I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 187

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 187

Chapter 187

Ethan checked out Linda’s cousin last, almost as if he had blocked the other’s voice, completely ignored.

However, this made Linda’s cousin even more complacent, and even more sure that Ethan was a counselor. All that was just was a bluffing game.

Then I became more disregarded of Ethan.

“Okay, stop talking nonsense, rise up quickly!” Linda’s cousin glanced at Ethan impatiently and urged, “Quickly hand over your position and let my mother sit in there!”

For other things, Ethan can let the opposite party, except for this matter, Ethan doesn’t want to retreat anyway.

Because this is often a matter of principle!

Ethan said, “Auntie, come and sit here!”

Ethan motioned Linda’s mother to take a seat down.

But this move made Linda’s cousin and therefore the others even more unhappy.

The latter even got up, pointed at Linda’s mother and said, “You dare to sit!”

Originally Linda’s mother was close to sit down, but when she heard her cousin’s words, she hesitated again.

Finally, Linda’s mother checked out Ethan and apologized: “Ethan, or let your aunt sit here. After all, here, she is that the eldest, no matter her seniority or age…”

“Auntie, you…” Ethan was really speechless. He didn’t expect that within the end Linda’s mother was still soft. Facing the opposite three people, she didn’t even want to be hard-headed.

Ethan checked out Linda, obviously not eager to agree.

“What are you doing during a daze? Your mother-in-law has spoken, and you continue to disagree? it is your turn!” Linda’s cousin scolded angrily.

Linda’s mother shivered with fright by the cousin’s rebuke, and hurriedly begged Ethan: “Ethan, auntie, please, give them a seat, okay?”

Ethan sighed heavily, checked out Linda’s mother’s hopeful eyes, and will only nod silently.

“Okay Auntie.” Ethan moved a step away, letting go of his position, and walked to a seat on the side of the round table with an indifferent expression and sat down.

Seeing Ethan walk off , Linda and Linda’s mother also hurriedly followed.

Seeing this example , Paula Grecic was obviously the happiest. She smiled everywhere her face, as if she had picked up an inexpensive one, and was close to sit directly on the most seat.

It’s just that Paula Grecic didn’t wait until it appeared to touch the seat, but was caught by a hand.

Paula Grecic couldn’t help but froze for a flash , and suddenly thought Ethan repented.

What am i able to do?

But after seeing clearly that the person holding him was his daughter, Paula Grecic was relieved.

“Oh, what are you doing?” Paula Grecic said in an impatient reprieve, “Quickly get out of the way, I’ll sit over, let’s order food.”

However, Linda’s cousin didn’t seem to possess the intention to abandoning . She checked out her mother indifferently and said during a low voice, “Sit aside on behalf of me .”

“Huh?” Paula Grecic couldn’t help but stunned, “What did you say?”

“I said allow you to sit down.” Linda’s cousin replied.

“Why? You… Didn’t you only let me sit here because you were arguing with others? Then where does one want me to sit?” Paula Grecic asked in surprise, “Who does I sit here? ?”

Linda’s cousin sneered, “I’m empty? Why are you empty? I’ll sit down, and you sit next to me!”

“Huh?” Paula Grecic checked out her daughter in disbelief again, watching her daughter blankly, she couldn’t find out her intentions.

But Paula Grecic soon reacted, then she couldn’t help but sneer.

“Ho ho, that is the case!” Paula Grecic said contemptuously, “I thought that you simply just grabbed a seat with someone to let me sit. It seems that you simply are fighting for yourself? you’ll really roll in the hay , at a critical moment. Push your mother out, and now it’s profitable, kick your mother away again? Are you actually …”

Paula Grecic stared at her daughter angrily, now that she finally sees her daughter clearly.

But before she finished speaking, her daughter interrupted her.

“You can’t get up? you continue to want to take a seat here, what does one think? rise up quickly, otherwise…” Linda’s cousin threatened during a low voice, “Otherwise you do not want to urge the money!”

“You…” Paula Grecic checked out her daughter, gritted her teeth with hatred.

She didn’t expect that the great daughter she cultivated would eventually calculate her.

Paula Grecic could only sigh and sat aside obediently.

And Linda’s cousin, at this point , may be a victor, as if she has nothing to try to to for a short time , and she or he sits directly on the most seat!

At this moment, Ethan also understood that what Linda’s cousin was fighting for her mother just was clearly for herself.

Ethan wanted to urge up and argue with the opposite party, but he was close to rise up , but was once more held back by Linda’s mother.

Ethan looked helpless, and at the top , he could only sigh to himself.

When she sat where she wanted to take a seat proudly, Linda’s cousin became more and more proud, pointed at Ethan, and said lazily, “Hey, pass me the menu!”

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