I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 182

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 182

Chapter 182

Roy frowned, but he couldn’t consider an honest reason.

“Well, okay, let’s take one step at a time.” Roy said, “If this kid really dares to try to to things for us, then don’t blame me for being polite. To be honest, I even have tons of highschool students in Buckeye. , When the time comes, as long as I say hello and pack up this kid, it is so easy, seeing him dare not tease us!”

“Oh? Who is that the cousin’s husband getting to clean up?”

When the three people were whispering here, Ethan suddenly came to visit and asked when he came up.

Ethan had already paid attention to the few of them. From the instant they got out of the car, the few people entered the door in no hurry, and commenced to whisper up here .

Of course Ethan was also interested by what these people were thinking, but after some things before, Ethan obviously not had an honest impression of those people.

Ethan just walked up here , but just when he walked up to a couple of people, he heard what Roy said.

Although Ethan didn’t hear exactly what Roy said, he heard the sentence he said, what to seek out someone to wash up.

Seeing Ethan approaching, these three people were a touch flustered. After all, they were just saying bad things about others. If they were caught, they might definitely be nervous.

“No…nothing…Ahaha…” Roy hurriedly smiled awkwardly, “It’s okay, did you hear me wrong?”

“That’s right, you want to have heard it wrong!” Paula Grecic quickly said with an enormous smile, “We didn’t say anything, that is, the decoration here is basically beautiful.”

But Linda’s cousin isn’t that friendly anymore. She still features a proud expression of seeing through everything, and said to Ethan: “You care about what we are saying , and what can we say? Hey, let’s ask you to eat us later. What, how, are you satisfied now?”

Linda’s cousin still smiled triumphantly, eager to see how Ethan answered her.

However, Ethan was really helpless together with her attitude.

In fact, Ethan didn’t think much about it, and Ethan didn’t believe it in the least . What Roy said just is to wash up himself.

Besides, albeit the opposite party says that he wants to wash up himself, is he still scared of them?

It’s ridiculous.

And Ethan even felt a touch bit chill.

I kindly entertain you, if what you would like is the way to target me? What does one guys think? Is it possible that the brain circuits are different from normal people?

But Ethan didn’t bother to believe it, and he said what these people wanted, so allow them to go.

Ethan directly replied unceremoniously, “Excuse me, what are you talking about, i’m not curious about knowing, and that i don’t need to stress about it, I just come here to inform you, go upstairs, I even have already notified that i’m preparing. .”

After speaking, Ethan glanced at Linda’s cousin, rotated and walked towards Linda, took Linda’s hand, and walked to the elevator.

But the three people here checked out one another .

“Oh, all right, let’s go.” Roy suddenly pushed his wife and urged, “Hurry up. When ordering and eating later, everyone should take care and take care of this kid’s behavior. “

Paula Grecic saw that Ethan and Linda had left, and she or he couldn’t wait. He hurriedly agreed together with her son-in-law and said, “Yes, yes, let’s go up too, but don’t wait a short time , this kid has already prepared the dishes. I’m done ordering, that’s not okay. It’s the primary time I even have come to the present quite place. in fact I even have to order something i prefer …”

While talking, Paula Grecic didn’t care about her daughter and son-in-law, and chased after Ethan directly.

Roy also glanced at his wife, lowered his head in silence and left.

Only Linda’s cousin was left. This woman cast Ethan’s eyes sharply, then cast another glance at her mother, she was a touch furious.

At this moment, she believed her just , but 100 people believed it, so she couldn’t help but sneered, and muttered to herself: “Huh, you would like to play with me, you’re still a touch tender…”

After speaking, Linda’s cousin also quickly followed.

The three of them took the elevator all the high to the 20th floor of the hotel.

When a couple of people got out of the elevator, they were met by a waitress during a decent suit. Seeing a couple of people got off the elevator, she hurriedly saluted: “Welcome…”

Ethan and Linda nodded slightly to every other, but the three Roy and Linda cousins disagreed, and that they didn’t even check out one another .

But Paula Grecic was even worse. When she saw the waiter, she immediately changed her expression and attitude.

Paula Grecic checked out the waitress arrogantly, and said, “Hurry up, what are you continue to doing? Hurry up and take us to the private room. Really, such an enormous hotel and therefore the service is so bad, believe it or not. Am I complaining to you?”

The waitress was blinded by the scolding. She didn’t understand why, and she or he might suddenly be scolded.

She glanced at Ethan, she naturally knew Ethan, who was the one that usually nodded and bowed when his boss saw him.

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