I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 190

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 190

Chapter 190

Roy grinned when he heard the words, and said, “Hey, what if someone knows you, believe it, they will afford a meal of 1.2 million yuan. what’s it to understand a hotel boss? Look, maybe people even know Eric Norman on the billboard outside!”

Roy’s words appeared to compliment Ethan, but everyone could hear it. it had been a malicious mockery.

Approaching Roy, he continued, “Ho ho, who can’t brag about it, so will I, wife, I’m afraid you do not realize it , the moon is really ours, so i’m still the richest man within the world…”

Roy laughed at the top .

Linda’s cousin laughed and leaned forward and back together, she was just too happy.

In their view, Ethan is nothing quite ugly and bizarre .

It’s just that they do not know that, in Ethan’s view, how can they be ugly?

Of course, Roy was right. Ethan did know Eric Norman, and therefore the two were still during a father-son relationship.

Perhaps these people have exhausted their lives for this level of relationship, and that they dare not imagine it.

After all, there’s sometimes an enormous gap between people and other people .

Ethan ignored the opposite party and sat down on his own.

Ethan wanted to ascertain what the corners of those people’s mouths would be when all the dishes were served.

Ethan didn’t want to worry about these people, but they were too aggressive.

Ethan actually couldn’t stand it anymore. Linda’s mother, such an honest person, was treated this manner by these people. If she didn’t do anything, she would feel sorry to seem back.

Only Linda’s mother was still sitting on pins and needles.

She understood that Ethan was only preparing for today’s dinner due to herself and Linda.

But if Ethan lost such an outsized sum of cash due to her own relationship, then she would feel that she owed Ethan to death.

She knew that her daughter already owed Ethan an excessive amount of . If she took advantage of Ethan’s advantage again, she would only subsided spineless when she rotated . it’s estimated that both of them would be laughed at.

At this moment, the waitress walked out of the private room.

Upon seeing this, Linda’s mother hurriedly got up and followed out, then turned to Ethan and said, “I…go to the toilet …”

Ethan didn’t even believe it. Linda’s mother was sick and it had been normal to travel to the toilet .

What Ethan didn’t know was that as soon as Linda’s mother walked out of the private room, she immediately stopped the waitress.

“Child, wait a moment , I even have something to inform you.”

The waitress couldn’t help but froze, looked back at Linda’s mother, and asked, “Auntie, are you lecture me?”

Linda’s mother hurriedly nodded and walked over: “That…it’s like this, what set meal Ethan ordered just , we don’t want it. you’ll see, just a couple of folks , we can’t afford such a lot money. it had been wasted within the end. and that i guess you’ll see that the kid was in anger for a short time , and what he said when he was angry cannot be counted!”

When the waitress heard this, she suddenly felt a touch difficult to try to to . She grimaced and shook her head again and again: “But auntie, he has finished ordering just now? And if I don’t want to order the set meal, I even have to ask the gentleman later. Your opinion, check out you……”

Obviously, the waitress dare not call the shots. After all, Ethan ordered the dishes. within the end, she has got to hear Ethan’s opinions.

Can’t what you say is nothing? in any case , this is often an enormous thing worth millions. If something happens once you reminisce , you cannot afford it.

But how could Linda’s mother ask her to ask Ethan again, why she came out for it? She didn’t tell Ethan the reality in the least .

Linda’s mother thought for a short time , and quickly took hold of the waitress who wanted to return to the private room, and solemnly said, “No, I’ll be the master of this matter. I’m his mother-in-law and he will hear my opinions. you’ll just roll in the hay , and if something happens later, i will be able to tell him that this matter has nothing to try to to with you!”

When the waitress heard this, she still had a painful expression on her face.

After all, this matter is basically difficult to handle.

“But Auntie…”

“Okay, it’s nothing more. Just roll in the hay . I said everything. If something goes wrong, i will be able to hold it and it’s nothing to try to to with you.” Linda’s mother continued, “You will follow it during a while. Just serve the menu we ordered before!”

“No, then I even have to debate thereupon gentleman at least!” The waitress insisted.

But Linda’s mother was a touch dissatisfied, she became serious in a moment , and said, “What’s the matter together with your child? I’m his mother-in-law. Could he still hear me? You go quickly, if you’ve got a short time . The food is late, I even have to complain to you!”

The waitress shuddered immediately when she heard that she was close to complain.

It is tough to try to to this job by yourself. If you’re complained again…

Thinking of this, the waitress could only sigh, “Okay, on the other hand there’ll be a drag , you want to explain it clearly for me!”

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