I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 204

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 204

Chapter 204

Linda’s cousin suddenly realized that she smiled and nodded and said, “Yes, that is the truth, it’s really great…”

Linda’s cousin was even happier now.

I thought that 180,000 bottles of wine would be tons , enough for her to be happy for an extended time.

Now that the worth of this wine has risen to 300,000 yuan, Linda’s cousin’s face is nearly filled with smiles.

Thinking about it carefully, such a bottle of wine is now worth quite half the house in her county courthouse , and Linda’s cousin is even more excited.

This time she couldn’t help feeling even more proud, watching her mother, and continued: “You heard it, this wine is now 300,000 yuan, are you willing to drink it? Take a sip, that’s thousands of dollars!”

Upon hearing this, Paula Grecic licked her lips. Her head was sort of a kitten scratching her head. Although she wasn’t reconciled, she nodded helplessly when she thought of her precious daughter’s words.

“Then…then don’t drink it…”

Linda’s cousin then checked out Ethan and Linda, and she or he put away the wine without asking one another .

“This…” Seeing this, Linda hurriedly glanced at Ethan, seeming a touch bit dissatisfied and unhappy.

After all, Linda knew alright that Joshua ‘s wine was given to Ethan, otherwise it might be just a couple of of you et al. who know who you’re .

It’s just that Linda was close to say something when he saw Ethan shook his head slightly.

Linda rushed to Ethan’s ears and asked during a low voice, “What’s the matter? Joshua obviously gave it to you. you only watched them take the wine away?”

When Ethan heard this, he still didn’t say a word.

Because he had just experienced Linda’s mother kneeling, Ethan didn’t want to delve into some trivial matters.

This incident touched Ethan such a lot . He didn’t want to ascertain any longer extraordinary actions by Linda’s mother due to his momentary strength.

Anyway, today, Ethan wanted to settle on to twiddling my thumbs .

But Linda’s cousin appeared to be still within the mood. She had forgotten how she had just returned to take a seat back. She glanced at both contemptuously, seeming to recall what he had just driven away.

“Hoho, there have been some people just . It’s really interesting. they need to drive us away. i actually do not know if they’re too brainless!” Linda’s cousin said, “I see it now. The young owner of the Empire Hotel took the initiative to offer us gifts Wine, if this is often to calculate some people, it’s estimated that this type of thing won’t happen during this life!”

Linda’s cousin took all the credit for Joshua ‘s wine delivery to herself, seemingly very proud.

But it had been Ethan’s sneer in exchange.

“Why are you laughing? Is it that funny?” Linda’s cousin glared at Ethan, dissatisfied, “I think you ought to tease yourself!”

Ethan shook his head, a touch too lazy to elucidate to them intimately .

But Linda quit, she couldn’t stand Ethan being treated like this.

“Do you actually think that Joshua ‘s wine is for you?” Linda said during a somewhat unconvinced tone, “Aren’t you curious, why don’t you recognize , Joshua will bring the wine?”

Linda’s words made her cousin and cousin-in-law’s brilliant smiles instantly chill.

In fact, for a short time , Linda’s cousin and Roy weren’t only happy, but also interested by this question in their hearts.

It’s just that this type of thing, they’re also afraid to travel into the deep, if it’s like this, they’re going to treat it because the other party’s wine for themselves, and that they will gain face and balance in their hearts.

“Huh, what does one mean? it had been not given to us. Could it’s that you simply thought it had been given to you?” Linda’s cousin snorted coldly, “Let me tell you, this wine must tend to us. does one know why? Because my husband and Ma are classmates, maybe that Joshua saw this relationship and came here to deliver wine!”

Although Linda’s cousin’s remarks seem to be irrational, they appear to be the sole reason which will be explained without their knowledge.

They have always used this reason to convince themselves.

What if Ma is extremely important during this Empire Hotel, what if Joshua wants to cultivate a number of his own team in Empire Hotel.

Anyway, within the eyes of Linda’s cousin, all of this is often possible.

The only thing that’s very unlikely is that this wine was given to Linda and Ethan.

What is your status, two poor students, why should people offer you wine?

“You really skills to associate!” Linda sneered, watching his cousin and said, “Since you’re so naive, then it seems that I even have to inform you the truth!”

Linda glanced at Ethan and decided to not conceal Ethan’s identity.

She solemnly said, “Tell you the reality , Joshua ‘s wine is here to tend to Ethan. you want to be very curious, Joshua is such a powerful gift, why should I provides it to Ethan? Then i will be able to tell you another incontrovertible fact that you’re even more reluctant to simply accept , Ethan, in fact, may be a rich second generation, and it’s the highest rich second generation that you simply never thought of!”

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