I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 200

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 200

Chapter 200

Linda’s cousin looked extremely determined now.

She didn’t decide to eat this meal in the least , and her mother and husband were not getting to get ahead, so naturally she couldn’t be softened to Ethan.

If i actually bow my head today, how am i able to still squeeze Linda’s mother and daughter within the future?

After speaking, Linda’s cousin got up to go away .

When Paula Grecic and Roy saw this, they were slightly surprised initially , but once they saw that Linda’s cousin had left, although a touch bit reluctant, they still followed.

This action of the opposite party hit Ethan’s arms!

Ethan naturally didn’t care if the opposite party followed the meal. He just felt that if the opposite party was here, he felt uncomfortable.

If they really leave now, they’re going to feel easier .

For an extended time, Ethan wanted to ask Linda’s mother to eat a meal, taking advantage of this chance today.

And there’s no such three people opposite, obviously better.

Ethan didn’t respond, and Linda didn’t move.

She was not the bullying Linda within the past, she didn’t want to measure just like the past, and today appeared to be the instant to interrupt with the past.

Linda glanced at Ethan with a firm gaze. Not only now, Linda has already considered it, and he will stand by Ethan’s side within the future.

At this moment, only Linda’s mother, watching the opposite three people leave, appeared to worry .

She checked out Ethan with eyes filled with eagerness, then at Linda, and located that neither of them paid any attention to her, and her heart became even more anxious.

She appeared to hesitate initially , but when she saw that the three people on the other side were close to leave the private room, she couldn’t wait completely, pushed away the chair, and ran over.

“Second sister-in-law…you can’t go.” Linda’s mother was filled with pleading gazes, and walked quickly ahead of the three of them, blocking their way, “You…Oh, sit down, Ethan is basically I’m kidding, return soon, I beg you…”

Linda’s mother was filled with earnest eyes, but nobody took her seriously.

Paula Grecic gave her a blank look, and said coldly, “Hmph, come on, what’s the last name? I see, your wife is basically hard on the wings now, now you dare not put us in your eyes. , Your meal is just too bad for us to eat. we will not leave yet!”

Paula Grecic was furious, then threatened: , let me tell you the reality . If our wife three walks out of this private room today, albeit our enemies are settled, I see, you’ll I don’t actually need to travel back to my hometown, let’s wait and see!”

Upon hearing Paula Grecic’s words, Linda’s mother suddenly felt panic.

She may be a person with a particularly important family concept. Although she and Linda are in Buckeye now, she still misses her hometown in her heart and can’t forget those relatives and friends.

She knew that if she really offended her sister-in-law today, she might really not be ready to return to her hometown when she rotated . albeit she did, she won’t skills many of us would poke her spine!

Linda’s father has been away for therefore a few years , and she or he hasn’t been ridiculed by anyone. Now if it’s due to this incident, she is going to lose a nasty reputation, it’ll be an excessive amount of for the loss.

Linda’s mother burst into tears excitedly , and pleaded bitterly: “Sister-in-law, I beg you, you actually can’t go, they’re all children. Don’t be conversant in them, okay, I’m begging you… …”

“What a shit!” Linda’s mother didn’t finish her words, she was slammed by Linda’s cousin abruptly, and she or he cursed, “What are you guys, you allow us to go and allow us to stay? Who does one think you are!”

Originally suffocated for a short time , now Linda’s mother brought it to the door by herself. Of course, Linda’s cousin couldn’t let it go.

Paula Grecic’s mother and daughter scolded Linda’s mother and cried.

Linda’s cousin appeared to be not too addicted, and she or he cursed and said: “You still want to stay us. Your daughter and son-in-law have rushed us out. We are so shy that we are still here. you’re shameless, we’ve to, We aren’t the type of individuals who don’t even want to face for a meal!”

After speaking, Linda’s cousin was close to push Linda’s mother away.

But at this point , Linda’s mother firmly grasped the doorknob and prevented them from leaving.

While watching Ethan, she cried: “Ethan, I beg you, allow them to stay. Auntie is simply a couple of relatives. Auntie really doesn’t want to…”

After Linda’s mother finished speaking, she checked out Paula Grecic again and said mournfully: “Sister-in-law, i do know it’s all my fault, please don’t go, okay, i actually beg you, I’ll beg for you’re you alright…”

While talking, Linda’s mother really knelt right down to Paula Grecic and therefore the others, crying even more sadly.

She continued to cry and said, “You should give me a skinny noodle. I beg you. If you allow today, i will be able to go underground within the future, and that i won’t have the face to ascertain my second brother!”

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