speechless after hearing the words from Karen.
What Passat? Where did you see that?

Ethan found it extremely laughable that she called the car Ethan borrowed from
Pablo a Passat.

He tried his best to carry back the laugh but failed.
“Are you actually just stupid, otherwise you are a comedian?” Ethan thought.
“You… you call it Passat?” Ethan pointed at the car and asked.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t it? Hehe, don’t tell me you do not know Passat? Seriously? You
don’t even know what car you rented?” Karen said with a sneer.

She was rather speechless. Karen thought Ethan didn’t know cars, and couldnt
even name the car he rented!

Hearing this, Ethan snorted laughter. He shook his head helplessly and said,
“Whatever you say. If you would like to call it Passat, you call it Passat. Follow me.”

Ethan didnt want to mention another word to them. He came the car.
Sitting within the car, Ethan still couldn’t stop laughing, “Passat? Ridiculous.’

Ethan didn’t want to require the trouble to elucidate to her what the car really was.
Whatever she thought. Let her be.

After a short time , Linda came the car watching Ethan’s expression, she was

Linda didn’t quite get the conversation between Ethan and her cousin.

“Ethan, what’s Passat? what is wrong if the car may be a Passat?” Linda asked with a

Ethan smiled but didn’t answer.

But the driving force rotated . He asked teasingly, “Miss Linda, you said this car may be a

Linda didn’t know much about cars, She didn’t even know what a Passat was.
“What… what’s wrong?” Linda asked.

The driver laughed and said, “Haha, | understand you do not know cars. This is a
Volkswagen Phaeton. Passat only cost a touch quite 100 thousand
dollars. But this car is Mr. Owen’s car. It’s an imported Phaeton which has top-
notched equipment. The car cost quite four million dollars. Passat? Please!’

The driver turned back his head with a smile. Watching Paula and her families were
pointing and discussing the car, he was speechless.

He had overheard the conversation Ethan had with Karen about the car, and every one he
found was that Karen was a ridiculous bumpkin, nothing else.

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