I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 181

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 181

Chapter 181

Paula Grecic can’t wait to travel in and have something to eat.

After all, she wanted to return to the present quite place early within the morning, to taste this top hotel, what quite level the chef is.

It’s just that she was close to tread on her leg to steer inside, but was caught by the daughter behind her.

Paula Grecic couldn’t help but froze, and said a touch unhappy: “What are you doing? enter now.”

Linda’s cousin glanced at Ethan, shook her head slightly, whispered to Paula Grecic’s ear, and said, “You skills to eat, haven’t you noticed something wrong?”

Hearing the words, Paula Grecic hurriedly looked around, then checked out Ethan and Linda, scratching her head, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Oh, what are you rubbing against, so nervous, go quickly, I’m all hungry. !”

Linda’s cousin couldn’t help but glanced at her mother speechlessly, then whispered: “Are you stupid? you recognize the way to eat, why don’t you think that about it, why did Linda and this kid bring us here?”

Paula Grecic still had a touch knowledge, and asked, “Eating? what is the matter, you’ll talk quickly, it’s really annoying to speak about it slowly!”

Obviously, Paula Grecic couldn’t wait, but when she heard her daughter talking like that, she was a touch bit murmured in her heart, wondering what had happened?

Linda’s cousin couldn’t help sighing again, thinking that her mother was really brainless, and she or he couldn’t see such simple things.

He and she or he immediately said again: “I said you’re stupid, i actually praise you, why don’t you think that about it, what are the conditions for this kid? Today is that the luxury car again, and that i came to the present Empire Hotel for dinner. does one think he has an equivalent economic strength?”

Upon hearing this, Paula Grecic re-examined Ethan, her eyes condensed, then she shook her head: “No…it seems not.”

Linda’s cousin sneered, then said again: “That’s right, he doesn’t have the power , and he just pretends, where does the cash come from?”

Paula Grecic frowned, and said with a touch of complaint: “Why don’t I know? Oh, just tell me, don’t tarnish my appetite, it’s really annoying, just tell me, what is the matter with this kid! He! Was the cash stolen or snatched?”

Linda’s cousin heard the words and shook her head slightly: “Come on, i feel this kid is awkward, and he probably doesn’t have the center . If you would like me to ascertain , 80% of this kid is on credit. Ah, it’ll push all the accounts to us. After all, people can say confidently that each one this is often to welcome us? we’ll definitely not be ready to say anything at that point . within the end, we will only suffer from this dumb.”

Upon hearing what his daughter said, Paula Grecic, who was already narrow-minded, suddenly became nervous, checked out Ethan with a surprised expression, and stared at him speechlessly for several seconds.

“My dear, i actually didn’t see it. This kid looks honest and honest. Can’t you think that of such a shame?” Paula Grecic said angrily, “His grandma’s, this man is basically disgusting, then…Is he still eating those meals? Up?”

Paula Grecic was obviously hesitant and at a loss.

She wanted to eat this meal, but she was scared of pocket money , so after taking note of her daughter’s words, she fell into a particularly tangled whirlpool.

At this point , she seemed very confused, and had already put all the decision-making power into her daughter’s hands.

Obviously, as long as her daughter opened her mouth and said that she couldn’t eat, she had no choice but to go away .

Linda’s cousin considered it for a short time , showing a sly smile, and said to her mother: “No, why are you leaving? Let’s keep an eye fixed on ourselves. Mom, you remember, we will eat hard for a short time . At that point , let’s not say anything. If this bastard dares to allow us to inspect , let’s raise our legs and leave!”

Linda’s cousin finished speaking and checked out Ethan, the expression on her face became more sinister.

In her opinion, all Ethan’s thoughts are seen through by herself at this moment, and regardless of what Ethan does, she is going to be ready to deal with it.

Humph, fight with me, you’re still a touch tender…

Paula Grecic breathed a sigh of relief when she heard her daughter’s words.

Originally, she was still thinking, if she couldn’t eat it today, it might be an excellent loss to herself.

But now it seems that I shouldn’t lose today.

“Yes, right, right, let’s roll in the hay , let’s examine what that tiny bastard will do!” Paula Grecic said with a smile on his face, “Just this kid wants to fight with our girls, he doesn’t weigh his own weight!”

At this moment, Roy, who had already lost his car key to the hotel parking staff, also walked over.

He saw his mother-in-law and wife muttering something, and hurriedly leaned over.

The two hurriedly shared their concerns with Roy, then Roy couldn’t help but condensed, and asked, “Is this… possible?”

Obviously Roy didn’t believe his wife’s inference.

“How can it’s impossible? check out it. If he doesn’t allow us to pay the bill after dinner, I’ll screw your head to you!”

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