I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 180

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 180

Chapter 180

“Wait to ascertain what is going to happen once the safety guard realizes that the flamboyant car is
a rental!”

“To humiliate you is that the least punishment you’ll get!” Roy thought. Because if Roy
were the one handling the incident, he would beat Ethan up.

“You pretentious stingy loser!”

At the instant that the safety guard was close to push the button to speak .
Ethan quickly pushed away his hand.

It was obvious that Ethan had lost his patience.

He kept a facial expression and said to the safety guard, “Well, just let it’s . Let them

Ethan’s words made the encompassing atmosphere freezing cold.

Linda’s relatives were surprised by Ethan’s words. they’re sitting within the car and
anticipating the safety guard to scream at Ethan.

Linda’s cousin was even gloating secretly. She couldn’t wait ta see Ethan’s seeming

And sitting within the back seat, Paula was anxious also .

The security guard was startled by Ethan’s action. He stood there for 2 seconds.
When he saw Ethan’s face filled with anger, he realized that he just made this big gun

The security quard was sure he was in big trouble.

He didn’t dare to stay arguing. the safety guard lowered his head and said, “Yes,
I’m sorry. Please do not be mad. I’ll do as told”

He never dared to say either back-ups or underground parking garages ever

The security guard waved his hand to urge Roy to drive.

The three of them within the car were dumbfounded by what they were seeing.

How was this possible?

The security guard was so rude to them. But why he treated Ethan so respectfully?
Just because he was driving an upscale car?

But Roy hadn’t seen that the safety guard been respectful to the owners of the
other fancy cars?
Linda’s relatives were as surprised as they were confused.

Ethan’s patience was running out. He said to Roy, who was still stunned, “What are
you waiting for? Hurry up. you’re blocking the way. some time is worthless, but
don’t waste other people’s time. Most of them are here for business, and you’re
making them late.”

Roy immediately came back to reality. He looked back and located that there have been
more than twenty luxury cars lined up behind him. Some people were honking, and
some people had got out of the car and urge him to hurry up.

All those cars were costlier than two million dollars. Roy’s shabby Audi A4
looked like nothing compared to them.

In a panic, Roy started the car and drove to the most entrance of the hotel.

Stopped ahead of the most entrance, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, wiping off
the sweat on his forehead.

What just happened almost became a disaster.

He smiled and joked, “| didnt expect that young watchman does this for the
sake of the young boy.

Linda’s cousin also looked relieved.
But the primary thing she did was to roll her eyes at Ethan.
She said with disdain, “For his sake? Who the hell does he think he is?”

Linda’s cousin said angrily, “I’m telling you. the safety guard saw our Audi and
knew that we weren’t some stingy nobodies. He probably mistook that loser for
someone important due to the flamboyant car he rented. But doing this for his
sake? Come on, give me an opportunity . Who the f*ck would want to please him?

After all that had happened, Linda’s cousin still held prejudice against Ethan.

Even if it had been obvious that Ethan held power, she still refused to admit it.

Linda’s cousin didn’t want to admit that Ethan, who had the looks of a poor
person, was better than her.

She would never admit it because it had been the most important insult to her self-esteem!
However, Paula didn’t want to worry that much.

She finally stopped at the most entrance of the Empire Hotel. albeit the
process wasn’t smooth, she was still very excited.

She jumped out of the car before the car even completely stopped. Paula took out
her phone and began to snap photos of the environment and herself.

She then recorded a video of herself. Paula talked to the camera complacently, “Hi,
sis, I’m here. this is often the Empire Hotel, the simplest hotel in Buckeye. We’ll take an off-the-cuff
bite here this afternoon. Check it out! See for yourself what a flowery hotel is like.
See those fancy cars? None of them is cheaper than two million dollars. But no
matter how expensive those cars are, they need to line behind us! Haha! alright ,
that’s it. I’m off. The boss of the hotel is coming down for us…”

Finishing recording, Paula put her phone back in her pocket. She checked out Ethan
proudly and asked, “Let’s go. What are we getting to eat?”

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