I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 191

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 191

Chapter 191

“Don’t worry, i will be able to be liable for this matter.” Linda’s mother said firmly.

Hearing what the opposite party said, the waitress felt tons more comfortable , nodded silently, turned and left.

This time, Linda’s mother was relieved and rotated and walked towards the private room.

As soon as Linda’s mother walked in, she felt that something was wrong with the anger within the private room.

Obviously, Ethan and Linda’s cousin are still during a state of anger due to their talents.

Linda’s mother wanted to ease the atmosphere, smiled, and said, “Oh, well, everything just passed. Let’s talk and mention something happy! By the way, second sister-in-law, don’t you know? during a while, she is going to be participating during a theatrical , and her show remains solo. Linda has liked singing since she was a toddler . this is often an honest opportunity for her…”

Obviously, for Linda’s mother, this was an out-and-out blessed event .

Seeing her daughter achieve something on the road she likes, she is basically happy for Linda from rock bottom of her heart.

But she didn’t seem to understand that this message, whether it had been Linda’s cousin or Paula Grecic, had no interest in the least .

Linda’s cousin even sneered, with a touch of disdain, and said: “And, what’s so great, isn’t it just to sing a song? Look what causes you to happy, what’s there, singing a lot? , does one really think your daughter can stand out?”

The words of Linda’s cousin’s mother couldn’t help but make Linda’s mother blushing. She wanted to share this excellent news with one another , but within the end she didn’t know it and was said so.

Paula Grecic didn’t seem to possess seen the incident considerably either, and said sarcastically, “Hoho, I said at the start that Linda should attend work after graduating from highschool . i assume I’ve worked hard, and now I’ve gotten employment within the factory. I’m half-time, but I just want to find out to sing, and that i don’t check out what quite family i’m , and that i want to try to to all the great things, right? i assumed I could become an enormous hit and become a star within the future? Ho Ho, it’s really interesting…”

Paula Grecic is like pouring cold water on Linda and her mother’s heads.

The mother and daughter were a touch uncomfortable hearing these words.

Hearing this, Ethan was also a touch dissatisfied, and directly replied: “Excuse me, how did you recognize that Linda won’t be ready to become famous within the future? cannot be a singer? i feel that with Linda’s strength and her efforts, she is going to definitely be within the future. ready to get ahead!”

Ethan isn’t touting Linda, he’s serious about this.

And Ethan also believes that Linda are going to be ready to get ahead at some point .

After all, Linda’s every effort is in his eyes, and Ethan also knows Linda’s artistic talent.

Ethan had long thought that if Linda decided and wanted to realize something in art, he would definitely do his best to assist her.

However, Paula Grecic et al. didn’t concentrate to Ethan’s words in the least . In their opinion, this was only one of the countless jokes Ethan made today.

“If you do not understand the shit, you only have a tough mouth!” Linda’s cousin sneered and continued, “To tell you the reality , many of my sisters are beat art, and which one is promising within the end? Just Linda’s point. It’s not that I’m sarcasm at her. within the future, whether are going to be able to”> she will find employment will be a drag . And, what about Buckeye University, it’s not the top within the end!”

After speaking, Linda’s cousin checked out Roy and said proudly, “Which is like my husband. Although they didn’t attend a prestigious university, they’re now considered to possess achieved alittle career through their own hard work!”

“Yes, yes!” Paula Grecic hurriedly interjected, “Human. It’s better to be pragmatic. Roy may be a particularly pragmatic person. Don’t you recognize , whether Roy’s family is in his hometown or Buckeye, he features a relationship. it is so wide…”

Before Paula Grecic had finished speaking, suddenly the private room door was knocked, interrupting her narration.

“Who? are available .” Paula Grecic said impatiently, “It’s really disappointing, i have never finished speaking yet.”

As soon as Paula Grecic’s voice fell, the door was pushed open, then one by one young men in dark brown suits and glossy hair came in.

The young man walked in, first smiled politely, then said, “Everyone, welcome to the Empire Hotel for dinner. i’m the manager of this floor. My name is Ma .”

After Ma finished speaking, he bowed slightly, showing politeness and humility between his gestures.

In fact, he just received the notice from Pablo this morning. Today, on his own territory, there’ll be an enormous man who wants to entertain VIPs.

So Ma pondered and thought, and felt that he should show his face and say hello.

After all, this was something that Pablo personally arranged. in fact he had to concentrate thereto , just in case he could get familiar with someone with big hands and eyes.

Ma is filled with expectations for this.

However, when Ma raised his head and was close to scan the people within the private room, he suddenly heard a well-known voice and said to himself: “Ma? Why are you… why are you here?”

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