I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 198

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 198

Chapter 198

“Do you actually treat us as fools? Can’t it’s seen by society? consider us as three-year-old children, right?” Linda’s cousin shouted at Ethan again.

This is not over yet. She just finished roaring, Paula Grecic also followed angrily and yelled: “Yes, are you human? you’ll do this if you treat me to dinner? Why don’t you invite it? does one know that due to you, I even have lost all my last old face!”

Just when Paula Grecic had just finished speaking. Suddenly her telephone rang again.

Paula Grecic looked down and saw that it had been a reply from others in his sister group, and a number of other people were still asking questions.

“Sister , why don’t you still post pictures? There are only twelve dishes. We still want to ascertain what the 56 dishes appear as if during a while…”

“Yes, Sister is basically amazing. you’ve got to point out us what the dishes at this table appear as if today. within the future, we’ll also magnify a number of them once we leave …”

“Why there’s nothing? is not the internet disconnected? Yo, that’s a coincidence, ho ho, didn’t it mean the web was disconnected deliberately?”

“And, who knows, what quite dish are often worth 1.2 million yuan? i feel it’s a boast. We don’t understand Sister . people that usually don’t skills to spend extra money , you think she will attend Empire Hotel and eat 1.2 million meals?”

Looking at the replies and comments within the WeChat group on the mobile , Paula Grecic’s scalp was blown up.

She was completely blinded, and she or he didn’t skills she would explain it now.

And she can already foresee that her own laughingstock is about .

Paula Grecic was furious. She had no solution for a short time , so she could only cast her anger on Ethan’s side. Pointing at Ethan, she shouted again.

In the end, she yelled and nearly collapsed, and now she even wanted to offer Ethan a move relieve her anger.

But Ethan was also wronged. After all, this matter really has nothing to try to to with him. He himself just knew the entire story.

And just a couple of words at the opposite party, Ethan was furious!

He glared at Paula Grecic and said categorically, “Thank you, please concentrate . you wish to point out off to others. What does it need to do with me? To be unpleasant, you’re the sole person, if I don’t think you’re relatives of Linda. For the sake of this, I don’t even bother to require care of you, and leave you here for dinner? Hoho, you ought to be honored!”

Ethan immediately said again: “Don’t say that I didn’t invite you to the 1.2 million banquet today. albeit I only invited you to eat noodles today, I even have a transparent conscience, but you, please reflect on yourself. From the primary meeting, How did you treat us.”

Ethan glanced at Linda and Linda’s mother. He had already made up his mind that he must be fair to those two today.

Ethan finally said, “Today I also put my words here. If you would like to eat, you’ll eat it. If you are doing not want to eat, please leave immediately. I even have given you adequate face today. If you don’t want it, please don’t. tread on it. If it really irritates me, I promise you’ll not expect any good results. I, as an individual , always do it!”

Ethan’s words were already threatening, and albeit Ethan didn’t show much anger when he spoke, the type of deterrence that burst out of his body simply showed Roy, Linda’s cousin et al. . shocked.

They originally thought that Ethan was a standard person, but from Ethan’s just and his sonorous remarks, they were surprised to seek out that this seemingly weak boy actually spoke cruel words, a bit like a mockery. decent.

That feeling, it had been as if the aura of the three of them was completely suppressed by Ethan alone.

After Ethan finished speaking, he glanced at the three people across from him coldly, pointed within the direction of the door, and said coldly, “Well, if you do not want to eat, just please!”

Ethan’s words once more reduced the atmosphere within the private room to melting point .

Linda’s cousin, who was still mad, didn’t know what she should do next.

She originally thought that folks like Ethan, ahead of her, would need to be like Linda and her mother, and at her mercy, she couldn’t even let loose a fart within the end.

But only then did she realize that she was purely naive before.

Ethan, not only wouldn’t he let himself be arbitrarily, but he had his own ideas.

Perhaps his tolerance to himself before wasn’t cowardly in the least , but ashamed to worry about himself?

Linda’s cousin checked out Paula Grecic then at Roy.

And she also discovered that at this point , the 2 of them also checked out herself at an equivalent time, seeming to be asking herself to form a choice .

Linda’s cousin hesitated for a short time .

After all, Ethan just said that sort of thing, if he stayed again, it might be really shameless.

But if she leaves like this, not only will she lose face, she is going to even be unwilling.

Although i could not eat the 1.2 million meal today, the dishes on this table also are very rare. Anyway, I even have never eaten such an upscale meal in my life.

And if you missed it today, maybe there’ll be no chance during this life.

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