I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 184

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 184

Chapter 184

The phone beeped a couple of times before the opposite party was connected.

“Hey, it’s Ethan…” The voice on the opposite end of the phone was very kind.

Ethan smiled and replied: “Auntie is me, are you here? i will be able to pick you up now.”

The person on the opposite end of the phone isn’t somebody else , but Linda’s mother.

Originally, Ethan wanted to select up Linda’s mother first, but the opposite party insisted that Ethan and Linda devour Paula Grecic et al. first, saying that they might take a taxi later.

In the end, Ethan and Linda couldn’t help her, in order that they could only agree.

“I’m already within the elevator,” Linda’s mother said, “You don’t got to get down, i will be able to be there soon.”

As soon as Linda’s mother had finished speaking, the elevator door opened. She went straight to the private room and knocked on the door lightly.

Ethan hurried to open the door and greeted Linda’s mother.

Ethan’s attitude towards Linda’s mother was very respectful, but he and Linda were the sole ones.

Seeing Linda’s mother enter the door, Linda’s cousin, and Roy, who were sitting by the side, didn’t even rise up the chair.

Linda’s cousin just glanced at Linda’s mother disdainfully, she mumbled several times without knowing what she was talking about.

And Roy just took a glance , and smiled at Linda’s mother falsely.

Among the three, only Paula Grecic spoke, but her tone wasn’t so friendly.

“Hey, i have been in Buckeye for 2 years, and therefore the shelves are still up. what is the matter, do I even have to attend for you to cook?” Paula Grecic stared at Linda’s mother contemptuously, while snatching the menu that Ethan had just thrown over. .

When Linda’s mother heard the words, her face turned red, and she or he hurriedly said with a guilty expression: “Second sister-in-law, I’m really…I’m sorry, I had been out of the hospital way back , but there was a holdup on the road. i used to be also anxious. I’m really sorry… …”

However, Paula Grecic ignored Linda’s mother in the least , curled her lips, bowed her head for herself, and checked out the menu.

On the contrary, the Linda’s cousin on the side rolled her eyes as if she was unhappy. Linda’s mother sneered and said, “Hey, who knows it is a holdup or which bed just came out from…”

Linda’s cousin laughed aloud after speaking.

It’s just that what she said suddenly almost solidified the air within the room.

Ethan’s face turned red immediately, and he glared at Linda’s cousin in anger.

Linda also appeared to be intolerable, as if a volcano was close to erupt…

“What are you talking about? does one dare to mention it again?” Ethan stood up directly, pointing at Linda’s cousin angrily, “No matter how bad the aunt is, she is additionally your elder? Did you speak through your head? What does one want? ?”

Ethan questioned, his eyes fired, obviously if Linda’s cousin dared to mention more, he would be angry.

And if Ethan is basically angry, regardless of what relatives or relatives, he will await me to satisfy the anger!

It’s just that Linda’s cousin didn’t seem to think so. Instead, she sneered and said indifferently: “What’s wrong with me? I just said, what are you able to do to me? What are you? You f*cking touch me and check out . does one know that my husband has classmates in Buckeye, so I can kill you in minutes!”

Linda’s cousin was tit-for-tat, and didn’t mean to backtrack .

What’s more, in her opinion, there’s nothing wrong together with her being so to Linda’s mother and Linda.

Because once they were in their hometown, didn’t they treat the mother and daughter like this? What if they came to Buckeye, it had been not an equivalent waste, an equivalent garbage.

In the eyes of Linda’s cousin, Linda and her mother were just two bugs, poor bugs who bullied as they wanted.

This situation will never change regardless of when or where it goes.

Of course, Linda’s cousin didn’t say these words, because she felt it didn’t matter if she said them.

What she didn’t know was that if she dared to mention this stuff to Ethan, Ethan would be furious and would make them unable to go away the Empire Hotel today.

Because Ethan had secretly vowed in his heart way back , anyone who dared to bully Linda wouldn’t end well!

But at this moment, after Ethan heard that Linda’s cousin said that she was trying to find her husband’s classmates to kill herself, Ethan didn’t feel much anger. Instead, he smiled mockingly.

Kill yourself? Ho ho, this is often really a ridiculous joke.

Ethan finally smiled coldly, raised his head and checked out Linda’s cousin with a rather murderous intent, and said during a low voice: “Okay, then you ought to find it quickly. You’d better find more, otherwise I’m afraid you do not know. what’s despair!”

Ethan’s words immediately angered Linda’s cousin. She gritted her teeth and pointed at Ethan and cursed: “Dog , are you f*king provoking me? Okay, you fuking await me, today I allow you to Looks good, pretend to be forced, just wait to be cleaned up…”

While talking, Linda’s cousin pushed Roy and ordered, “What are you doing during a daze? Go and call quickly!”

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