I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 175

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 175

Chapter 175

“What are you saying?’ Karen was furious. She stepped out of the car and
screamed at the safety guard, “You pathetic doorman, watch your tongue! Say
that again? Who is it you say not qualified? you’re not qualified on behalf of me to visit!”

Paula also got out of the car to assist her daughter. She said angrily, “You little
nobody, if | don’t offer you a lesson today, you’ll think you’re the king here. See
what we are driving? An Audi! Are you blind?”

Roy got out of the car and joined within the fight, “| thought the Empire Hotel was good.
It seems your service is horrible! Bully customers? I’ll file complaints against you!
We aren’t qualified? If you do not explain yourself, we wont let the thing over

The three people were rude and arrogant. Soon, they attracted many people’s

The people around were pointing and laughing at Paula, Roy, and his wife.

However, these three people thought the gang was laughing at the safety

In their eyes, they were the purchasers , and therefore the watchman was rude for treating
them like that.

No matter what Paula and her family said to the safety guard, he still kept a chilly
and facial expression .

He pointed at the doorway of the underground parking garage and said coldly,
“Dont you understand the human language, or this is often the primary time your hillbillies
visit a city? Don’t you recognize the principles of the Empire Hotel?”


Roy frowned upon the safety guard’s words. He checked out his wife and Paula with

Roy’s wife and Paula were also confused. They didn’t know there have been rules for
entering the Empire Hotel.

“Even if there are rules, you cannot treat customers so rudely!”

The three people checked out one another in confusion. the safety guard sneered, “I
see you guys are pleased with your shabby Audi A4, which is extremely funny. Don’t you recognize
that cars under two million dollars aren’t allowed to prevent ahead of the most
entrance of the hotel?”

The security guard’s words made sense to Paula and her family.
That explained why the safety guard asked them to chase away .

The three of them appeared to understand the rationale for the rule. As famous because the
Empire Hotel, they need to care about how things check out their main entrance.

It would be a messy picture if any quite cars were allowed to prevent ahead of the
main entrance.

However, among the three of them, nobody knew the existence of such a rule.

They had thought that albeit Roy’s car was a low-end Audi, it had been still
considered a luxury car.

However, consistent with the rule of the Empire Hotel, anly the high-end Audi like
the ASL might be qualified to prevent ahead of the most entrance.

Roy’s car was way below the quality .

That’s the difference between 300 thousand dollars and two million

Roy suddenly realized that the gang was laughing at him just ,

He had thought that it is the watchman they were laughing at. But he was

Being laughed at as being hillbillies, but Roy just acted as if he was pleased with
himself. Roy felt he seemed like a fool.

He glanced at his wife and Paula. Roy was embarrassed.

Just now, Paula was screaming to the safety guard and bragging about the very fact
that they were driving an Audi.

Roy thought it embarrassed him even more.
What quite a luxury car did he have? It only cost 300 thousand dollars.

Looking at the opposite cars, they were either a Porsches or a high-end Mercedes-
Benz G series. One wheel of their cars would cost quite Roy’s Audi.

The huge gap was laying ahead of Roy’s face.

“Get back within the car!” Roy urged his wife and Paula, who were still unwilling to offer

Going to the underground parking garage was better than standing here and being
a laughing stock.

However, Paula was unwilling to try to to what the safety guard had told them to try to to .

Finally, she was ahead of the Empire Hotel, the place she dreamed of visiting. But
she wasn’t allowed to enter from the most entrance. Not only that, she was kicked
out by a watchman . If the words got around in her hometown, she would be a

laughing stock for years.
As for Karen, she was even more unwilling to simply accept the rule.

She was reckless and rude. After being humiliated by the safety quard, she was

Karen was brooding about the way to fight back. At this moment, she saw Linda and
Ethan’s car stopped ahead of the most entrance of the Empire Hotel. They then
stepped out of the car.

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