I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 193

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 193

Chapter 193

Ma suddenly remembered that when before, he accidentally saw Pablo amid an individual from downstairs.

And Pablo appeared to be very respectful thereto person.

And that person isn’t somebody else , it seems that it’s Ethan.

Ma went on to believe what Pablo specially told him before, saying that today on his floor, there’ll be an enormous man entertaining guests.

Now it’s completely on account. Obviously Ethan is that the big man, and Roy and his wife and mother-in-law are probably Ethan’s guests.

When Ma thought of this, he couldn’t help being startled and a touch surprised.

He murmured to himself: “This Roy hasn’t seen him for a couple of years, it seems that he’s really developed, and he has met such an enormous man…”

But Ma soon discovered the matter .

Then Roy appeared to be somewhat unfriendly to Ethan just , what’s going on?

It’s just that Ma can’t lookout of such a lot anymore. He doesn’t want such a lot now. He just thinks that Roy has already gotten into a relationship with Ethan. Obviously he’s not an equivalent because the past, so his attitude towards Fan , Obviously it should be more respectful.

Roy may be a classmate of his university, maybe he are going to be useful to him within the future.

After all, he was mixed with Ethan, and therefore the relationship between Ethan and Pablo was so different.

Moreover, Ma appeared to have found out something. He suddenly felt that when Roy introduced Ethan before, he was so vague, he probably didn’t want to show Ethan’s identity.

After all, as a subordinate, he also understands the meaning of such things.

Some big people just do not like to reveal their true identity, maybe Ethan is simply such an individual .

Ma felt that he had sorted out everything, and was a touch excited and nervous.

He glanced at the waitress who called himself, and asked, “What are the purchasers doing over there? Are you anxious? If you’re not during a hurry, you’ll delay for a short time , and that i will go there later.”

Before the waitress could answer, Ma continued: “Okay, you’ll re-evaluate .”

Afterwards, Ma didn’t even check out the waitress, rotated and opened the door of the private room again.

Only behind him was the waitress with a helpless and bewildered look.

On the opposite side, within the private room.

As soon as Ma went out, Linda’s cousin pushed Roy and asked, “Yeah, okay, Roy, let’s talk, who is that class flower? Is she beautiful? Is there any contact now?”

When asked by his wife 3 times during a row, Roy didn’t skills to answer it. He just wiped the physiological state on his forehead awkwardly and kept perfunctory.

In this situation, Ethan couldn’t laugh .

He thought that Roy had some patience, but he didn’t think he was also a wife who was scared of his wife.

It’s just that Ethan’s smile was caught by Linda’s cousin.

My husband, I can tease whatever i would like . Now that somebody like Ethan is laughed at, it’s strange that she is willing.

“Hey, what are you laughing at? Is it funny? What qualifications does one need to laugh?” Linda’s cousin asked Ethan during a needle-pointed manner.

Ethan didn’t care about it. He smiled faintly and replied: “What’s wrong with my laugh? Did I tease you? My mouth grows on me, i would like to laugh, nobody can control it!”

Ethan even dared to return to himself. Linda’s cousin was furious, and immediately said angrily: “Huh, you’ve got a tough mouth, what else is there? regardless of how bad our Roy is, my classmates also are here. My manager, check out you, what does one have? i assume you’re only worth knowing about temporary workers or the watchdog at the door!”

Ethan still looked indifferent and replied: “You can only make assumptions about others from your own level. How does one know that the manager doesn’t know me, maybe the owner of the Empire Hotel does one want to be respectful to me?”

“Just blow it, I see you…”

Before Linda’s cousin had finished speaking, the door of the private room was knocked again, then Ma opened the door without expecting a response from inside, and walked in cautiously.

“Ahaha, i actually bother everyone…” Ma checked out Ethan with a smile on his face, and continued, “That…I didn’t disturb everyone, right?”

Seeing his old classmates come and return, Roy hurriedly said enthusiastically: “No, no, counting on what you said, are available quickly.”

Ma also noticed that it seemed that the atmosphere within the room was a touch different, so he hurriedly said, “Since something goes on, I won’t enter . Let me say a couple of words at the door.”

Ma checked out Ethan, smiled humbly, and said, “In fact, there’s nothing wrong. I just want to ask you. we’ve not seen one another for several years. Looking back, I prepared a table. i’m wondering if you’ll show your face? “

Hearing that the opposite party was getting to invite himself to dinner, Roy was a touch confused.

He didn’t understand what the opposite party meant. After all, it’s better to mention that Ma may be a good messer now. The manager of Empire Hotel can’t help but feel more face when he talks about it, and therefore the people that are in touch are all the large people .

What’s more, they need a salary of a minimum of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan for a month. Why does he remember to ask himself to eat?

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