I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 192

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 192

Chapter 192

Ma was stunned when he heard the words, then immediately looked within the direction of the speaker.

It was Roy who was surprised to talk just . He had stood up at this point , a touch surprised and a touch surprised.

The same is true for Ma. When he saw Roy suddenly, he thought that his eyes were dazzling. He squinted quickly and pushed the frame of the glasses. Only then was he surprised to seek out that he was right. The person ahead of him was really Roy. .

“Roy? Why are you here?” Ma was also a touch negligent for a short time and asked directly.

According to the regulations, albeit the visitor is his acquaintance, Ma must be treated consistent with guest etiquette.

But Roy didn’t care. Instead, he ignored his chair and walked directly towards Ma, laughing loudly.

“Oh, Ma, i actually didn’t expect that we met here within the end?” Roy said with a smile, “Look at your suit, you’re really energetic, it seems to be younger than once we were in class . ?”

Hearing this, Ma laughed, patted Roy on the shoulder, and said, “Where there’s , it is the old fan, you’re getting more and more mature and more masculine. I remember you continue to pursued us Banhua, within the end, does one remember what people said about you? Haha, people said that you simply are sort of a child and immature. Now it is a big change…”

Ma finished speaking. Roy’s face suddenly became a touch embarrassed, and he hurriedly glanced at his wife from the side of his eyes, as if he was afraid that this sentence would cause him trouble.

Linda’s cousin heard these words. Indeed, his face changed slightly. He searched and down Ma and asked during a low voice, “Husband, who is this? You seem to be old acquaintances? you’ve got tons of old acquaintances!”

Linda’s cousin’s words clearly had something within the words, and she or he was a touch more uneasy in her heart. She considered returning to the place where she lived during a while, and she or he must ask clearly, who was the first class flower?

Because of this incident, Roy never even said it to himself!

When Roy heard the words, he naturally heard the meaning of the voice-over, and quickly scratched his head and said, “Oh yes, my wife, I forgot to introduce you. this is often my university classmate Ma.”

Then he borrowed money from Ma and said, “Ma, let me introduce you. this is often often my wife and this is my mother-in-law.”

After all, Ma may be a floor experience, and he quickly became enthusiastic after hearing the words: “Hello sister-in-law, I am Ma, i’m half a year younger than him, so you’ll call me a pony! Aunty, i’m a pony, see you It’s an excellent honor to ascertain you, you’re so young, i assume people will always misunderstand that you simply and my sister-in-law are sisters, right?”

Ma was specialized at talking, and one sentence made Paula Grecic tremble with laughter.

And Linda’s cousin was even more proud when she heard the other’s sister-in-law calling herself.

hello,Ma.” Linda’s cousin said with a smile, “You work here?”

Ma hurriedly nodded humbly: “Yes, yes, i’m the ground manager here, and therefore the floor where we eat is my jurisdiction.”

“Tsk tusk tusk, Ma, you’re so promising. you’re now the manager of the Empire Hotel. you’re but thirty years old. I see, your future must be limitless… Roy didn’t hesitate to mention anything, and complimented Ma.

After everyone talked and laughed for a short time , Ma realized that there have been three people sitting on the opposite side of the board .

Ma felt a touch conversant in Ethan, but he couldn’t remember where he saw him, so he hurriedly asked Roy, “Old Bro, these people are…”

Roy checked out the three Ethan, and it had been obvious that the three of them were quite different from the three on his own regardless of their clothes or temperament.

In Roy’s view, these three people are basically three poor relatives. If they were placed in his hometown, he would be a touch ashamed to admit that they were relatives.

However, it’s obviously not realistic to not admit it.

But Roy didn’t want to lose face ahead of his classmates, so he said, “Oh, some relatives in my hometown, oh…how long have you ever been here?”

Roy didn’t want to introduce Ethan an excessive amount of in the least , so he just said a word and quickly changed the subject .

Naturally, Ma could hear it, but although Roy didn’t introduce him, he became more and more interested by Ethan.

It is true that Ethan always involves Empire Hotel. many of us within the hotel have met Ethan, and lots of people also know that Pablo must be respectful to Ethan.

Ma didn’t think an excessive amount of , but casually addressed Roy, then said a couple of compliments.

At exactly this point , a waiter came and called him, saying that there have been table guests who wanted to ascertain him, and Ma hurriedly left.

However, Ma had just left the private room before his feet, and suddenly thought of something, he couldn’t help but was startled, then he appeared to have completely understood something, and his whole face became distorted.

He muttered to himself: “This…is…is it him?”

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