I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 186

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 186

Chapter 186

Hearing Linda’s mother’s pleading, Ethan suddenly felt a touch dilemma.

He was really angry and wanted to hunt justice for Linda and her mother.

Ethan has also endured these humiliations and ridicules within the past, so he can best understand how uncomfortable it’s when being bullied by others, and the way sad it’s .

So Ethan naturally didn’t want his beloved woman in touch this.

Everyone features a similar past, so Ethan wants those to only become the past.

But at the instant , Ethan is embarrassed.

He scratched his head, glanced at Linda’s mother, then at the arrogant Linda’s cousin and Paula Grecic across from him.

Ethan hesitated for an extended time, but never made up his mind.

Then Linda’s mother pleaded again: “Ethan, auntie knows that you simply are kind, so you shouldn’t care about these things? Hey, auntie owes them to others. they assert that to me, I admit Now, Auntie just begs you, do not be too impulsive…”

Ethan checked out Linda’s mother’s eyes filled with hope, and therefore the heart that was originally as solid as a rock, instantly softened.

He clenched his fist severely, and eventually let it go.

He sighed heavily, checked out Linda’s mother, and said during a low tone: “Auntie, I know, don’t be concerned , I won’t do anything special.”

Ethan completely suppressed the hearth pressure in his heart.

He could naturally hear that Linda’s mother wasn’t easy, so he decided to offer the old man a face.

Moreover, Linda’s mother isn’t in healthiness , and Ethan is basically afraid that she is going to be angry at the top .

Linda’s mother immediately laughed when she heard the words, and nodded again and again: “Well, Ethan, many thanks such a lot , Auntie…”

Ethan also worked very hard to squeeze out a smile: “It’s okay auntie, you… do not be angry, you’re not in healthiness …”

Linda’s mother heard the words and nodded again and again, and said, “Well, auntie isn’t angry, many thanks such a lot …”

Here Ethan and Linda’s mother were talking, but the Linda’s cousin, who was expecting Ethan to call someone, stopped.

She sneered fortissimo and said, “Yo-yo-yo, don’t tell me? Why didn’t you discover someone? Didn’t it sound very loud just now? Hey, you’ll really pretend, don’t just go down the steps? still pretend. ?”

Linda’s cousin’s tone was filled with mockery.

She just didn’t believe that Ethan could call someone. After all, if you’re a poor woman, you’re at the most calling a couple of of an equivalent poor woman, poor students.

What big waves can these people make? Linda’s cousin didn’t concentrate to those people in the least .

In her opinion, her husband’s contacts in Buckeye are very extensive, and it’s easy to affect Ethan.

In fact, it’s not only Linda’s cousin, but even Roy thinks so.

So since Ethan began to compete with Linda’s cousin, he has been watching the thrill leisurely and even laughed at Ethan from time to time.

From Roy’s point of view, everything Ethan showed was nothing quite acting, pretending to be tough, trying to frighten himself.

It’s just that Roy has seen this type of trick an extended time ago, and Ethan felt a touch naive when he used it again.

Playing with yourself, does one really consider yourself as a three-year-old kid?

Paula Grecic also gave Ethan a blank look, and was extremely impatient.

She couldn’t wait to order then eat a special meal, but suddenly a Linda mother appeared.

Originally, Paula Grecic did not have an honest temper together with her , and now it’s even more welcome.

The appearance of this woman is just wasting her time and killing her patience.

Ethan even pretended to be quite filial. Hearing his daughter said a couple of words about her, Ethan was actually not happy and was close to explode.

Paula Grecic felt that Ethan was pretending, and he could see through it at a look .

“Ho ho, why don’t you stop talking? Talk? Call someone?” Linda’s cousin saw that Ethan didn’t say a word, and couldn’t help laughing again, “Can’t you? Call someone quickly. If there’s no phone, mine I lend it to you, hurry up…”

Linda’s cousin dared to be so presumptuous because she was sure that Ethan had nothing to try to to .

But at this point Ethan was really uncomfortable, and he really wanted to call Pablo again.

But within the end, after brooding about it, he still thought it might be fine.

Still an equivalent sentence, i would not check out what Linda’s cousin and Paula Grecic Roy thought. In Ethan’s view, these people are worthless.

Ethan checked out Linda’s mother, and immediately abandoning of his anger.

Indeed, what Ethan was worried about was Linda’s mother.

Ethan knew that Linda’s mother’s illness was a touch serious, so he was afraid that if she stimulated her, her condition would go to pot .

But Ethan didn’t want to pass today’s things a bit like that.

For these people, punishment is important , otherwise they’re going to never remember!

How to punish yourself is his own business. Ethan will never tell Linda and her mother.

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