I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 216

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 216

Chapter 216

“Really?” Karen still asked with some anxiety, “Could it’s that they took us to some hidden place this point , and then…”

At the top of her speech, she wiped her neck together with her hand on her neck.

Roy gave her a really annoying look and muttered: “Women’s opinion, you recognize what a fart. Okay, you’re waiting here, i will be able to devour the car.”

After speaking, Roy visited the parking zone .

After a short time , Roy drove over and left the Empire Hotel with them.

“Hey, I’m still a touch unwilling to offer up, I ate here, and that i didn’t even stay here. it is a shame…”

Before stepping into the car, Karen murmured, her expression unwilling.

Roy disagreed, and said, “Don’t believe it. If you’ll live today, it’ll burn incense. Let me tell you, don’t talk an excessive amount of . have you ever heard it?”

Karen nodded hurriedly, not daring to speak nonsense.

Paula Grecic appeared to have thought of something, and suddenly said, “By the way, I heard Linda say before, didn’t they arrange for us to remain during a place above this Empire Hotel. So my daughter, you don’t got to worry about this. Well, maybe the place to measure is far better than here.”

Karen didn’t say a word, she said I hope…

Ethan’s car ahead wasn’t driving fast, so as soon as Roy’s car left the world of Empire Hotel, he saw the Phaeton sedan.

Two cars one after another drove out of the downtown area, and gradually drove towards Misty Mountain on the bank of the Buckeye.

This area is that the development zone of Buckeye River, a crucial commercial area of Buckeye River within the future.

And Pablo’s Misty Mountain Hotel is found on the halfway of Misty Mountain.

It wont to be off the beaten track, unless people from the town would come here on weekends.

So albeit the infrastructure is being built here, it still looks a touch desolate.

But due to this, the environment here is just not beautiful.

Misty Mountain isn’t high. the very best point is merely a couple of hundred meters above water level . The green hills are verdant, and under Misty Mountain is that the winding Buckeye. this type of scenery is just beautiful.

Ethan checked out the scenery outside, and didn’t compared to sigh that Pablo had vision.

An eco-hotel during this quite place is just perfect.

And Ethan also discovered that Misty Mountain seems to possess an enormous potential for development and utilization, and perhaps he can make a fuss here within the future.

Ethan was brooding about it, therefore the car slowly stopped, and therefore the driver politely whispered, “Ethen, the Misty Mountain Hotel is here.”

Ethan returned to his senses and looked out of the window . He saw a gaggle of antique buildings within the verdant mountains ahead of him, sort of a fairyland.

This hotel all adopts the design of ancient buildings, with white walls and blue tiles, people are in it, it’s like traveling to past .

However, the buildings are well-spaced, not crowded, including sparse, it feels very comfortable anyway.

The door of the hotel is an ancient building with slightly of nobility in its elegant facilities.

Ethan and Linda walked in first and coordinated things within the room.

Just then Roy’s car followed, and a number of other people hurriedly followed in.

“Why is that this place so biased?” Karen whispered to Roy’s ear, “What a shabby place, why doesn’t it even have a tall building? What’s more luxurious than Empire Hotel, an excessive amount of difference…”

Karen’s voice was very small, and she or he was a touch disappointed from the instant she walked in.

She originally thought that Ethan would take them to some higher-end hotel, like 100 and ten-story hotel, open a penthouse suite, substitute front of the large floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the whole Buckeye.

But in her opinion, the place ahead of her is clearly a broken place where birds don’t shit. It’s antique, it’s just cheap and can’t afford high-end goods.

It’s like Empire Hotel, with a marble decoration, and therefore the decoration here is either broken stone or rotten wood.

Karen was so disgusted that she didn’t bother to the touch it, and she or he was scared of wiping out the bugs.

Ethan quickly threw a bunch of keys to Roy, and said, “Here are the keys. The rooms are all booked. A staffer will take you there. Okay, let’s go first.”

After speaking, Ethan turned and left.

But at this moment, Roy suddenly stopped him.

“That… please wait!”

Ethan stopped and looked back, “Is there anything else? you’ll just say hello to the waiter, and do not worry, i will be able to settle the fees here.”

Roy smiled embarrassedly: “No, no, I’m not talking about this, that… just now, I’m so embarrassed, I… my wife already knows that it’s wrong, you… your lord features a lot, just Please don’t follow us…”

Ethan laughed before Roy finished speaking. He said, “Don’t worry. I won’t hold you accountable, but it’s because you’re Linda’s relatives. If you modify somebody else , it’s hard to mention . “

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