I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 208

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 208

Chapter 208

Ethan only found Linda’s cousin’s words to be extremely funny.

Roy’s classmate Ma is indeed a manager here, but you’re a floor manager at the best , so you’ve got that much face?

Not to mention his position, albeit you’re the overall manager of the whole Empire Hotel, you do not necessarily have that face.

The other party isn’t stupid, this is often a brain problem.

Ethan was too lazy to concentrate to them, so he could only smile helplessly, and said with a sneer: “Okay, OK, just say what you wish , i do not have time to argue with you now. an uneventful topic.”

Ethan glanced at Linda and said, “Let’s go. i will be able to send them to the hotel first, then the auntie to the hospital. Let’s return to high school , okay?”

Linda nodded, indicating that he had no objections, and helped his mother to steer outside.

Ethan’s incompetence made Linda’s cousin even more proud.

“And, isn’t it the rich second generation? Didn’t you buy your face?” Linda’s cousin said contemptuously, “Why don’t you dare to argue now? , maybe I’m scared of what quite shit rich second generation identity are going to be . , Is it dismantled?”

Linda’s cousin laughed tons , checked out her mother, and said, “Okay, there’s no time to concentrate to them, let’s go.”

Several people left the private room one after another and walked to the elevator.

Several people were close to get on the elevator when suddenly a voice came from shortly away, stopping Roy et al. .

“Roy! Wait a moment , Roy!”

Everyone searched for reputation and saw Ma rushing over.

As soon as Roy saw Ma, he slapped his forehead violently, and said to Linda’s cousin: “Oh, check out my brain, gave us such an enormous face today, you said we all need to go. Now, I even forgot to mention hello to others.”

“Hey,Ma!” Roy hurried over and said enthusiastically, “Ma, many thanks such a lot for today! Haha…”

Of course, Ma didn’t know truth meaning of Roy’s words, and thought he was thanking him for just exposure to mention hello.

Ma chuckled and said hello: “Hey, you’re polite, what are you thanking me for, I should many thanks today.”

Of course, Ma would really like to thank Roy. After all, it had been Joshua who gave the wine today, and Pablo ordered the exemption. this stuff were all directly greeted by himself.

Usually he’s such alittle floor manager, and it’s difficult to mention a couple of words to big people like Pablo, but Pablo praised himself for serving Ethan’s table today!

You know, the family of Pablo’s family isn’t only the business of Empire Hotel, but also has thousands of employees.

It is a really precious opportunity for Ma to form Pablo notice himself.

Therefore, in Ma’s opinion, he has been stunned by Roy today.

Ma checked out Ethan et al. behind Roy, grinned, and asked during a low voice, “Are you eating well?”

Obviously, Ma was mainly asking Ethan, people , and even his classmate, whether he could eat well, and he had a fart relationship with him.

Roy patted his stomach and nodded: “Okay, very good! Don’t say, Empire Hotel is Empire Hotel, this level is basically not built!”

Roy looked behind him, deliberately pulled Ma aside, and whispered: “Ma, really, it isn’t a polite remark. many thanks such a lot today. i can not imagine that you simply are here. within the Hotel, you’ve got such an enormous face?”

Ma was stunned when he heard this, but he didn’t understand what Roy said. He scratched his head and asked, “Roy, you…what does one say that I even have tons of face? What’s wrong?”

Ma thought for a short time , and smiled awkwardly: “Aren’t you deliberately taunting me? Hey, actually, our old classmates haven’t seen one another for therefore a few years , and i am also brooding about getting you something cheaper , but we There are regulations during this hotel, so I can’t pretend to be for private gain, right?”

In fact, Ma also thought that if it weren’t for the hotel regulations, he would actually need to offer Roy a half a dish or a beer. After all, he had limited financial resources and will only give a number of this stuff .

But Ma felt that Roy said this deliberately, which was obviously ridiculing himself, which made him feel a touch uncomfortable.

But Roy did not have this concept . He thanked Ma sincerely.

He patted Ma on the shoulder again and said, “Ma, you see what you said, you gave us such an enormous face today, and that i still tease you, how am I conscience?”

Roy chuckled, then said: “But speaking of Ma, you’ve got such a robust relationship together with your boss now, are you able to recommend us also within the future? If my brother develops within the future, i will be able to definitely not forget you! “

Ma was stunned for a flash when he was said: “Why do I even have a tough relationship with the boss? What does one mean by this, I… why don’t I understand?”

Roy smiled hippiely: “You kid, does one still pretend to me?”

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