I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 213

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 213

Chapter 213

Either i do not roll in the hay , but if i select to try to to it, it must be a dead hand!

This is Ethan’s character. For various reasons, he tolerated his Linda’s cousin.

But this point , since he had already started, he would definitely not show mercy.

Ethan used tons of effort to kick it out.

In addition, Linda’s cousin rushed forward regardless. When she saw the 2 raising her legs, she didn’t even have time to dodge.

“Bang…” Ethan kicked here body firmly together with his unbiased foot.

The latter fell to the bottom immediately, and therefore the pain that came in a moment , sort of a river and a sea, almost made her unable to face up.

“You…ah…” Linda’s cousin pointed at Ethan painfully, and tried to talk several times, but she didn’t say anything.

As soon as Ethan’s slap passed, everyone present was already shocked.

Now that he kicked it out, it had been tantamount to shocking everyone.

“You…how does one beat people!” Paula Grecic was the primary to quit.

Although she was a touch bit down on her because her daughter usually squeezed herself.

But in any case , it’s my very own daughter. It’s okay to be bullied by her, but i can not tolerate my daughter being bullied by others!

Paula Grecic hurried over to assist her Linda’s cousin, her eyes crammed with distress: “Daughter, are you okay? You see that your face has changed color, don’t scare your mother, just tell me you’re okay…”

It’s okay, albeit she was helped up, Linda’s cousin’s stomach was still in pain.

She pushed Paula Grecic away violently, and said angrily: “Get out of the way, you… attempt to be kicked, you do not think it hurts to speak!”

Paula Grecic was shoved, and said bitterly: “I am worried about you too, are you doing anything? Or let’s attend the hospital.”

Linda’s cousin cursed: “Go to the hospital, in fact you’ve got to travel to the hospital, dare to maneuver me, i will be able to never allow you to end well!”

Immediately afterwards, she cast her gaze on Roy, who was aside, and scolded: “Roy, why are you watching me being bullied? You f*ck me, beat him, this type of garbage, you Isn’t tidying him an equivalent as playing? Give me revenge and call out your classmate…”

Linda’s cousin was almost insane, and she or he was commanding Roy dancing and swearing to form Ethan pay the worth .

But after she shouted several times, Roy didn’t even move.

This made Linda’s cousin even more uncomfortable.

She then roared again: “Roy, are you so deaf? I asked you to beat him and avenge me. What are you doing during a daze? you are feeling comfortable watching your wife being bullied. ?”

Linda’s cousin’s eyes were torch, she was very angry, and still a touch puzzled.

Because in normal times, if he was beaten by someone, Roy immediately jumped bent get up for himself, but what happened today, there’s no reaction in the least .

But Roy couldn’t help it. He wanted to clarify Ethan’s identity together with his wife, but who knew that this stupid woman didn’t believe her words in the least , and said that she had a relationship with Linda.

She even asked herself to try to to something with Ethan, isn’t she trying to find death?

In the past, Roy didn’t know the identity of Ethan. He probably rushed forward with none hesitation when he heard this.

But now he knows that in his heart, aside from being scared of Ethan, he’s timid, including doing it, he’s a touch afraid to mention something harder.

Besides, this is often the gate of Empire Hotel. Ethan and therefore the boss of Empire Hotel have an unusual relationship. If he dared to try to to something, it’s estimated that Ethan would leap out of the hotel as soon as he shouted.

By that point , i would not even skills he died.

“Okay, stop making trouble, rise up quickly and follow me!” Roy glanced at Ethan secretly, and continued, “You are often smart, and you’ll live wherever you reside . What are you talking about!”

Roy’s words really surprised Linda’s cousin.

She stared at Roy for a second or two, then poured out her anger on Roy.

“Fu*k you, did Roy speak human words? I’m your wife. Why does one watch me being bullied? you do not even hand over a fart. Why does one say that once you look back? Are you an eunuch? What are you doing alive? Are you watching me because i’m old and yellow? you’re watching this tiny vixen. you do not check out your own virtues. Let me tell you the reality . it’s Linda who is blind again. , i actually look down on people such as you , you just…”

The more Linda’s cousin scolded, the more angry he got, but before she could finish her words, she suddenly felt a black shadow flash ahead of her eyes, then a slap quickly landed on her cheek.

Suddenly, her cheeks were fierce and painful, and her whole person was stunned by the facility of the slap.

What surprised her even more was that it had been not somebody else who slapped herself so badly, it had been her husband Roy!

Roy appeared to worry and frustrated at this point , pointing to Linda’s cousin and yelling: “I allow you to talk nonsense, i will be able to k*ll you!”

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