I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 218

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 218

Chapter 218

Roy glanced at the waitress and said, “Come on and take us to the guest room. I’m exhausted today.”

The waitress nodded hurriedly, and led the three of them on the way, bypassing a corridor, and crossing alittle stone bridge before reaching a two-story antique building.

The waitress swiped the key card and bowed and said, “A few, here, please are available . This room is split into two floors, with four bedrooms, enough for 3 people.”

As soon as you walk into the guest room, there’s a singular cave inside. Although the decoration style remains archaic, there are many exquisite modern tools, like air conditioners and refrigerators, which are hidden and designed extremely ingeniously.

However, Karen wasn’t curious about this stuff , she snorted and said: “Really, the ruined place isn’t excellent . it’s actually performing some useless things. it’s really troublesome!”

Karen took off her coat, and threw it on alittle cocktail table aside, ignoring the highest of the cocktail table , but also placed a fragile small disc.

The disc was only the dimensions of a palm, and it contained some fruits whose Karen couldn’t even call her name.

And her clothes happened to be covering the disk at this point .

The waitress was a touch nervous and hesitant, and eventually she said, “Madam…Why don’t I hang up your clothes for you, lest you mistakenly scrape the fruit plate once you devour the garments .”

Karen glanced at her impatiently, and said dissatisfied: “What’s wrong with my clothes being there? Isn’t it just a broken plate? When it breaks, it breaks. What are often done, it’s really rare and strange!”

The face of the waitress was blushing when she was scolded. If it weren’t for the hotel’s rigid rules for them, she may need been hot by now.

I kindly remind you, alright!

The waitress frowned and reminded: “No lady, this plate is an antique, worth quite 100,000 yuan, so i’m scared of you…”

The waitress didn’t finish her words, but she believed that Karen should have understood what she meant.

The waitress sneered at Karen in her heart, saying that this woman was self-righteous, and she or he arrogantly told the hotel from the instant she walked in.

This hotel isn’t good, so you’ll really search for it in dialects everywhere the country to seek out out which hotel is best .

Anyway, if there are too many, it’s absolutely the primary within the province in terms of the grade of the hotel.

It may appear to be this is often a standard eco-hotel, but the bricks and tiles here, and even every decoration, are all well-known.

The waitress knows alright that each one the decorations within the entire hotel, like this type of fruit plate, are all antiques, and therefore the ones that are broken are one less costly .

The other murals, and even the furniture of the space , are either made from high-grade wood, which was made by professional woodworkers.

Either it’s an antique that’s quite 100 years old, therefore the entire hotel looks a touch old.

It’s not that the hotel is basically old, it’s that the items inside are indeed goodies .

To be honest, the waitress was well-informed. the primary time she saw Karen, she knew that this woman had little knowledge. to place it bluntly, she just didn’t understand.

Her torn coat is many thousands at the most .

And the fruit plate under her coat alone is worth quite 100,000 yuan, and therefore the fruit plate that’s placed thereon seems inconspicuous, and there are some old small coffee tables, which have a much bigger background.

It was mahogany furniture that was quite 100 years old, and therefore the market value was many thousands of yuan. albeit it had been a touch peeled off, it might cost a couple of thousand yuan to repair it.

And Karen didn’t even realize it , she began her high heels as soon as she entered the door, “bang…bang…” and threw it on the cocktail table .

With these two collisions, the waitress was shocked.

“Madam, please take care , and this cocktail table is additionally many thousands…”

Originally, Karen hadn’t paid much attention to what the waitress said just .

But this point she heard it clearly.

“What? What did you say?” Karen was startled first, then burst into anger, “You want to be shameless, are you a black shop? Why don’t you say that your broken stuff is formed of gold? I see it. The old ones are close to disintegrate , and there are still many thousands. does one think I’m blind? a couple of dollars are probably worthless!”

The waitress was completely comprehending the unreasonable strength of Karen, and she or he took two steps back in shock.

However, Karen remains reluctant and unforgiving, and continues: “You shameless place, it’s really interesting, dare to mention anything shameless, I tell you, give me less nonsense, and you’ll not see who the wife is. i buy out!”

The waitress was scolded for a flash .

Anyway, she had been in high-end hotels for therefore a few years , and it had been the primary time she had seen a hostess who was as violent and inhumane as Karen.

The waitress shook her head and stepped back to the door. She checked out the three people and said solemnly: “Three people, i used to be really sorry just , but please forgive me. it’s our accusation to tell you. What i would like to inform you is that during this room Most of the ornaments are basically antiques, so please take care when using them to avoid unpleasant things.”

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