I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 219

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 219

Chapter 219

“Unpleasant?” Karen said unpleasantly, “Why is it so unpleasant? What does one mean, what are you pretending to be noble with us? If so noble, we come to measure with you?”

The waitress was speechless, she was nothing quite a sort reminder.

And this is often also stipulated by the hotel. After all, there are too many valuables here. If every guest accidentally breaks the thing , it’ll be inconvenient for the hotel, and therefore the guest also will feel uncomfortable due to the claim.

So take care , everyone pays attention thereto , it’ll save tons of trouble.

The waitress didn’t feel that she had done anything wrong in the least .

But Karen didn’t care that much. She became angry when she listened to the waitress, as if she had been laughed at by many of us , and now even alittle waiter dared to mock herself.

The more she considered it, the more angry she got, and eventually pulled her clothes violently…

“Wow…” The fruit rolled to the bottom .

“Pop…” The fruit plate slammed on the wooden floor and shattered.

The waitress was dumbfounded, what’s this operation? is that this a true tyrant, or simply want to try?

“This…Madam, you…”

“What am I!” Karen said angrily, “Look, I just smashed this broken plate, what are you able to do to me? It’s quite 100,000 yuan, why does one treat me as a fool? Get out!”

The waitress was speechless for a short time , and her heart was blocked.

I didn’t make any mistakes today, why should this woman embarrass herself so much?

And I kindly jogged my memory that the plate is extremely expensive and you continue to dropped it. Isn’t this deliberate provocation?

“Madam, this fruit plate…”

What else does the waitress say? Roy on the side seemed a touch impatient, and urged: “It’s OK, don’t talk nonsense here, go out, I’m exhausted today, we’ve to rest!”

Roy pointed to the bottom , and you’ll clean it up during a while!

After speaking, Roy put his arms around his wife and walked towards the second floor.

In Roy’s opinion, this plate is simply a standard plate, worth quite 100 thousand ass.

It is estimated that the waitress said that deliberately because they were afraid that they might accidentally damage it.

But it’s okay if it’s broken, counting on what the waitress has got to say this point .

A broken hotel, if this is often not allowed to the touch , what is going to happen if you touch it.

Looking at the three people going upstairs, the waitress was so angry that she felt a touch uncomfortable watching the fruit plate broken into countless pieces on the bottom .

On the one hand, I felt humiliated. On the opposite hand, the fruit plate was indeed an antique. The manager had explained before that albeit the guests accidentally broke something, their wages would be deducted.

Although it had been only symbolic and didn’t shall make them catch up on the loss of those objects, whoever feels uncomfortable when encountering such a thing.

The waitress gritted her teeth and said that you simply people, not only does one haven’t any knowledge, but you furthermore may do not have much brains.

Now, let’s make compensation. This plate costs quite 100,000 yuan. It’s best if you smash a couple of more things today…

On the opposite side, Karen went upstairs to the bedroom and fell directly onto the soft big bed.

“Hey, don’t tell me my husband, this bed is basically comfortable.” Karen was a touch surprised. “How do I feel that this is often easier than our quite 10,000 mattresses?”

Roy curled his lips when he heard the words. He took off his jacket and threw it on the side of the screen. He didn’t know that the corner of his hard jacket had already poked the skinny silk screen sort of a cicada’s wings.

“Come on, this broken place, how do i feel everything is old, check out this cabinet, the colours are all different, obviously they weren’t painted together…”

Roy smiled, brooding about his own mattress, but he bought it from other places. The authentic Simmons mattress cost 15 thousand. within the end, it only cost 11 thousand for the procrastination.

With this broken mattress, can we compare with our own mattress?

At this moment, Roy suddenly caught sight of alittle piece of trademark on the corner of the mattress, which was marked with a couple of letters: H?stens

Roy sneered: “What quite broken things, i do not skills to read this brand, maybe it is a miscellaneous brand!”

After speaking, Roy turned his head and looked away.

What Roy didn’t know in the least was that he was the one who was embarrassed this point .

Because it had been this brand he had never heard of, but it had been the highest brand within the mattress industry.

H?stens is from Sweden’s top mattress brand, Rolls Royce, referred to as the mattress class, its mattresses aren’t only exquisite workmanship, but also use horsehair because the main material.

What Simmons, ahead of this thing, farts aren’t counted.

What Roy didn’t know was that the worth of this unknown brand-name mattress alone cost quite 200,000 yuan.

And this is often still the foremost common, H?stens’s costliest mattress, the worth even exceeded a million .

Roy took off his clothes and wanted to require a shower, but at this moment, Karen suddenly stopped him and asked seriously: “Husband, does one think that child would mislead us? what?”

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