I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 199

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 199

Chapter 199

But if she sits down again, it’s obvious that her face will disappear, and she or he will still be reluctant.

Linda’s cousin checked out Paula Grecic, and she or he took it without any consideration that her own mother was the foremost suitable for the present situation.

Then she cast a glance at Paula Grecic.

Paula Grecic understood, but shook her head slightly.

Of course she knew exactly what her daughter meant.

All goodies are haunted by you, turn your head and bow your head to simply accept this type of thing, but let yourself do it? What does one think?

Paula Grecic hasn’t forgotten that due to the seat, her precious daughter put herself together.

Thinking of this, Paula Grecic’s attitude became more determined, and she or he shook her head again and again.

Anyway, she wants to open it too, she must be lost today, and she or he can’t manage that much anymore.

It’s a big deal to prevent eating, but let my precious daughter calculate and do nothing by herself.

For a short time , the 2 were deadlocked.

Linda’s cousin wasn’t reconciled, then checked out Roy, her eyes filled with begging.

This is a face issue. Although Roy always obeys his wife, it’s because he has never encountered face issues.

But now that he’s in his youth and subdues with Ethan, since then he can’t hold his head ahead of Ethan.

How can this work!

Roy turned his face aside and said nothing.

Linda’s cousin was extremely embarrassed. She checked out Ethan, and when she had no idea in her heart, she suddenly heard a voice coming over.

“Oh… okay, okay, everyone sit down!” it had been Linda’s mother who wasn’t speaking. Of course, she could see that the three people on the other side could not get off the stage, so at this point , she naturally had to travel up the steps. “Second sister-in-law, Ethan just joked with you, right? it had been a touch unpleasant before, let’s ditch it, everyone, sit down and eat…”

The last step was given by Linda’s mother, which really surprised the three people on the other side.

After all, they didn’t give her an honest face from the start , and that they would in fact be surprised once they suddenly stood up to talk for themselves.

After Linda’s mother had finished speaking, she checked out Ethan again. She knew that she must have offended Ethan today. After all, she defended her relatives such a lot , and these people just , regardless of their words or attitude, didn’t offend Ethan lightly.

This time Ethan will feel uncomfortable…

But Linda’s mother can’t control that much.

“Ethan, you were just fooling around . Auntie said…that’s right.” Linda’s mother checked out Ethan with a touch heart.

In fact, Linda’s mother also understood that what she said was simply making Ethan subdued.

The three people on the other side are provoking and verbalizing. Ethan has always been an out-and-out victim.

Now you’re asking Ethan to imitate first?

Ethan checked out Linda’s mother with a fantastic expression, he couldn’t believe it.

“Auntie, are you serious!” Ethan asked coldly.

Linda’s mother turned red when she was asked, and she or he dared not say anything.

She could tell that Ethan was really angry.

Even if you’re Linda’s mother, you’ll believe your identity to form Ethan softer again and again, but now you continue to let Ethan soften down with others, isn’t it too much?

Linda’s mother knew alright that she had some privileges ahead of Ethan.

But I’m sorry, these privileges of her are now exhausted!

Ethan knew that doing this by himself might make the opposite party unhappy, but he had tolerated it enough.

Ethan stopped watching Linda’s mother, turned to seem at the opposite three people, and said indifferently, “It’s staying or eating. Please give me a pleasant message. If you would like to go away , please hurry up. i would like to eat.”

Linda also checked out Ethan, and checked out the three people opposite and said, “Yes, aunt, does one still eat?”

Linda finished speaking and glanced at his mother.

This time, she was definitely on Ethan’s side.

Even Linda could tell that her mother had done an excessive amount of this point .

The three people on the other side are your relatives, so does one need to leave Ethan alone?

What’s more, how did you treat your relatives that way, how did they treat you within the end? They didn’t hit or scold you and never treated you as an adult?

On the contrary, it’s Ethan, who has always respected you and thought of the front in everything.

What Linda will always remember is that without Ethan, her mother wouldn’t have lived today! At the start , i could not even sleep in a hospital. it had been Ethan’s appearance that allowed his mother to continue receiving treatment.

Linda really couldn’t find out why his mother would always do such things that loved ones hurt their enemies.

Now even Linda stood up and watched her joke, and Linda’s cousin’s teeth were itchy in her heart.

She hated it considerably , gave Linda a fierce look, and said in her heart that do not forget how you lived sort of a dog once you were ahead of me.

Now it’s against you if you’re fighting against others!

“My husband, don’t eat anymore…”

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