I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 189

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 189

Chapter 189

When Ethan heard what Linda said, he was a touch angry.

He stretched the hand of Linda’s mother, smiled and said, “Auntie, don’t worry, you can’t spend tons of cash , and that i think that compared to spending a couple of bad money, I care more about whether Stop someone else’s stinky mouth!”

After Ethan finished speaking, he threw the menu directly ahead of Paula Grecic and said, “Click it, I only ordered twelve points before…”

Ethan thought for a short time , then asked the waitress: “Oh, yes, let me ask, you order all the simplest dishes in your house. what percentage dishes are there?”

The waitress was questioned for a flash , then hurriedly replied: “First… sir… we’ve not ordered like this before.”

The waitresses couldn’t help but feel a touch embarrassed. After all, this is often Empire Hotel, which brings together the whole River, and even the highest chef team within the province, therefore the richness of the dishes is beyond imagination.

Take the menu that Ethan threw to Paula Grecic. This menu is extremely large and thick. There are just one or 2 hundred main dishes, and there are countless other side dishes and side dishes.

If it’s some new waiters, maybe even the dishes cannot be remembered.

Even this waitress has been here for several years. But the dream remembers a rough idea.

And Ethan asked such a difficult question, it had been only strange that she could answer it.

But the waitress thought for a short time , and suddenly a bright light flashed in her mind, and she or he smiled and said, “Oh yes, sir, just like the ones you only said, maybe we can’t figure it out for you, but our hotel wont to have a package before, which is it’s composed of the simplest fifty-six dishes of Empire Hotel. These fifty-six dishes are almost the highest dish combination of our hotel, and searching at Buckeye or maybe the entire province, there’s no better Well, or you…”

The waitress asked Ethan tentatively.

But before Ethan could speak, Linda’s cousin asked first, “How much is that the package?”

The waitress said: “The full set is 1.2 million!”

Hearing this number, everyone within the room took a breath without entering.

Fifty-six dishes, 1.2 million, which is just too exaggerated!

You know, it’s to sell all the homes , cars, and restaurants of Linda’s family, which is estimated to be that much money, to not mention that an outsized a part of them are loans.

Upon hearing this, Linda’s mother hurriedly pulled Ethan’s clothes corner, and whispered: “Ethan, what are you doing? Don’t be impulsive, just… our mouth, 100 and many thousands, Isn’t that a waste?”

Linda’s mother, who was familiar with poverty, was so frightened at this moment that she was afraid that Ethan would grit his teeth and stomped his feet and really ordered this set meal.

One and 2 hundred thousand, such a lot money, i assume i can not make it in my whole life, it might be a waste to consume it here.

And Linda also checked out Ethan eagerly, hoping to prevent Ethan from doing stupid things.

Of course Linda knew Ethan’s strength, quite a million yuan was just too small for him.

But in Linda’s view, such a lot money is merely used for food, it’s just too much loss.

What’s more, Linda was even more reluctant to order it to the three people opposite.

Of these three people, who wont to treat themselves and their mothers as adults, although they’re only angry now, they need to spend 1.2 million to ask them to dinner. Linda can’t figure it out albeit he wants to interrupt his head!

Not to mention Linda’s mother and daughter, even Linda’s cousin, Paula Grecic and Roy didn’t believe that Ethan dared to order this set meal.

Not to mention whether he has that economic strength, but albeit Ethan has that strength, does he have the arrogance to order this set meal!

This is not 100 and two, nor one thousand and two, but 1.2 million. this is often money that a lot of people can’t make in half a lifetime. Does this guy want to eat a meal?

Linda’s cousin sneered and said, “Ho ho, what is the matter, what are you doing during a daze? Keep going?”

Of course she was sure that Ethan wouldn’t dare, so she said this sentence.

And she was convinced that Ethan definitely wanted to admit counsel, and she or he was expecting Ethan to acknowledge counsel, then she would see how she humiliated him!

Acting ahead of yourself, you furthermore may got to skills many catties you have?

But she didn’t know that Ethan’s words just weren’t big words in the least .

Is 1.2 million tons for him?

Ethan now holds nearly 10 billion in funds, such a lot money, what does one want to eat, why not eat?

Ethan checked out Linda’s cousin, couldn’t help but smile, and said to the waiter: “Okay, then, order this set meal!”

Ethan continued very confidently: “By the way, let me tell your boss, i do not got to waive the order today, i will be able to buy it myself!”

After speaking, Ethan dispatched the waitress.

But what he just said, within the eyes of Linda’s cousin and Roy, is just ridiculous.

“Ho ho, is it free? How does he think? Does he really consider himself as an enormous man? Does he know the owner of this hotel?” Linda’s cousin mocked.

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