I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 197

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 197


“Ethan, you’re so good, cruel enough!” Linda’s cousin said these words almost gritted her teeth.

But at this moment, regardless of what she said, there appeared to be no thanks to save her destiny of becoming a laughingstock.

“It’s disgusting!” Paula Grecic also pointed at Ethan with a full face of anger. “If you’re poor, say poor, if you cannot afford it, you cannot afford it. Who are you getting to cheat!”

Paula Grecic checked out Linda’s mother and daughter again, with overwhelming hatred, and said, “I really hate your family during this life. whenever it’s due to your family, you retain me and us. My family’s face is totally lost!”

At this point , the three people on Paula Grecic’s side almost wanted to cry without tears, but they were miserable.

But who does this blame? Who causes you to like showing off? this is often the top .

It’s just that they do not think so, and that they all put the blame on Ethan.

And Ethan not only felt innocent at this point , but also suppressed his anger in his heart due to the words of Linda’s cousin and Paula Grecic just .

Not to mention whether I did it intentionally or not, anyway, I also invited this meal alone . albeit I didn’t order a 1.2 million meal, it wouldn’t be so humiliating.

I kindly invited you guys to dinner, but did you invite them out?

If it wasn’t because you were Linda’s relatives, i would not bother to require care of you, including invite you to eat here.

If it were replaced by somebody else and dared to talk to Ethan like just , it’s estimated that Ethan would be angry.

The consequences of Ethan’s anger were beyond these people’s imagination.

But Ethan is additionally wondering, what on earth goes on?

He quickly checked out the waitress and asked angrily, “You said, what is the matter? Didn’t I allow you to serve the set meal? Who allow you to serve these dishes!”

Linda,s mom was afraid that the waitress wouldn’t explain honestly, and eventually didn’t forget to feature two threats.

“If you do not explain it clearly to me today, then just go and call Pablo to me!”

Is it called Pablo?

Upon hearing this, the waitress was scared and cried.

Of course she knows how she is going to find yourself if she finds her boss.

It is estimated that by then the expulsion are going to be the lightest punishment.

The people during this Empire Hotel are very clear about who Pablo is.

“No, no…” The waitress burst into tears suddenly. said to Ethan with rain, “It’s none of my business, this…”

The waitress hurriedly cast her gaze on Linda’s mother, and therefore the waitress thought to herself that she just said that she had a drag . Why don’t you get up now?

At this point , if she doesn’t get up again, then she is basically dead.

Can you say that an individual who can order 1.2 million large meals is that the one that can order the present table, and it’s not something she will provoke a touch waiter!

The waitress was close to speak and pointed at Linda’s mother, only to seek out that the her mom stood up by himself.

She said calmly, “Ethan, I just refunded the package, don’t blame this girl, don’t make her embarrassing, let her leave …”

When Linda’s mother said this, several people present were once more surprised.

“You…” Ethan was a touch surprised and asked, “Why auntie? This…”

Ethan’s face was bitter, and he was the foremost difficult to affect this example . After all, if it had been Linda’s mother’s idea, then he would need to be dumb to eat here today.

He can’t tell.

Linda was also slightly surprised.

Although in her heart she doesn’t quite agree that Ethan will spend 1.2 million on a meal, but since Ethan has decided, and this is often a matter of face…

“Hey, there are only six folks and fifty-six dishes. We definitely can’t eat them. What a waste.” Linda’s mother said earnestly, “What’s more, that’s 1.2 million. You children , do not know if you create money. It’s easy, so it is a bit big-handed, but i can not just watch you fiddle …”

Linda’s mother was a touch guilty on her face, and eventually said to Ethan: “Ethan, anyway, this is often the top of the matter. If you are feeling upset and feel angry about you, you’ll sprinkle it on the auntie. You say I scold me. It doesn’t matter, let the girl go, it really has nothing to try to to together with her , people also are wronged in their hearts…”

After Linda’s mother said these words, Ethan was stunned for a short time .

He was at a loss for a short time .

Indeed, this is often the top of the matter, what on earth does one do?

I must have lost face today, but i can not really tell about Linda’s mother due to this incident.

Ethan sighed and said helplessly: “Forget it, auntie, it’s okay, i do know you’re also kind…”

Ethan thought for a short time , now that this is often the case, then it’s wrong to form the error . Anyway, albeit he didn’t eat the 1.2 million meal, he wouldn’t owe his Linda’s cousin and his family anything.

But just when Ethan wanted to elucidate it, Linda’s cousin suddenly quit, pointing to Linda’s mother and said, “I’m pooh, what is the surname , don’t you follow the acting, does one really treat us as fools?”

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