I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 211

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 211

Chapter 211

Seeing her husband’s anger, Linda’s cousin thought she was unhappy when she heard that Ethan was getting to take herself to the guest house.

She hurriedly went up to the hypocritical comfort: “My husband, forget it, there’s no got to be angry with this type of individuals , who makes them poor and likes to require advantage of them! i assume I didn’t want to spend money once I came to eat, now allow them to succeed. Now, it’s so boring about staying during a hotel!”

When Roy heard his wife’s words, he felt a touch bad.

If his wife said such things before, Roy would definitely not say it.

After all, the opposite party may be a poor student. If he says more or less, what can he do to himself?

But now that he knew the identity of Ethan, he obviously didn’t dare, even a touch afraid.

Roy glared at his wife, and directly yelled, “What did you say? you shut your mouth now!”

Linda’s cousin was stunned by Roy, and she or he checked out her husband in surprise, with a touch of irritation in her eyes: “What does one mean, did you offer you a face? Who does one yell at?”

She seemed like she was unreasonable and unforgiving. In her opinion, her husband could be angry due to the accommodation problem, but if you’re angry, go and fight Ethan.

And Linda’s cousin was even more upset by being yelled at by her husband.

She pointed to Ethan and said shamelessly: “I tell you, today’s meal is for the sake of our face, and other people will waive the bill. I won’t ask you for this meal. It’s already supplying you with tons of face. Don’t be shameless, now enter and open two rooms on behalf of me , otherwise we promise to be endless today!”

When Linda’s cousin finished speaking, she put her hands on her hips during a posture of a bitch close to curse the road .

Anyway, it appeared to her that she had to measure within the Empire Hotel anyway today. After all, Ethan had taken advantage of her, so she had to offer some blood.

Besides, this is often the Empire Hotel. She had dreamed that she would at some point be ready to sleep in such a five-star hotel.

In her opinion, everything here is sweet .

Seeing that his cousin was so unreasonable, Linda couldn’t stand it anymore, and said directly: “Please be reasonable? What does one think? i actually thought that the exemption was for your husband’s classmate who was a touch manager. Is it? She said she wanted to measure here!”

Linda sneered: “Don’t think we are pitting you. The place to require you to accommodation may be a hundred times stronger than this. you continue to want to measure here, you recognize it’s ridiculous?”

Linda’s cousin curled her lips and smiled: don’t you think that i can not see your careful thinking? it is a hundred times stronger than here, so please leave the space over there, i will be able to live here. Just give me the cash for the house! You people, you’ve got long hair and short knowledge. I even have said that I did this for your good, and you’re still the boss. i actually want people to mention that you simply aren’t good at hospitality. , return to your hometown to form everyone know?”

How brazen is this? are you able to still invite this type of money? Linda was speechless.

However, the last words of Linda’s cousin’s words hit Linda’s mother’s heart.

Of course, she didn’t want to form everyone in her home feel what she was doing due to misunderstanding.

“Or…or just live here.” Linda’s mother said, “After all, i’m going to a different place, it is a toss, don’t you think that Ethan?”

Ethan didn’t say a word, and Linda hurriedly said, “Mom, what does one know? the space over there was set by Ethan and President early within the morning. If you do not live now, aren’t you delaying people’s business? to not mention me. Having said that, there’s far better than here, it’s built consistent with the seven-star level!”

When Linda’s mother heard this, she lowered her head and said nothing.

Linda’s cousin said, it’s still a seven-star hotel. You dare to mention that there’s no seven-star hotel in our province. Linda, you’ll really play it, okay, you’ll accept a seven-star hotel. Well, I live here today!”

Linda glanced at Ethan angrily, and wanted to ask him what to try to to now.

Ethan was uninterested in such indifferent disputes and shook his head helplessly: “Forget it, since he’s willing to measure here, then live here. i will be able to mention it later and open two rooms.”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Linda’s cousin appeared to feel that she had won, and she or he didn’t forget to inform you: “I can tell you that you simply need to buy the accommodation fee. you cannot trouble the manager Ma anymore. That’s purchasable . Our face, I don’t want to use our only thin noodles on your head!”

After speaking, Linda’s cousin checked out her husband triumphantly and said, “I am right, husband, yes, how are you talking together with your classmate? He didn’t ask who they were? If you ask, you do not talk nonsense, just say it’s a foreign relative. If people know that we’ve such relatives, they’re going to probably look down upon us too!”

Roy was almost furious when he heard his wife ridicule such a lot here.

He glared his eyes and shouted angrily: “What the hell are you talking about? Hurry up and shut up you! does one know what his identity is!”

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