I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 210

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 210

Chapter 210

The more Ma said so, the more disturbed Roy was.

At this point , what he remembered in his mind was nothing quite the words Linda said before.

This can not help making Roy’s heart tight: Is it possible that this kid is basically an upscale second-generation? Could it’s that the wine was really given to Ethan? Is it possible that the Phaeton is basically the owner’s car of Empire Hotel?

Piece by piece, it seems that they’re all matched at this point .

Roy thought that he had attributed all of this to his classmate Ma, which appeared to be somewhat unsatisfactory.

But now it might be too logical to modify to the present because Ethan has an unusual identity.

But brooding about this, Roy wasn’t happy because he had an additional rich second-generation brother-in-law, but he immediately raised his heart.

Damn, what did you only do?

And my very own wife, who doesn’t know the heights of the planet , used that attitude towards Ethan before…

Now that i feel about it, the three of them are lucky to urge out of this hotel alive.

“Ma, I said old classmate…” Roy wiped a chilly sweat, checked out Ma, and said, “You, are you actually sure, is that kid’s identity unusual? Will it’s wrong? what?”

Hearing this, Ma smiled, he fortunately knew that Roy really didn’t know the identity of Ethan.

“Can this be wrong?” Ma said with a smile, “Do you recognize , your cousin’s boyfriend, albeit it’s Pablo who meets him, he must be respectful. what percentage times have you ever come here? , How often does always follow behind sort of a small follower, do I dare to form an error about this type of thing?”

Hearing this, Roy’s heart suddenly fell to rock bottom , and his face was somber that he didn’t know what to mention .

Now he did not have a trace of doubt in his heart. It seemed that each one of this was true. This Ethan was really not simple. Linda didn’t talk nonsense in the least at the time. On the contrary, what the girl said was true.

What’s ridiculous is that he and Linda’s cousin only treat those words as a joke.

“Okay…OK, I see, thank you…” Roy said bitterly, and left worriedly without saying goodbye.

Now Roy is extremely nervous. If he didn’t know Ethan’s identity, he probably wouldn’t think such a lot . But now that he knew Ethan’s identity, he had to believe how he would survive this point .

I offended myself, even the boss of Empire Hotel can’t afford to offend people. What am i able to do?

“Roy, are you leaving? Hey, let’s have a snack next time. a minimum of we’ve to possess dinner with someone, and that we must find out their identity…”

Before Ma finished speaking, Roy had already gone far.

Ma sneered, shook his head, turned and walked away, and murmured, “It’s so interesting, idiot…”

Roy couldn’t hear these words.

Speaking more directly, Roy now probably can not help but obscure all the encompassing sounds.

At this moment, there was just one thought in his mind, how would this matter end today!

He didn’t skills he got downstairs, anyway, when he went downstairs, he only heard that his wife appeared to be learning things again.

“Furthermore, it’s really disappointing. Today, you’ve got a treat for dinner, and you finally borrowed our money. It doesn’t matter if the cash for the banquet is waived. Now, in terms of living, does one still count with us?”

From afar, I heard Linda’s cousin standing at the gate of Empire Hotel, shouting loudly.

Seeing Roy begin of the hotel, Linda’s cousin hurriedly greeted him with an unhappy expression, and said, “My husband, you said some people are really interesting. Let’s come to Buckeye from distant . Please allow us to have a meal. within the end, we asked to offer us a waiver. That’s not it. Now the place to entertain us remains calculated!”

Linda’s cousin pointed to the Empire Hotel behind her, and said, “Look at the Empire Hotel right ahead of you. I told them, or stay here for one night today. After all, it’s a five-star hotel. Arranging us to measure here, you’ll also see their sincerity… does one say that i’m also brooding about them? in order that they’re going to not find yourself with a reputation for poor hospitality! But what about them? No, which ghost is there? The place, a far better place has been arranged, don’t you say this is often nonsense?”

Linda’s cousin looked upright and assured , she blanked Ethan’s eyes, and continued to mumble: “Huh, it’s better to be poor. What’s so quibble? I see, maybe we are getting to be dragged away. Where’s the guest house!”

Ethan didn’t answer all the accusations made by Linda’s cousin. He just glanced at the opposite side indifferently, as if you’d never want to travel .

Anyway, Ethan knows alright that the Hotel that he took them to is more luxurious than this Empire Hotel. I don’t skills much. If you don’t know the products , you can’t help it.

However, Roy came to visit when he heard the words, glared at his wife in disgust, and said sternly, “What did you say?”

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