I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 179

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 179

Chapter 179

“What’s your problem?!” Karen was flustered, She didn’t expect the safety guard
could ask her like that..

She checked out the safety guard and continued, “What’s wrong with you? How can
you… how are you able to hear him?”

The security guard was dumbfounded by Karen.

She almost blew her top when he stopped them from driving up to the most

How came she was still angry when he allowed them to drive up? What did she

The security guard looked a touch uninterested by Linda’s relatives. If it weren’t for Ethan, he
would’ve kicked them out.

After all, they were too disgusting. He didnt think that Ethan knew them. The
security guard thought that Ethan was also annoyed by the disruption they

If eventually, they made Ethan angry, the safety guard wouldn’t treat them civilly

He knew Ethan was someone Pablo had to treat with extreme respect. If anything
happened that caused Ethan’s dissatisfaction under the watch of the safety
guard, Pablo would definitely fire him personally.

The security guard was merely an employee, and he didn’t want to cause trouble to
himself. So he calmed himself down.

He said to Karen, “| warn you one last time. Either approach there to the most
entrance or go right down to the underground garage. Don’t invite the tough solution!”

Then he began to ask the walkie-talkie on his shoulder, calling for back-ups.
Karen was scared by the action of the safety guard. She was during a panic.

She wasn’t making trouble intentionally . She just didn’t understand why regardless of
what they said, they couldn’t change the mind of the safety guard.

But with one word from Ethan, he agreed to bend the rule. Karen thought it had been
truly unfair.

The thing she did not do, Ethan, a seemingly poor hillbilly, made it happen with
ease. It hurt the vanity of Karen.

She was unreconciled, which was why she acted so horribly.

At this moment, the safety guard had given her the last warning, and therefore the back-ups
were on their way. Certainly, she was thrown into a panic.

Her families were visitors from alittle town, and that they knew nobody in Buckeye.

The security guard worked for the Empire Hotel. If anything went wrong, the
company of the hotel would back him up. So to mess with the safety guard
equaled to mess with the Empire Hotel.

Everyone knew how famous the Empire Hotel was in Buckeye. Karen would be in
serious trouble if people from the Empire Hotel decided to select on her.

Thinking of this, Karen was even more flustered. She lost all of her arrogance,
curling up within the car and keeping her mouth shut.

Not only Linda, but Paula was also stunned.
She was surprised at how easily Ethan made the safety guard obey him.

Moreover, she was scared by the very fact that the safety guard was calling for back-

Paula finally need to her dream place, the Empire Hotel.
She couldn’t allow them to kick her out before she even enjoyed herself.

She was unreconciled. At an equivalent time, she was worried to be laughed at by
people in her hometown.

The thought of being laughed at made Paula frightened even more.
She nudged Roy and asked, “Roy, what… what should we do?”
Roy was also anxious. He hated his wife for creating everything worse.

“Everything had been figured out , and that they could finally approach to the most
entrance of the hotel. Why did she need to keep ranting?”

Roy was close to get out of the car and apologize to the safety guard. But he was
scared by what Ethan was getting to do.

He saw Ethan was stretching out his hand to grab the walkie-talkie of the safety

“What is he getting to do? Is he doing something stupid?” Roy’s heart almost jumped
out of his throat.

He thought Ethan was acting recklessly.

Roy didn’t think to be violent to the safety guard was a wise move. Ethan didn’t
look like someone who could convert the safety guard during a fistfight.

Moreover, this was the Empire Hotel. There might be dozens of security guards
with a build like this one.

If all of them came to visit , Ethan couldn’t survive them.

Most of all, if Ethan started a fight, things would never be figured out again,
and the disruption would be worsened.

Roy thought, “You stupid Ethan, does one really think that you simply are the rationale for the
security guard to be nice and polite, and he bent the rule only for you?”


“The watchman is fooled by the car you rented. He mistook you for somebody
important. That’s why he’s so nice to you!”

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