I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 207

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 207

Chapter 207

“Much…how much?” Linda’s cousin was stunned when she heard quite 160,000. She checked out the messy table filled with surprises, “Why so many? Didn’t we just order twelve dishes?”

Linda’s cousin clearly remembers that the few dishes she ordered before add up to quite 20,000, so why did she consume quite 160,000?

The waitress smiled and said politely: “Madam, you probably did consume such a lot . You know, the few dishes that this gentleman ordered later, but each dish is our top specialty dish, and therefore the price is about 10,000 or 20,000 yuan. Yeah.”


Obviously, Linda’s cousin couldn’t believe it. She didn’t expect Ethan to be so generous. He would dare to order 10,000 or 20,000 per dish at every turn?

Originally, I wanted to pit Ethan, so I ordered a couple of dishes that cost several thousand yuan.

Now she realized that Ethan was ruthless than herself.

But after Linda’s cousin reacted, she smiled from rock bottom of her heart and thought: I can really pretend to be coerced, now I see how you finish up, quite 160,000, does one have that much money to buy it?

Linda’s cousin hurriedly checked out the bottle of wine worth 300,000 yuan that she had put away, and couldn’t help but look closer.

Anyway, she was afraid that Ethan couldn’t afford the bill, and eventually took her bottle of wine to repay the debt.

She didn’t roll in the hay because Joshua clearly gave this wine to herself!

“So there are numerous .” Linda’s cousin checked out Ethan with a smile, and said, “Okay, let’s buy the waiter, this one!”

Linda’s cousin pointed to Ethan with a smug smile on her face.

She wanted to ascertain how Ethan ended up this point .

“Oh, well, you pay the bill, let’s leave and await you first!” Linda’s cousin got up and began to steer outside.

In her opinion, she must get out now, otherwise Ethan can’t afford the order for a short time , and she or he are going to be implicated in her designation.

However, she found that Ethan remained motionless at this point , as if he hadn’t panicked yet, and checked out herself firmly.

“Hey, what are you doing during a daze!” Linda’s cousin gave him a blank look and asked, “I want you to pay the bill!”

Ethan calmed down, smiled slightly, “I said, i do not need to pay the bill!”

“Hmph, didn’t you wake up? does one really think someone can offer you a waiver?” Linda’s cousin glared at Ethan with an unreasonable expression, a touch annoyed.

“Yes, today’s meal is indeed free!” Ethan smiled, got up and packed his clothes, as if he was close to leave.


Linda’s cousin was close to say something, but she heard the waitress insert a sentence from the side: “Madam, this gentleman is true . Your meal today was indeed exempted, and it had been Mr. Joshua who personally explained it! “

When the waitress said this, she was shocked, and Linda’s cousin was shocked!

“What did you say?” She asked the waitress, pulling her neck, “Really free? Or did your boss personally instruct it? This…how is it possible?”

The waitress wasn’t during a hurry, she still had a faint smile on her face, and replied: “Madam, it’s indeed our CEO who personally explained. He said, regardless of what proportion you spend at this table, you’ll be free within the end!”

What the waitress said really made Linda’s cousin a touch confused.

Their boss personally explained that this matter is basically big.

But even as Linda’s cousin was stunned, Linda laughed. She checked out several people and smiled, and said, “Do you think me now? Ethan is basically an upscale second generation, otherwise how could this meal be exempted? ? And it’s Mr. Joshua who personally explained it!”

Linda felt that with the present incident, his cousin and therefore the family would definitely believe Ethan’s identity.

What caught her off guard was that as soon as she said this, Linda’s cousin glanced at her coldly and sneered: “What are you talking about?, you said it had been because he’s an upscale second-generation. Today is that the dinner. Was it waived?”

“Otherwise!” Linda said stubbornly.

Linda’s cousin sneered again: “Otherwise, you people, you’re really willing to place gold on your face. You dare to speak nonsense about such obvious things?”


Linda suddenly looked surprised when she heard this. What did she mean by that? Is it so obvious that my cousin still deceives herself?

But obviously not, her cousin wasn’t deceiving herself, she really didn’t think it had been Ethan’s credit in the least .

“Today’s meal is exempt, it’s all because we saw Roy’s credit. you continue to shamelessly said it had been due to this kid? you’ve got a pit in your head!” Linda’s cousin sneered, “Whether we are delivering wine today or This exemption, isn’t it because Roy may be a classmate of Ma?”

“Let me tell you, today you’re lucky, and you met Roy’s classmates with us, or I see how you pack up this mess today!”

Ethan and Linda were shocked by the words of Linda’s cousin.

What brain circuit is this? Feelings, we still borrow your light?

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