I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 196

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 196

Chapter 196

Actually, Linda’s cousin just discovered it too. Didn’t it mean that there are fifty-six dishes? But why did all the waiters withdraw after only twelve dishes were served?

At first, Linda’s cousin thought that it’d be such an expensive set meal. The dishes were served during a regular manner. it had been estimated that they were served in batches.

It’s just that the twelve dishes are served for a couple of minutes, and there’s no trace of the dishes behind, and therefore the doubt in her heart has become more and more serious.

And Linda’s cousin appeared to have discovered a drag way back , that is, the twelve ways in which came over here , she felt a touch familiar inexplicably…

Linda’s cousin also hurriedly checked out the waiter, somewhat displeased, and said: “Yes, I said, are you able to serve your food faster? We spent 1.2 million on your meal, so did you only drag it? What does one mean? Believe it or not, i will be able to complain to you!”

The two questioned, the waitress immediately turned red. She hurriedly checked out Linda’s mother and said with a touch cringe: “No… sorry, the food is prepared …”

When the waitress said these words, most of the people present were dumbfounded.

“Go…all together?” Paula Grecic was the primary to talk in surprise. She was a touch flustered for an extended time before reacting, and stammered again, “Isn’t it…Isn’t it about fifty-six dishes? You? , does one think I don’t know numbers, otherwise you don’t know numbers?”

At the end, Paula Grecic almost jumped up.

She felt like she was being maliciously teased, and she or he appeared to explode.

For nothing else, she had just sent out the matter of eating 1.2 million set meal in one among her good sisters’ WeChat group.

And after a short time , an enormous crowd of individuals were exploded, all types of individuals who said they were jealous and hated.

There are still dozens of individuals within the group waiting to post photos of subsequent forty dishes, but now you tell me that the dishes are all finished?

You are not playing what am I?

Paula Grecic originally wanted to point out off, but now she has become a laughing stock.

This kind of deep drop is nearly driving her crazy.

I still calculate it, and that i am embarrassed with this meal.

But within the end, he didn’t pretend to be, instead he pretended to be in, and eventually made people laugh even more.

At this moment, Paula Grecic was trembling with anger.

And Linda’s cousin and Roy were also confused at this point .

Eating 1.2 million meals is clearly a serious event in their lives.

They naturally also want to point out up in their circle of friends.

But now that the bulls have blown it out, and such embarrassing things have occurred, they naturally haven’t any thanks to end it.

And they were all happily eager to see what goodies they might eat with 1.2 million.

But the result’s these things?

Especially Linda’s cousin, the more I check out the twelve dishes ahead of me, the more I feel that a number of them are familiar.

She considered it carefully, and suddenly realized that the few dishes she felt familiar weren’t the dishes she and her husband ordered before?

Is it possible that the dishes that came to the front of my eyes weren’t in the least a 1.2 million meal, but the dishes I had ordered before?

Obviously, Linda’s cousin wasn’t the primary to understand these problems.

It was because Ethan had already discovered the matter when the dishes were on the table.

At first, he also felt that perhaps the dishes he ordered overlapped with the set meal.

But in any case the dishes came up, Ethan realized that this was exactly what he ordered before.

Ethan felt very embarrassed at the instant . He hurriedly checked out the waitress and asked questioningly: “Wait a moment , did you serve the incorrect dish? This seems to be the dish we ordered before? But I didn’t mean to exchange it with Is that 1.2 million set meal? Why did you bring these dishes to me again!”

Hearing Ethan’s questioning, the waitress’ face turned pale in a moment . She pretended to be calm, and she or he was close to explain something, but was suddenly interrupted by a voice.

“Ethan, what quite pretend does one put on?”

It’s not somebody else who yelled at Ethan, but Linda’s cousin.

At this moment, her eyes stared at Ethan like fire, and therefore the anger that had been suppressed for an extended time poured call at a moment .

“If you cannot please, just say that you simply can’t please, and nobody will tease you, but why are you fooling me with these things? Who are you stupid!” Linda’s cousin broke out this point . , Completely disregarding his own image exploded foul language.

In her opinion, all this must are calculated by Ethan.

It is estimated that he had just talked to the waitress from the start , and had no plans to order a 1.2 million meal.

And he deliberately said that, just to form himself and his mother blow the cowhide to the relatives and friends around him, in order that everyone pays attention to him.

In the end, I just affect a couple of dishes casually. during this way, whether it’s me or my mother, rather than showing off success within the end, it’s become a laughing stock within the eyes of the many people!

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