I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 177

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 177

Chapter 177

Ethan and Linda had got off the car. They were waiting at the most entrance for a

After realizing that Linda’s relatives hadn’t followed up and caused an altercation,
Linda and Ethan were interested by what had happened.

Meanwhile, the safety guard saw Linda and Ethan within the direction during which Karen
was pointing.

He didnt know who Ethan was. But he remembered that his boss usually
personally accompanied Ethan to return and go.

So he guessed that Ethan probably someone vital . Pablo wouldn’t even
offer such a warm welcome to some province officials.

And the watchman saw the car stopped by Ethan was Pablo’s own car.
He could definitely recognize this car. lt was one among Pablo’s favorite cars.

It was said that the car was custom-made from overseas. the most structure was

specially reinforced, and therefore the parts were made from the simplest materials.

Therefore the car still had the looks of a Volkswagen Phaeton, but the within
was all modified.

Rumor had it that the car cost Pablo four or five million dollars.

And because the car seemed like a Passat, it had made jokes even on Pablo within the

After realizing that Karen was pointing at Pablo’s car, the safety guard understood
her accusation. But he still thought this woman was ridiculous.

“Passat? does one really know cars or not?”
The security guard sneered, “You call that Passat?”

Karen stuck her neck out and said disdainfully, “Ils it not? Even that crap can drive in
front of the most entrance, why can’t ours?”

The security guard laughed, “Do you recognize what proportion that so-called crap is?”

Karen snorted and said complacently, “That crap? 100 thousand dollars at
mast, which is way cheaper than our Audi.”


The security guard almost laughed aloud . watching the awful face of Karen, he
was speechless.

“Haha, you’re really interesting,’ the safety guard sneered, “Let me tell you, the
so-called crap cost quite four million. only one of its wheels costs quite
your Audi A4. does one skills much the lights on the car cost? Five hundred
thousand dollars. | guess it’s still far more expensive than your own crappy car”

Karen was stunned. After she had a flash to believe the safety guard’s
words, her jaw dropped.

“How… how much? Four… four million… dollars?” Linda was totally shocked.
And Roy’s face was also filled with surprise and confusion.

He quickly checked the car carefully. Suddenly he had a hunch, “Could it’s that the
car is that the legendary Phaeton?”

If it had been the case, Roy knew that he had made an enormous fool of himself.
It was already very shameful to mistake the Phaeton as a Passat.

What made it worse was that Paula and Roy’s wife were both very rude, and they
pointed at the Phaeton and yelled Passat.

How shameful everything was!
At this moment, what confused Roy was why Ethan could have such a flowery car?

He seemed like someone who was from a country . How could he have a car cost
millions? Was it even real?

When all three of them were too stunned to mention a word, the safety quard sneered
and said, “Excuse me, are you able to chase away now? Please hurry up. you’re in other
people’s way.’

Hearing the safety guard’s words, Paula, Roy, and his wife all turned to see the
situation behind them.

They were embarrassed by what they saw.

More than ten cars were lining behind them. They were either top luxury cars or
sports cars.

Only judged by the looks , one could tell that these cars were way better than
the one among Roy’s.

Roy’s face turned red. Even his wife lost her unruliness. She got into the car with a
red face, never dare to mention a word.

Paula was an equivalent . She had been excited about getting to a flowery hotel. But at this
moment, she was disappointed and embarrassed. She was afraid that folks from
her hometown would tease her once they acknowledged that day.

“What a shame…” she thought.

Roy started the car and was close to drive the car into the underground parking
garage when he saw Ethan coming towards him ina hurry.

“What’s going on?” Ethan asked the safety guard, “Why didn’t you allow them to in?”

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