I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 194

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 194

Chapter 194

Equally puzzled, not only Roy, but also Linda’s cousin and Paula Grecic.

When they heard Ma’s words, they were all a touch surprised.

In fact, albeit Ma didn’t tell invite Roy to dinner, they still thought, expecting the time to ask Ma to possess a meal lately .

After all, he’s now alittle manager, and if he’s employed hard when he looks back, he’s the hotelier . therein way, he are often considered the center and upper crust in Buckeye society.

And people like Roy and therefore the others, the earlier you get to understand these people, you’ll definitely enjoy them within the future.

However, Ma’s actions made them a touch confused.

“This…Is this not so good?” Roy scratched his head and smiled, “I should ask you to be the proper thing.”

Ma glanced at Ethan unnaturally, and hurriedly showed a smile, and said, “What is good? Don’t argue with me. I invite you. Don’t say invite you to dinner. you’re here. What if Ethan has been playing for a couple of days, so what if I entertain you the entire time? Just our relationship, does one still care about this?”

After Ma finished speaking, he quickly glanced at Ethan.

Obviously he said this to Ethan.

Ma felt that if he was ahead of Ethan, showing that he could get along side Roy, it might obviously deepen Ethan’s impression of him.

“Oh, Ma, just say this to you. don’t be concerned , I’m definitely getting to have this meal!” Roy still didn’t notice the mess, and quickly accepted it.

Roy was actually very happy. Although he didn’t know why Ma wanted to ask himself to dinner for no reason, he still felt a robust sense of superiority due to this incident.

He comforted himself in his heart, maybe the opposite party was fancying a number of his own characteristics, or his potential.

Even thinking of this, Roy himself felt a touch airy.

Now that this matter has been done, Ma features a bottom in his heart.

His real purpose is nothing quite to use Roy as a springboard to succeed in Ethan, but Ma knows exactly what quite character Ethan is.

He remembered that even his boss, Pablo, had to be respectful when facing Ethan.

If i would like to possess an immediate relationship with Ethan in an eagerness for quick success, i might be asking myself to be boring. i assume people wouldn’t bother to require care of myself.

So this matter still must be discussed long-term, but Ma isn’t during a hurry.

In his opinion, with Roy as a springboard, he’s already far better than others.

As long as he gives himself a while , he are going to be confident that he can enter front of Ethan at some point .

If that point comes, it’s estimated that his boss Pabloye also will check out him with admiration.

In the past, Ma felt that at some point he would be a restaurant manager of Empire Hotel.

But from this moment on, he already features a more ambitious goal. Maybe he can enter a far better direction and go one step further. After all, the helping Ethan is by his side.

“Okay, well, that’s it!” Ma smiled with satisfaction, and eventually nodded slightly in Ethan’s direction, indicating that he was getting to step back, then turned and left…

Ethan did not have any expressions throughout, after all, in his opinion, Ma was respectful and reasonable to himself, and it should be reasonable.

Because usually when Ethan involves Empire Hotel, as long as he knows his identity, who isn’t respectful to himself.

On the contrary, Ma’s attitude was already very poor.

It’s just that Ethan doesn’t care about these, so he doesn’t care about them even more.

In Ethan’s eyes, Ma is a standard person at the best , regardless of how he behaved just , he didn’t even enter Ethan’s sight.

Ma is gone, but Linda’s cousin’s family of three has not calmed down for an extended time.

“Look, take a look!” Paula Grecic was overjoyed and exclaimed, “I’ll say that our family Roy is promising. See, my classmate is that the manager of Empire Hotel, in order that they all invited him Eating, what a face is this!”

“That’s, I think, Ma, i assume he wanted to mess with you husband!” Linda’s cousin said joyfully, “but if you’ll accept such a touch brother, it might be an honest thing, just in case this guy becomes this one. the overall manager of the whole Empire Hotel, at that point , our house was beautiful!”

It seemed that she was caught in some quite fantasy, and Linda’s cousin was a touch bit proud.

Then she turned her head and checked out Ethan, and couldn’t help but sneer: “Ho ho, some people, they only died with a stiff mouth, how about it? See how people treat my husband, right?”


Ethan didn’t even search at the Linda’s cousin and therefore the others, because he thought these people were a touch scary.

What happened to you when someone invited you to dinner?

Ethan thought to himself that he just asked Pablochengtian to treat himself to an enormous meal at Empire Hotel, and he could be very happy too!

At this moment, the door of the private room was knocked again, then a waitress walked in, then a couple of waiters carrying dishes followed.

The waitress checked out Ethan and couldn’t help feeling a touch nervous, then checked out Linda’s mother again, and smiled and said, “Hello, I’ll serve you…”

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