I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 206

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 206

Chapter 206

But Ethan didn’t mean responsible Linda. in fact Ethan could see what Linda meant.

And albeit things were getting darker and darker now, Ethan knew that this was the opposite party’s problem and had nothing to try to to with Linda’s dime.

As for Ethan, he had no idea to elucidate to the opposite party.

By now, Ethan had already seen clearly, the opposite party’s vision had been completely restricted to the tiny circle of their hometown, and he didn’t know what it meant by being outside the sky and there have been people outside the sky.

Ethan naturally didn’t got to teach them.

“Forget it, let’s eat, let’s follow dinner.” Ethan patted Linda comfortingly and said.

Linda was still a touch unwilling, but she had already made a multitude of things by trying to elucidate herself before, so in fact she didn’t dare to speak nonsense anymore.

Soon, a couple of people finished their meal.

During the banquet, Linda’s cousin, Roy et al. weren’t polite in the least . They gobbled up all types of food, no matter whether Ethan had enough to eat.

After eating, Linda’s cousin wiped her mouth and struck a chop.

“Tsk tusk, although this is often not a 1.2 million set meal, it’s okay, it isn’t unpalatable.” Linda’s cousin grinned and checked out Ethan meaningfully, and said, “After the rich second generation, we eat It’s over, you go and pay the bill! Didn’t you say that you simply are the rich second generation, then i will be able to offer you an opportunity to prove it and pay the bill.”

In fact, when Linda’s cousin said so directly that Ethan should pay the bill, she was still worried in her heart. Ethan finally perineum and let herself pay the bill.

Now that he said so, Ethan must consider something obediently.

But after she finished speaking, Ethan didn’t move her position. Instead, she ignored her words. He turned to seem at Linda with a smile, and asked gently, “Is it delicious?”

Linda’s cousin suddenly became a touch annoyed, and said loudly, “Hey, I’m lecture you, don’t pretend to be deaf and dumb. After eating, you ought to pay the bill!”

This time, Ethan slowly turned his head and glanced at the opponent.

“Me? Hoho, sorry, i do not need to pay the bill!” Ethan said calmly.

“No got to pay? What does one mean!” Linda’s cousin asked nervously, “You want to be shameless and do not pay after dinner. does one want us to pay the bill? What does one think you are!”

Ethan snorted when he heard the words.

He didn’t expect that he said that he wouldn’t pay the bill, but the opposite party actually understood it that way.

Ethan smiled, and replied slowly: “I said I won’t pay the bill, but I said i would like you to pay the bill? Could you please hear what I said and draw any conclusions?”

Ethan continued: “To tell you the reality , the rationale I said i do not need to pay is because today’s meal is free!”

In fact, this meal is nothing but nothing but Ethan’s words.

Even if Ethan didn’t say anything, Pablo didn’t dare to invite a penny.

“Hahaha, husband, did you hear what he said?” Linda’s cousin laughed again when she heard the words, and said to Roy, “He said that he’s exempt from the meal. Did he never know that he’s an upscale second generation? begin of the movie?”

Roy also shook his head slightly and smiled: “And, it’s really funny, free? I’m afraid you haven’t found out what this place is. Forget it, this type of person is just too ridiculous, wife, let’s ignore him! “

After speaking, Roy got up to go away .

But as soon as he was close to leave, he was stopped by Linda’s cousin.

“Why are you going, await a while!” Linda’s cousin smiled sinisterly and said, “Didn’t he just say that his meal is free? i feel we should always verify it!”

Linda’s cousin finished speaking, regardless of what proportion she said, she pulled her neck and shouted, “Waiter, we’ve to pay!”

After calling the waiter, Linda’s cousin smiled proudly at Ethan: “Hey, isn’t it free? Then i will be able to call the waiter for you today. i feel you dare to mention this ahead of others. The meal is free! If you dare to lie this point , or if you dare to not pay, you’ll blame it if someone are often merciful!”

This is sinister enough!

Fortunately, Ethan’s meal was really free, but if this meal wasn’t free, or Ethan’s previous statement was false, then he must be dead today.

What quite person is Pablo, who dare to deceive him, how can there be an honest end!

Soon the waitress opened the door and walked in, with a glance of enthusiasm and danger.

“Hello everyone, what am i able to do for you?” Obviously, the waitress didn’t hear what Linda’s cousin said before, so she asked.

Linda’s cousin glanced at Ethan and hurriedly said, “Oh, it’s nothing serious. We just finished eating. Go and calculate for us what proportion we ate today.”

The waitress naturally knew that each one of Ethan’s consumption today was free, and she or he even assumed that Linda’s cousin et al. also knew it.

So she didn’t think an excessive amount of , she thought she just wanted to understand the quantity of the meal.

The waitress made a calculation, and eventually said, “How many of you spent today is 167,823.”

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