I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 212

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 212

Chapter 212

There are really not many Roy’s attitudes toward him.

But Linda’s cousin still didn’t realize why her husband was so angry.

On the contrary, she said even more displeased: “What the hell are you doing? Why are you lecture me? what is wrong with him? What’s his identity? Roy, you bought kicked within the head by a donkey, 80% of you actually believe it. After Linda’s nonsense, think this kid is that the rich second generation, right?”

Roy glanced at Ethan in embarrassment, and jerked his wife anxiously, and whispered: “What makes me believe her? you do not know, he really has some background!”

Seeing Roy’s serious look, Linda’s cousin was stunned for a flash , then she chuckles: “Come on, don’t you, just him?, Roy ah Roy, tell me the reality . have you ever taken a flowery to Linda’s little fairy, so you dare to talk for them now? What does one mean!”

Linda’s cousin was jealous for a flash , and when she checked out Linda, she was almost angry.

She isn’t as pretty as Linda. this is often a incontrovertible fact that she has been unwilling to simply accept for an extended time.

Linda’s face is jealous regardless of who sees it, including Linda’s cousin, the one that trampled Linda under her feet within the past.

So before Linda visited university and was still in her hometown, she worriedly suspected that her husband was brooding about Linda. After all, she knew alright Roy’s virtues.

Now Roy suddenly spoke to Ethan and Linda for no reason, and she or he naturally thought of this.

For a short time , she was both hated and jealous of Linda, and she or he couldn’t wait to travel up and slap her.

“Damn, little vixen, he will seduce men, now ahead of me, i will be able to seduce my husband, you would like to be shameless!”

Linda’s cousin completely put the responsibility on Linda’s head.

Linda was dumbfounded when such a disaster came suddenly out of nothingness .

“You…what did you say? What happened to me? I…”

“What are you, vixen, don’t talk an excessive amount of , I feel sick once I see you, you’ll stand back from me within the future!” Linda’s cousin said viciously.

This operation by Linda’s cousin shocked everyone, even her mother was stunned.

After all, she was always there, and Linda never even said a word with Roy. You backhanded that folks seduce him. what’s the logic? are you crazy?

Paula Grecic checked out her daughter in disbelief. She felt that something was wrong with this guy since he came to Buckeye. Is it true that he’s crazy?

Linda’s mother was even more surprised. She always paid attention to face and hurried over and said, “Her cousin, you cannot say that. Linda remains a toddler . You said that, didn’t you pour dirty water on her?”

“I am!” Linda’s cousin ignored her and pointed at Linda’s mother, “Your mothers are still scared of splashing dirty water? Who doesn’t know that once you were young, you were left behind by being played, and this wild species was left. You’re even as if the upper beam isn’t straight and therefore the lower beam is crooked, and you’re embarrassed to quibble, you both are a virtue!”

Linda’s cousin spit out blood and directly scolded Linda’s mother.

The thing she didn’t want to say the foremost was now sort of a scab that had been uncovered. How could she feel good in her heart!

Linda felt uncomfortable when she saw her mother crying bitterly, holding her mother, tears fluttering in his eyes!

Roy gritted his teeth, pushed his wife a touch , and scolded, “Okay, are you able to shut your mouth?”

“Huh, shut up? they will do that quite thing, are you afraid that others will follow?” Linda’s cousin said, while pointing at Linda’s mother and daughter and began spraying.

“Crying, crying, just damn knowing to cry! Our family is ashamed of you, does one know, you continue to have the face to cry!”

At this moment, Ethan is close to explode. If he doesn’t get up at this point , then he’s still a man?

Ethan didn’t talk nonsense this point , and walked on to Linda’s cousin.

The latter still looked disdainful and sneered: “What are you able to do to me?”

Ethan still didn’t say a word. Suddenly he slammed his hand round, slapped her violently, and drew towards Linda’s cousin.


After this slap, the few people present were all shocked, all of them looked straight at Ethan, everyone’s face was filled with surprise!

“You…do you dare to hit me?” Linda’s cousin gritted her teeth, “How dare you hit me? I’m fighting with you!”

While talking, Linda’s cousin rushed towards Ethan regardless.

Wherever she has been wronged, Roy dare not touch her finger. How can she recognize her being beaten by Ethan today?

However, Ethan was completely angry at this point . He had repeatedly reiterated that Linda was his bottom line.

Now that the opposite party humiliates Linda such a lot , it’s scraping Ethan’s

Ethan checked out the rushing Linda’s cousin, his eyes condensed, and he kicked out suddenly..

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