I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 185

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 185

Chapter 185

“Can’t be shining…”

Upon hearing the words of Linda’s cousin, Linda’s mother hurriedly pleaded.

“This… most are a family, there’s no got to make such an unpleasant noise, you see, we are here to eat, how nice it’s for everybody to eat quietly, and this is often a very luxurious hotel…”

Linda’s mother was really afraid that the 2 sides wouldn’t accept as true with one another .

In fact, she wasn’t worried about Ethan, after all, Linda had basically told herself Ethan’s identity and strength for a short time .

Naturally, she knew alright that with Ethan’s strength, it might be easy to settle a couple of of them outsiders.

On the contrary, Linda’s mother was most worried about her sister-in-law, niece, and niece.

Linda’s mother may be a one that values kinship especially . In her view, a family may be a family. regardless of how the opposite side treats herself, the very fact that they’re family can’t be changed.

And if this is often the case, it doesn’t matter what quite unfairness and bullying the family has done to them.

And Linda’s mother really felt that she owed her second brother, that is, Paula Grecic’s husband.

Although Paula Grecic, Linda’s cousin et al. were unfair to them in every way, their second brother cared about him a hundredfold.

It’s just that my second brother’s fate was unacceptable and died two years ago.

But Linda’s mother will always remember the kindness of her second brother to her some time past .

And because of this, she always felt that she owed her family, so how the opposite side abused herself, or maybe abused Linda, in her opinion, it had been obviously too trivial to match with the kindness of her second brother to her.

But what Linda’s mother didn’t know was that it had been precisely due to this that Paula Grecic and Linda’s cousin took it more without any consideration that regardless of how they treated Linda’s mother and daughter, they were justified, because it had been them. What you owe yourself, and what you owe yourself, you’ll catch on back.

Hearing what Linda’s mother said, Linda’s cousin didn’t take it to heart. Instead, she indifferently scolded, “Shut up, is there an area for you to speak to? I don’t know where you are? i actually thought you were here. After two years, Ethan was so amazing, nobody can care about you?”

Is this what a junior said to an elder?

Ethan almost thought he had heard it wrong.

But obviously He didn’t hear it wrong, this is often what Linda’s cousin said to her aunt.

Ethan shivered, who was so angry at these words. At this moment, he also completely lost patience with the three Paula Grecic!

“Remember, regardless of what your fate is today, it’s yours who asked for it!” Ethan gritted his teeth and said during a low voice, “Don’t blame me, i would like to treat you as relatives, but you’re Who Don’t roll in the hay , then I’m sorry!”

After Ethan finished speaking, he took out his mobile .

Ethan intends to call Pablo, let him bring some people up, and teach these three people a lesson, and eventually throw them out!

“Damn, pretend!” Linda’s cousin saw Ethan’s actions without listening in the least . She smiled indifferently and mocked, “I will take a glance today, what does one do with me! You come first, await you After the fight is over, I’ll fight again. I’m getting to see it today. I’ve been within the society for therefore a few years , but I can’t play with you.

After Linda’s cousin finished speaking, she sat down on the chair and lit a cigarette comfortably.

Roy on the side just smiled, and didn’t say a word.

Although he didn’t speak, anyone could tell. He didn’t believe Ethan’s nonsense in the least .

Ethan decisively Dile the amount …

But at this moment, Linda’s mother violently snatched Ethan’s mobile , then ended the decision , turned off the mobile directly, and put it in her coat pocket!

Linda’s mother rushed , and when Ethan reacted, she was dumbfounded.

“This… Auntie, what are you… what’s this getting to do?” Ethan checked out Linda’s mother in surprise.

Ethan really didn’t understand. She was venting her anger due to her. Why did she steal her mobile in turn?

Linda was obviously also a touch surprised, and eagerly pulled her mother: “Mom, what are you doing? Ethan is doing it for you? He can’t keep you being bullied, so he wants to assist you. you’ll chill his heart by doing this!”

If this were put a couple of years ago, Linda would definitely be like his mother. When encountering this type of thing, he would consider calming things down, but now he won’t .

Linda has completely uninterested with these treatments and discriminations. From the time she met Ethan, she has wanted to be an upright person.

In the face of doubts, Linda’s mother was helpless. She could only check out Ethan with a pleading face, and said with all her heart: “Ethan, you’ve got kindness, auntie accepted it, but today i urge you as an aunt. Forget it, most are a family, it cannot be like this, it’ll be laughed at… Besides, for instance we are here to eat, are we to select up the dust for your aunt? Forget it, auntie please!”

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