I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 217

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 217

Chapter 217

Hearing Ethan personally said that he wouldn’t be held accountable, both Roy and Linda’s cousin breathed a sigh of relief.

With Ethan’s words, they were truly relieved.

Roy smiled, and quickly snatched the bottle of wine from his wife’s arms and sent it to Ethan respectfully.

“You…what are you doing?” Karen couldn’t help but startled when she saw this.

From the instant the bottle of wine arrived in her hand, she has been holding it tightly in her hand, for fear of being snatched away.

After all, this is often 300,000 yuan. If you return and sell the wine , wouldn’t you be ready to buy that long-awaited low-profile BMW?

But now it had been snatched by Roy, Karen was stunned and stunned.

Roy squeezed his brows at her, motioning her to not talk nonsense.

Immediately afterwards, Roy said to Ethan: “We already know that this wine was given to you by somebody else , and now the property has returned to its original owner., in fact, your cousin had no other idea just , just that this thing is so precious. I’m afraid that you simply children are going to be during a hurry and you’ll break it again.”

This excuse is basically funny.

Ethan smiled and took the wine in his hand.

Indeed, this was given to him by Joshua , why should they be cheaper?

It’s just that Ethan’s move to require over the wine was a touch too casual, really scaring Karen into a fright, for fear that if Ethan accidentally abandoning , the 300,000 yuan would forced an entry eight pieces.

“You…” Karen said unwillingly, “You hamper , don’t… don’t break it.”

Of course she knows that this wine is now called the first owner, but this type of suffering still puts her under tremendous psychological pressure.

After numerous years, I finally saw such a precious thing, and eventually flew away again before I warmed up. If this is often normal, Karen would have gone crazy.

But now she isn’t recuperating , tears in her eyes.

But Ethan didn’t mean to feel for her. Ethan knew alright that a lady like her wasn’t deserve sympathy.

Ethan rotated and left with Linda and Linda’s mother.

“You…you will do that next time, tell me in advance!” Karen complained to Roy, “Do you recognize , the instant you took the wine away, i used to be going crazy. , 300 thousand wine , you…hey, husband, does one think it’s possible for us to not return this wine to him?”

Roy frowned, and said mercilessly: “Please be sober, it had been originally from others, now that folks don’t pursue us, it’s already a blessing, you’re still so greedy? Are you scared of death!”

Karen couldn’t help nodding when she heard this.

She saw Ethan and therefore the others walking away, then remembered that she looked around, and suddenly became lost again.

“Hey, what a shabby place? Don’t say the place is remote, but it’s low once you check out it. You said you were too. If you insisted on staying within the Empire Hotel before, how good wouldn’t it be? I grew up but never stayed during a five-star hotel. The hotel!”

Karen checked out the traditional buildings ahead of her disappointedly, and she or he couldn’t help shaking her head and curling her lips. “Damn, Linda can really magnify . Just this broken place is even more upscale than a five-star hotel? Why didn’t I see it? Huh? who?”

Naturally, Paula Grecic didn’t see what’s so good about this place. She felt that it had been thousand miles worse than Empire Hotel, so she shook her head and sighed.

At the Empire Hotel just , she wanted to mention that she was staying there, but at that point she was completely frightened by Roy’s words, and she or he didn’t dare to speak an excessive amount of .

But seeing that this hotel is totally different from the definition of luxury in her own mind, Paula Grecic became more irritable.

“Daughter, don’t you think that the toilets during this place will still be open-air dry toilets?” Paula Grecic suddenly asked curiously.

At this moment, a gorgeous waitress came to visit . Hearing what Paula Grecic said, she couldn’t help but laughed aloud .

Seeing that she was being laughed at, Paula Grecic also felt embarrassed, and quickly turned her head.

Karen was a touch bit quit. She was uncomfortable initially . She didn’t want to measure during this ghost place. Now a touch waiter dares to tease herself. She points on to the waiter and says, “What a laugh? What’s so ridiculous? Just your broken place, does one really think it is so great? Humph, broken place, let me sleep in vain, i do not even bother to live!”

When the waitress heard the words, she was a touch embarrassed, and she or he apologized and said, “I’m really sorry, I… I’ll take you to the guest room…”

“Fu*k you, don’t think that today is very easy to pass, you…”

Roy was impatient when he saw that his wife was acting up again. He glared at her and said, “Okay, okay, shut up. Actually, i do not like this place considerably , but since they need brought us here, Then live here with peace of mind, otherwise, how about you, leave and live by yourself?”

Karen could only gritted her teeth and turned her head angrily.

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