I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 209

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 209

Chapter 209

“Brother, you’re not kind!” Roy said with a touch little bit of displeasure on his face, “The relationship between you and your boss is so hard, what happened to recommend me to meet? Hey, don’t be concerned . i can not forget you. once I reminisce , if i actually become so prosperous, you said, brothers, why don’t you eat big meat and drink together?”

Roy’s words completely stunned Ma. He checked out him unclearly, very curious, and really helpless and said: “Roy, you…what are you talking about? I’ll tell you, Keep your voice down. you cannot talk nonsense about this, if someone hears it, it’s regrettable .”

Ma looked around cautiously with a cautious expression.

Roy was really upset now, and said with a chilly face: “Look at you, why is this? i do know it all, you continue to pretend to be with me?”

Roy pointed to the private room shortly away: “There is not any one here. What are you afraid of? you’ve got an honest relationship together with your boss. What are you doing behind your back, scared of someone stealing you? It’s really interesting.”

Ma smiled bitterly, and said innocently: “Roy, what are you trying to say? Why does one keep talking, the less I understand? Why do I even have an honest relationship with the boss, u always know me as a shit, I tell you To be honest, don’t mention recommending you, I just want to ascertain us, i always features a hard time, you say how you would like me to recommend you!”

Ma appeared to haven’t any intention of telling lies, but this made Roy puzzled. He said nervously, “That…that’s not right, your boy and therefore the boss have a nasty relationship, so why the boss will offer you face, give us this Free tables?”

Roy pondered for a flash , then continued: “Also, your young boss gave us a bottle of wine worth many thousands of dollars. If it wasn’t for your face, they might provides it to us? “

Roy finally asked the foremost curious thing in his heart.

He thought to himself: If you do not believe me, i will be able to detect the words clearly, Ma, you child still don’t admit it?

However, Ma was really stunned when he heard Roy’s words, even his face appeared to be panicked.

The most important thing is that Roy can see that Ma isn’t acting like that.

“You…what did you say?” Ma frowned and asked with a fantastic expression, “You said that your private room is free because Pablo always gives me face?”

Ma couldn’t help but smile, and continued: “You also said that Master Joshua gave you the bottle of French wine , which also gave me face? Haha…”

Ma shook his head again and again, and continued to smile bitterly: “Roy, you actually amuse me, does one know what you’re talking about? You, you, you actually value me.”

As soon as Roy heard Ma’s words, there have been other meanings. He couldn’t help but feel an inexplicable premonition.

“What…what?” Roy stammered, “Isn’t it… isn’t it?”

Ma chuckled, but his face became gloomy: “It’s a shit, you’re taking me too seriously. It doesn’t sound good to mention , what am I? I’m the one under Joshua’s hand. regardless of how small a earner is, does one skills many star-rated hotels Mr. Pablo has? Let me tell you this, slightly below their hands, the manager who is adequate to me, there are not any 2 hundred , there are 100 and eighty, you Say that they’re giving me face? Your brain cramps, right?”

Ma’s words are often considered completely pouring a basin of cold water for Roy.

He stared at Ma blankly, and it took him an extended time to recover.

Are all of your previous thoughts wrong?

Does all this affection have anything to try to to with Ma’s?

Feeling for therefore long, just made an enormous joke?

But what’s happening with all this?

“Then why did they provide us a free order? and that they gave us such an upscale bottle of red wine? What’s so special…” Roy suddenly thought of something in his mind, he couldn’t help being shocked, “Could it’s …”

Ma sneered, “Could it’s a fart? Feelings, your kid has eaten such an expensive meal here. How did you get it? i have never figured it out yet?

Roy said nothing, Ma sighed and continued helplessly: “Roy, i will be able to ask you, does one know the one that eats at your table? does one know what that person is?”

Ma’s words made Roy feel uneasy again. He looked back at the direction of the elevator. At this point , Ethan et al. had already taken the elevator downstairs.

“No…I don’t know, what’s his identity? Isn’t he a student?” Roy was surprised. “That kid is my wife’s cousin’s boyfriend. Why, is that this kid really coming in?”

Ma sneered and shook his head: “You should remove those three words that are difficult, , does one understand what I mean? Damn, what is the matter with you? No wonder your kid has graduated for therefore a few years . Nesting therein small shire town , did you are feeling that your brain was kicked by a donkey?”

Before, Ma thought that Roy and Ethan had an unusual relationship, and he had to please him, but Ma now felt that he was worrying an excessive amount of .

This guy features a hole in his head!

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