I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 173

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 173

Chapter 173

However, things not always went as hoped. half Paula’s life had passed, and she
had never stayed during a fancy hotel.

Paula had pinned her hopes on her daughter. She wont to fantasize about marrying
her daughter to an upscale guy.

So she could get some advantages as being the mother. Maybe she could have the
chance to remain during a five-star hotel.

But her daughter attached with Roy Rupert when she was still in highschool .
Paula’s dream was broken then,

Paula sighed heavily. watching the hotels, she said, “| wonder what quite people
was staying there. Alas, as long as | can stay there for one night…’

She continued, “| heard there’s an Empire Hotel in Buckeye, a five-star hotel.
People say it’s extremely famous. Everything within the hotel is great, and a meal would cost

thousands. When can | stay there and eat there?”

Paula’s sighs made Roy uncomfortable.

He knew Paula said those to him.

Her intention was clear.

And Roy was laughing at Paula secretly,

Roy pretended to respect his mother-in-law. But he despised her.

He thought Paula was greedy and vain, and as long as he was a psycho could he like

Roy ridiculed Paula in his head, “You want to remain and dine there? Don’t you recognize
who you are? Are you deserve an area like that?”

Paula didnt care how she made Roy feel. She thought for a short time and said to her
daughter, “What does one think where Linda and her boyfriend would take us? Maybe
they will take us to a famous restaurant? If so…”

Karen rolled her eyes at Paula and interrupted her, impatiently, “How can | know?
We’ll know once we get there. does one really think that these two morons can take
you to the Empire Hotel for food? My dearest mother wake up! That’s not gonna

Karen rolled her eyes at Paula again through the car mirror . She thought
Paula’s dream was way too wild.

Karen knew Paula liked to think unrealistic things. But the larger the hopes, the

bigger the frustration .

She couldn’t understand why Paula could imagine that Linda and Ethan would take
her to a flowery place to eat. the thought was ridiculous.

“| say we’ll erode a random restaurant on the sidewalk!” Karen said, “Those
stingy morons will certainly tell you that this small and crappy restaurant is
Buckeye’s hidden jewel. Bullsh*t!”

As Karen was speaking, Roy suddenly hit the brake.

“What’s wrong with you?” The brake was too abrupt, the top of Karen almost hit
the windshield. She yelled angrily, “If you do not skills to drive, get the hell out
of the car!”

But she saw Roy stared at her with a glance of disbelief.

“Honey, where did our mother say she wanted to eat?” Roy’s voice sounded

Karen sneered, “Empire Hotel. it is the most famous five-star hotel in Buckeye, and
it costs tens of many dollars to possess a meal there. check out your face! What’s
wrong? So we are at the Empire Hotel? You’re funny. you actually think those two
morons can take you to the Empire Hotel?”

Roy looked pale. He nodded at his wife’s words. Roy pointed at the building and
murmured, “Yes… We’ve received the Empire Hotel!”

Karen couldnt believe her ears. She looked toward the direction when Roy was
painting, stunned.

She saw the building of the Empire Hotel.
“How… haw did he bring us here?” Karen stammered in disbelief.

The front entrance of the Empire Hotel was fifty meters before their car. The words
“Empire Hotel” was hung at the doorway of the building, resplendent and

Roy’s car was waiting in line for entering the hotel. Most of the cars here were top
luxury cars.

Roy had never been to a hotel like this before. He followed the car ahead of his
car. The expression on his face was complicated.

Paula saw they were really heading toward the Empire Hotel, so she almost
jumped up out of pleasure .

“For real? We are really getting to the Empire Hotel? Is Linda playing tricks? Oh my
god, this is often really the Empire Hotel!”

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