I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 174

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 174

Chapter 174

Paula was excited. To be a customer at a luxury hotel just like the Empire Hotel was her

At this moment, the dream was close to come true.

However, Paula was puzzled on why Ethan and Linda would be ready to bring her

The Empire Hotel was a top-tier hotel in Buckeye. Its price was beyond the

financial capacity of even Paula’s family.
Paula couldn’t find out how Ethan was ready to bring them to such an area .

Paula hadn’t let excitement be completely into her head. She suspected it had been
Ethan’s setup.

Because Paula couldn’t consider a reason that made it possible for Linda and Ethan
to bring them to the Empire Hotel.

Paula’s daughter and Roy were confused also .

Just a flash ago, they were making fun of Linda and Ethan and calling them
stingy morons. Karen swore that the so-called restaurant would be a food truck.

But at this moment, they were lining up ahead of the Empire Hotel.

“What is basically happening? Why are we here?” Karen was too confused to talk .
Meanwhile, Roy’s eyes were fixed on all the cars.

In front of his eyes were all luxury cars and sports cars.

Cars like those, he couldn’t even see one during a year back to his small hometown. But
that day, there have been many of them stopped ahead of his eyes.

“That Passat is such an eyesore!” Roy complained. He couldn’t wait to urge obviate the
car Ethan was in. It blocked his view for watching fancy cars.

Karen suddenly thought of something. She said, “Roy, are those two playing tricks


Roy was stunned by the question. He checked out his wife and asked, “What… what do
you mean?” He then quickly turned his eyes back to the cars.

Karen rolled her eyes at him and continued, “It isn’t hard to know . Do you
really think that they will afford to allow us to eat here? It must be a drive-by. Wait and
see. they’re going to definitely not stop ahead of the doorway . | bet they’re going to chase away
when their turn comes. So gross, only for wealthy , they will even do such a

Karen sneered and said insidiously, “Litthe b*stard, you would like to play with me? I’ll
make you pay! Roy, stop the car when your turn comes. we’ll get out of the car. |
want to ascertain what those two will do once they see us walking into the hotel. Playing
tricks with me? I’ll show you what price you’ll pay!”

“Good idea!” Paula laughed. She added, “You are right. Let’s get out of the car and
walk right in. See what that Ethan can do to us. He brought us here anyway. | don’t
care how poor they’re , they’re going to need to buy us meals here today!”

As she was talking, Paula was getting excited. She pounded on the seat .
At this moment, someone knocked on their window .

Roy was stunned . He quickly rolled down the window and saw a robust
security quard who was in black uniform.

The security guard didnt say an excessive amount of . He pointed at the doorway of the
underground parking garage and said coldly, “Drive there.”

Roy smiled and said, “No, | got to unload these people ahead of the hotel
entrance before parking,

After Roy finished speaking, he rolled up the window. He never respected security
quards, and he ignored the safety guard’s words altogether.

But before Roy could move the car, the safety guard knocked on the window
again, signaling Roy to avalanche the window.

Roy was annoyed. He lowered the window and checked out the safety guard.
“What’s the problem? Didn’t you understand what | just said?” Roy said angrily.

Roy thought the safety guard would go away him alone if he showed his angry face.
However, what he didn’t expect was how tough the safety guard was.

The young watchman still had a chilly expression. He pointed at the
underground parking garage entrance and said during a heavier tone, “| said, go there!
Unload your passengers there.’

Roy was unhappy, and he was close to argue with the safety guard. But his wife
spoke before him.

“What’s wrong? is not the entrance of your hotel for people to enter? | just want to
get out of the car ahead of the hotel entrance. You get out of my way, or I’ll file a
complaint against you.’

Paula rolled down the rear seat window and yelled at the safety guard, “What’s
wrong with you? a small little watchman , you think that you’ll tell us what to do?
Why you stop us from entering?”

Being scolded by the three of them, the safety guard was angry. His face

dropped. He still pointed at the doorway and said, ‘I’ll say it another time. Drive
your car there. Otherwise, you will have to try to to it the hard way. Why | stop you from
entering? Because you’re not qualified to enter!”

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