I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 172

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 172

Chapter 172

The fact that Pablo’s car cost four million dollars surprised Linda.

She hadn’t paid an excessive amount of attention to the car. Linda had thought it had been just an
ordinary one.

However, it had been an authentic luxury car.
The world of rich people was beyond her imagination.

The four million dollars luxury car looked very normal on the surface , only the
interior was a touch high-end.

Linda knew nothing about cars. She was only amazed.
Ethan glanced at the driving force and said with a smile, “Let’s attend the restaurant.’
The driver nodded, “Okay.”

The driver started the car. While he was driving, the driving force shook his head with a
smile, murmuring to himself, “What a bunch of funny people, acting so arrogantly
just because they’re driving an Audi A4! Mr. Pablo’s car cost quite ten times
your car cost.”

The driver was complaining about how Paula and her family treated Linda and

“What quite relatives are they? So ignorant and yet so arrogant!”

Pablo’s driver, who was very experienced with the planet , was speechless about
Paula and her family’s ignorance, arrogance, and unreasonableness.

As Ethan’s car drove away, Paula, Roy, and his wife were standing where they were,
unwilling to follow.

Karen still didn’t want to drive behind Ethan’s car. She was unhappy seeing Ethan
had driven away.

“Sh*t! what is wrong with me hating their crappy car? Let that crap driving ahead
of our Audi? it is so embarrassing…

Karen muttered as she rolled her eyes at the Volkswagen which Ethan was sitting
Roy was as reluctant as his wife.

He never saw a Volkswagen Phaeton, which was a really low-key luxury car. Ray only
heard about such a car.

On the surface , Phaeton looked a bit like a Passat. Roy couldn’t consider that a poor
college student as Ethan could drive a Phaeton.

His prejudice against Ethan made him overlooked many details that would tell him
who Ethan truly was.

Facing his wife’s constant complaints, Roy shook his head and urged, “Forget it.
Let’s follow them. Hurry up! Otherwise, we’ll lose them.”

“| dont care!” Karen said angrily, “What a crap! Don’t follow them too closely, That
junk of a car will drag us down if people think we’ve anything to try to to with it.”

“Get yourself within the car! Does your muttering change anything?” Paula yelled at her
daughter, “Let’s go. I’m hungry.’

Paula came the car, “Who knows what quite food Linda is getting us.

While Karen stepping into the car, she skilled Paula, “Just check out the stingy
look of her boyfriend. | bet we’ll eat from a food truck!”

Roy giggled and said, “You’re probably right. Both of them don’t appear as if someone
who has money. They wont be ready to afford good food”

Roy took a glance at Paula and said, “Mom, don’t hold your hopes high. | say let’s eat
whatever they’re going to give us, and we’ll go and obtain some real good food later. But don’t
forget our goal, the house!”

“I’ve heard from my schoolmates who worked for land management. Someone is
eyeing that district. If we will get the ownership of that house, when the demolition
happens, the cash they’re going to give us can support us for the remainder of our lives; said

He then started the car and drove away.

Hearing this, Paula nodded. She then said angrily, “Let’s see what they’re going to do later.
| don’t care how poor they’re . need to |they must”> they ought to know that they ought to please us. If
the food is bad, | will give them a tough time.”

Paula tried to form a convincing case for herself, “Linda and her mom ate tons
from us. If she dares to slight us, | will humiliate her as hard as | can!”

Karen quickly echoed, “That’s it! If they dare to steer us to a crappy place, | won’t

step out of the car. let’s examine what they will do to me!”
Hearing this, Roy shook his head and didn’t say a word.
He knew how unreasonable his wife was. Roy wouldn’t dare to speak against her.

At the instant that she was during a rage, to mention anything that did not accept as true with her
would be a disaster.

As the two cars drove into the town , skyscrapers and luxury hotels were passing by.
Paula kept letting out gasps of surprise.

She had been dreaming about living during a place like this ever since she was a toddler .

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