I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 176

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 176

Chapter 176

Seeing that Ethan and Linda got off the car ahead of the most entrance, Karen
was infuriated.

Why? Did the safety quard roll in the hay on purpose?

Why didn’t the safety guard bother Ethan and Linda, who were poor and stupid?
But why was he there stopping me?

Ethan’s car may be a crappy Passat. It cost 100 thousand dollars at most!

This watchman didn’t stop them, but to prevent our Audi? what’s he up to? is that the
security guard along side Ethan and Linda and giving us hard a time on

Thinking of this, Linda suddenly realized something. She snorted and ordered the
security guard, “Get out of my way. I’m getting to drive my car up there today!”

Her words not only surprised the safety guard, but Roy and Paula were stunned.

Roy quickly yelled at her, “Hey, what are you talking about? revisit within the car We
are driving right down to the underground parking garage!”

In Roy’s eyes, his wife was spoiled to some extent where she didn’t know who she was

The guy was the safety guard, but he worked for the Empire Hotel.
With the reputation of the hotel, their watchman would act more superior.

Under the circumstance that the safety guard had warned them before, the whole
security team would probably come across to affect her if Karen kept arguing.

However, Karen decided to face against the safety guard.
She checked out Roy and sneered, “Don’t worry. | know what I’m doing!”

Then she told the safety guard, “You get out of my way immediately . I’m getting to
drive to the most entrance of the hotel, or I’ll file a complaint against you, stating
that you discriminate against customers!”

The security guard smiled bitterly and said, “What? Discrimination against
customers? It’s ridiculous. | have made it clear. A car that costs but two
million dollars isn’t allowed to drive to the most entrance. | wont allow you to
drive up there’s because you’re not qualified!”

What Karen hated the foremost was people telling her that she wasn’t qualified.
It hurt the vanity of Karen.

She knew that only the rich and powerful people were the purchasers of the Empire


She wanted to pretend to be one among them. But the safety guard just ripped off all
of her pretenses, and that is why she was furious.

Karen said to the safety guard angrily, “Cars under two million dollars aren’t
allowed up there? Bullsh*t! Why are you breaking the rule?”

The security guard was confused by the question, “What rule did | break?”
“What are you talking about?”

The security guard quickly checked the cars behind him but didn’t see anything

So he was even more confused at the words of Karen.

“You said that | broke the principles . Okay, show me!” the safety guard said with an
unconvinced face, “If you’ll means where did | do wrong, | quit my job right

Hearing the words, Karen was ecstatic. She thought the safety guard was a fool.

How could he make such a promise when the error was right ahead of his

Karen pointed at Ethan and Linda at the most entrance and shouted, “That is that the
evidence! You say you didn’t break any rules? But why a Volswagen Passat can
stop ahead of the most entrance, but an Audi can’t?”

Karen was very pleased with herself. She thought she just exposed the safety guard’s
She especially raised her voice to let anyone hear.

Hearing the words of Karen, Paula realized that too. She added, “That’s right. You
almost trick me. Why did you simply stop us? Why didn’t you stop that 100
thousand dollars junk car? you’re so irresponsible!”

Karen thought she had won. She pointed at Ethan and said, “Dont tell me that you simply
know that child over there. You and he are buddies, so you slipped him in? The
Empire Hotel is such an enormous joke! Cars under two million dollars cant drive to the
main entrance? you do not even follow that rule yourself! Why are you asking us to
do it?

Karen was stepping into the car. She told Roy, “Honey, up we go! we’ll drive all the
way up to the most entrance. | dare him to mention a word!”

The security guard was totally lost.
“Passat? Where is that the Passat?”

The security guard hadn’t really seen one even within the underground parking garage.
It wasn’t that the car wasn’t allowed within the garage. People would be ashamed of

themselves if they were driving a Passat to the Empire Hotel.

All the cars parking here would cost millions. the safety guard didn’t believe
someone would be shameless enough to park a Passat among those cars.

The security guard scratched his head, still confused. He loaked toward the

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