I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 214

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 214

Chapter 214

Roy stepped down and made him to try to to an excessive amount of harder than Ethan, and with the slap just , he didn’t mean to point out mercy in the least .

After all, I had already given her such a touch , and this stupid woman clothed to be shameless.

This time Roy really couldn’t bear it. He also knew well that today his wife has offended Ethan such a lot . it’s estimated that he can only calm a number of Ethan’s anger by cleaning her up.

And if Ethan had always hated them such a lot , he would just wear alittle shoe for them whenever he didn’t continue , it might be enough for them to eat a pot.

But Linda’s cousin didn’t know, she was dumbfounded.

This was the primary time Roy had beaten herself. She was stunned for a short time , then she gradually remembered it when she felt a burning pain in her face.

“You…Roy, you hit me?” Linda’s cousin suddenly started crying aggrievedly, “I have suffered such a lot with you for therefore a few years , but you hit me, are you deserve me?”

To be honest, Linda’s cousin was also completely shocked by Roy’s actions.

Usually Roy is obedient to her, so she makes things difficult to bully Roy.

Now Roy is basically hot, she doesn’t dare to be tough anymore, pretending to be a victim.

She just felt that if she pretended to be like this, Roy estimated that she wouldn’t be angry and would obey herself.

But she was wrong again!

Roy didn’t mean that in the least . Seeing her crying, he still looked impatient, and said, “Okay, don’t cry such a lot , frustrated! Get out of me quickly and never rise up again. , I’m still pumping you!”

Linda’s cousin had a grudge on her face. At this point , she really wanted to possess a fight with Roy, but the pain on her face told her that she should be honest now.

After all, Roy slapped her, how could he not dare to slap a second time?

Although she was very unwilling, Linda’s cousin got up from the bottom , and therefore the grieving Roy said, “Roy, you’ll await me. This slap today, the wife will remember you forever!”

After speaking, Linda’s cousin turned her head and walked aside, and commenced to wipe her tears on her own.

Seeing that her daughter was so lonely, Paula Grecic hurriedly followed, for a few comfort, but within the end, what she came exchange was a slur.

But she was helpless. She was just such a relative. What could she do? Besides, isn’t she wont to her daughter’s wayward problems?

Roy felt a touch embarrassed after cleaning up his wife. He didn’t dare to seem up at Ethan, but smiled awkwardly and said, “That…today, I’m really sorry, that Linda and Ethan, Please don’t mind, we’d be a touch gaffe today, I’m really sorry…”

Roy’s attitude toward him changed drastically, which made Ethan a touch surprised.

But soon he remembered that before Roy and Ma were muttering upstairs? Maybe Ma had already told him the entire story.

Ethan smiled non-committal. Roy knew if he didn’t know, he didn’t care.

Ethan ignored Roy’s words and instead asked, “How about it, have you ever decided where to go? do you have to attend the place you arranged before, or here? Whatever you would like .”

Where did Roy dare to settle on randomly, thinking that it had been not how Ethan arranged it?

He hurriedly smiled and said, “Hey, we are so wealthy, how embarrassed to measure during this quite place, it’s really expensive, you’ll arrange it whatever you would like , we will live anywhere.”

I have treated Ethan that way before. albeit people let him sleep on the road today, it might be excuseable. At this point , Roy not asks for love or money else. He thought, as long as Ethan doesn’t remember his hatred , that’s fortunate, that’s the matter of burning high incense.

“No!” At this moment. Linda’s cousin turned her head again and interjected loudly, “I am getting to live here today, i’m not going anywhere…”

“It’s such a nonsense, I still smoke you think it or not!” However, before Linda’s cousin finished speaking, she was frightened by Roy raising her hand.

Roy was really angry. Seeing that things was almost under his control, this silly lady even dared to speak nonsense. It seemed that he really needed to be disciplined and disciplined within the future.

Eating a ditch and gaining a wisdom, today is that they’re lucky enough to satisfy Ethan’s good humor and are willing to require care of the general situation.

If you encounter this type of thing within the future, and you modify to a different person, it’s estimated that by this point their mother who had been beaten not knew!

Roy stared at his wife fiercely, and when he turned his head to face Ethan, he was quite a friendly mouth, and smiled: “Don’t hear this mad woman’s nonsense. If it’s not convenient for you, we will leave to measure . .”

Ethan glanced at Linda’s cousin, expressionless, “Forget it, how are you able to allow you to leave by yourself? The hotel has already been booked before, so i will be able to take you there first.”

After speaking, Ethan rotated , and at this moment, Pablo’s Phaeton sedan also happened to drive over.

Ethan first asked Linda’s mother and Linda to take a seat thereon before he got into the co-pilot.

Ethan calmly said to the driving force , “Go, attend Hotel!”

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