I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 215

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 215

Chapter 215

Roy breathed a sigh of relief when he watched Ethan and a number of other people get within the car and left.

Obviously Ethan didn’t seem to shall pursue a couple of of them.

Roy glanced back at his wife, still lingering.

“What does one check out , Roy, you’ll commit it to memory to me, today you slap me, my mother remembers you forever!” Linda’s cousin said crying.

Roy gave her a speechless glance, took out a cigarette, and lit it tremblingly: “You are so nonsense, get out of here, does one skills big a thing you almost broke today!”

“Are you continue to scolding me? Tell me, is there someone outside of you? does one adore a vixen…” then , Linda’s cousin was close to cry again.

Roy threw away his butt angrily, and cursed at his wife: “Shut up, you continue to have the face to cry? does one know why I hit you only now? you recognize i used to be upstairs just . Ma tell me anything?”

Seeing Roy’s serious expression, Linda’s cousin calmed down a touch , and appeared to realize that something was wrong.

“Wh…what’s wrong? What did he tell you?” Linda’s cousin asked.

Roy sighed heavily, and said, “Before we all understood everything wrong, Ma told me that this meal is free, and therefore the bottle of wine that Joshua sent has nothing to try to to with him. !”

“Ah?” Linda’s cousin exclaimed in surprise, “That…how is it possible? what is the matter?”

Roy smiled bitterly and explained: “Ma told me that he’s a floor manager, and he’s not even a fart ahead of his boss. How could people think that he would give us free orders for his face? there’s also the wine that Joshua gave, which is even more impossible. Who would see it for the sake of alittle floor manager to offer away something worth many thousands!”

Hearing this, Linda’s cousin suddenly panicked. She looked down at the wine in her hand, and suddenly felt that this thing was a touch hot.

“Then…what the hell goes on? Husband, just tell me, I…what you said, my heart suddenly didn’t fall.” Linda’s cousin said during a panic.

Roy couldn’t help but sneered, only sighed: “Are you actually stupid? I even have said so, you continue to don’t understand? does one remember what your cousin said before?”

“What are you talking about?” Linda’s cousin considered it for a short time , and was shocked, “You…you said that Ethan was the second generation of the rich?”

Suddenly she was stunned again, and it took an extended time to react, and said in amazement, “Could it’s that what she said is true?”

Roy finally breathed a sigh of relief, saying that this stupid woman finally understood.

“Hmph, now does one know why I slap you only now?” Roy said, “If I didn’t Slap you only now, Ethan would kill you if he turned around! does one know the identity of that guy? But even the boss of the Empire Hotel has got to be polite to a three-point role. you’re a flat-headed commoner , and you dare to mention that. What are you looking for?”

With that said, Linda’s cousin suddenly panicked again. the guts that was originally hanging has not been abandoning , but now it’s even higher.

When she thought of all the items she had done to Ethan before, she felt that she was too mentally disabled, no, that was simply not something an individual with an extended head could do.

She would never have thought that Ethan clothed to be that sort of excellent character.

Just for those behaviors that I just did, it’s estimated that folks can make themselves half-dead.

“Husband, I… what should I do…” Linda’s cousin was so anxious that she almost cried. “I’ve heard of the methods employed by these rich men to offend them. they’re all to death. Yeah, husband, I don’t want to die…”

Seeing his wife crying and weeping, Roy smiled bitterly, and said sarcastically: “Now you recognize you’re afraid? you’ve got considered it an extended time ago. If you recognize today, why bother you wont to be, so I almost suffered tons from you!”

“Then i do not want to, I’m thinking… I’m thinking that the child is simply like Linda, why don’t you think that he’s that sort of identity…” Linda’s cousin was too anxious, and suddenly said, “Husband, or… …Or let’s head home and stay here, I’m afraid we’ll all die here!”

Paula Grecic on the side was also a touch flustered, and nodded, “Yeah, yeah, or let’s go quickly!”

let’s go? People can play you to death in Buckeye, but they can not play you therein small county?” Roy smiled bitterly.

“Then what does one say, let’s… we will not wait to die, right?” Paula Grecic said.

Roy sighed, shook his head and said, “Hmph, I’m getting angry once I check out your home . i have been brooding about something an extended time ago. Cough cough, OK, tell you the reality , i assume people don’t decide to pursue us this point . If we are held accountable, it’s estimated that we might are thrown into Buckeye in sacks way back .”

Roy calmly lit another cigarette, and said, “For a short time , let’s attend the hotel and find an opportunity to apologize to others. If everyone doesn’t mention this, it’ll pass.”

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