I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 178

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Chapter 178 .

Ethan and Linda had been waiting at the doorway for an extended time but never saw
Linda’s relatives came to visit . But they heard noises near the doorway of the
underground parking garage.

Ethan was a touch anxious, so he came to visit there to ask what had happened.
After a conversation with the safety guard, he checked out Linda’s relatives.
Seeing Ethan, Roy’s face turned redder. He looked down and didn’t say anything.

After the large embarrassment he got himself into, Roy was too ashamed to

He thought that he could humiliate Ethan once he acknowledged the restaurant was
bad. It clothed he was the one being humiliated.

Upon seeing Ethen, Karen, sitting on the passenger seat, got even angrier.
To her, Ethan was the one responsible for her embarrassment.

In the mind of Karen, Ethan got his hands on a millions worth of car only for
bragging. Without knowing Ethan’s scheme, she followed him here but was
stopped for driving cheap cars. Linda’s cousin thought it had been all Ethan’s fault.

She suspected that Ethan set them up.
He planned everything only for humiliating her.

She then remembered that Ethan hadn’t told her about the car rules before, So she
was sure it had been all Ethan’s plan.

The more Karen considered it, the angrier she became. The way she stared at
Ethan as if she wanted to eat him alive.

But Ethan actually didn’t know the rule,

Every time he came to the hotel, he came in through the most entrance straight
away. So there wasn’t a chance for him to find out about the rule.

Ethan came to visit to ask about the altercation, and therefore the watchman told him what
had happened.

He knew that Ethan was someone he couldn’t afford to offend. So he answered
respectfully and honestly, “Look, this is often the rule set by Mr. Qwen. we will not break it.

Ethan nodded and told the safety guard that he understood.
He checked out Paula, Roy, and Karen and eventually knew the rationale for the long faces.

Ethan sighed and felt that things was very tricky.

They were Linda’s relatives. Ethan didnt care an excessive amount of about them feeling
ashamed, but Linda would be humiliated by association.

Ethan checked out the safety guard and said, “Could you are doing me an enormous favor and let
them drive to the most entrance?”

The security quard paused.
However, Roy spoke.
“It’s okay. they need their own rules. We’d better go right down to the parking garage…”

What Roy said sounded sweet and considerate, but the reality was he didn’t believe
Ethan’s words could make any difference.

Roy thought the safety guard even treated himself like nothing. How could
Ethan’s words work?

“Who does one think you are?”
Roy thought, but he didn’t say that aloud .

However, Karen said anything on her mind. She did not have the habit of holding
back her feelings.

She rolled her eyes at Ethan and sneered, “You really think you’re an enormous shot? Do
you a favor? Who are you? Stop embarrassing yourself. due to you, we got
ourselves into this humiliating situation. you only get lost!”

Karen poured out most her anger towards Ethan, and her words were vulgar.

Ethan pinched his eyebrows. He didn’t understand why she spoke to him so rudely
when he was trying to assist .

Besides, how could she know already that the safety guard wouldn’t hear

Ethan was trying to be nice to the safety guard. He asked him nicely to save lots of the
security guard some dignity.

If Ethan didn’t care about the safety guard in the least , he would just tell him to urge out
of the way and let Linda’s relatives drive to the most entrance.

Even Pablo didn’t dare to mention no to Ethan, including a powerless watchman .

However, Roy and Karen didn’t know who Ethan really was. They thought Ethan was
here for the primary time, like them.

How could the safety guard hear the order from a complete stranger?

The Empire Hotel was the simplest within the Buckeye. They couldn’t change their rules for
a nobody like Ethan.

Karen checked out Ethan with a contemptuous smile then checked out the safety

guard. She was expecting the safety guard to refuse Ethan.

She thought, “Even | couldn’t win the argument with this watchman , what the
hell are you able to do?”

“Yes, sir’

The security guard suddenly spoke in a particularly humble tone and whispered to
Ethan, “I’ll allow them to in!”

The simple words of the safety guard stunned everyone.

“What… what did he say?” Roy stared at the safety guard with a glance of surprise.
Disbelief was written everywhere his face.

The face of Karen was worse. She was stunned for an extended time before come to her
senses. She then asked the safety guard, “You… what did you say? You allowed
us to approach there? For what?”

The question of Karen made the safety guard laugh bitterly, “Stop your ranting!
You’re unhappy that | stopped you from entering. Now you’ll enter, you continue to talk
so much. does one have any problems?”

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