I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 220

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 220

Chapter 220

“Like us?” Roy was a touch surprised, “You…what does one mean by this, i do not understand a touch .”

Karen sat up arrogantly and said with a nervous expression: “Oh, why are you so stupid? I mean, this kid isn’t an upscale second generation in the least . All of this, even the free meal within the restaurant. Are you lying to us?”

Roy sneered, and mocked: “Is there a hole in your head? This video is so clear, why are you continue to entangled with this useless thing!”

Karen sighed and was a touch impatient: “Oh no, i have been brooding about it an extended time ago, all this is often too abnormal, believe it, check out him, check out his temperament and appearance, sort of a rich second generation? It’s not like, right, it’s sort of a bun from the countryside. And, you think, if he’s a top rich second-generation, if he features a deep friendship with the boss of Empire Hotel, then he should immediately arrange for us to measure during this hotel!”

Karen looked around in disgust, and continued: “Is it guilty to bring us to the present place where the birds don’t shit, and sleep in this broken place? check out this furniture, I desire it had been bought from a shady house. Spooky!”

When Karen said this, Roy couldn’t help but feel a touch surprised. He stopped and thought for a short time . He was also a touch confused: “But are you able to explain what Ma told me before? , no, Ma. But he told me personally, that Ethan may be a big man, and their boss may be a respectable big man!”

Karen snorted when she heard the words, “I babble, you’ve got no brains, what does one believe Ma? He said that Ethan is that the emperor, does one believe it?”

Karen was a touch bit interested, and said: “Actually, as soon as I lay down, a thought suddenly popped call at my mind, that is, did Ma say all this on purpose?

Hearing this, Roy appeared to be intrigued, and hurriedly leaned forward, and asked, “I said on purpose? What does one mean by this?”

Seeing that her husband appeared to be convinced by herself, Karen was even more proud.

She couldn’t help saying: “It’s very simple. Let’s make an assumption. Assuming that this Ma is very regarded, he knows that he’s shortly from developed, so seeing us poor friends is scared of dragging his hind legs. I deliberately said that Ethan may be a rich second generation, everything is for his face, the aim is to form us feel that he’s with great care ordinary, so as to not provoke him!”

“No…” Roy hesitated and said, “Why don’t he just let his boss charge the fee normally?”

Roy felt that if he couldn’t explain this, then his wife’s logic still had problems.

However, Karen smiled and continued: “Oh, check out what you’re like, you think, your boss wants to offer you favors, are you able to push back? Isn’t that refuting the boss’s face? you’re uncomfortable by yourself, he doesn’t want to try to to it?”

Upon hearing such an evidence , Roy immediately felt that this analysis made some sense.

He pondered for a short time and couldn’t help shook his head: “Damn, if that is the case, isn’t Ma really a thing? I treat him so enthusiastically, why would he hide his eyes with me?”

, nowadays, what percentage people still have real feelings. If you cannot bring benefits to others, can they lookout of you?” Karen sighed, “but I’m also guessing, just not i do know if it’ll really be like this…”

“But…” She paused and continued, “If it’s adore i assumed , Ethan is just too special to pretend, and it’s like that…Oh, my wine !”

Karen thought of this, and got up from the bed with a rub.

“I knew that the wine should not be anxious and return it to him. This bastard really dared to require it…” Karen muttered worriedly, “If he takes it apart and drank it, it might be really bad. great things , 300 thousand…”

As if seeing his wife’s unwillingness, Roy hurriedly reminded her and said, “Oh, it’s alright, isn’t all this your guess? You haven’t confirmed it yet, just in case someone is basically rich. The second generation, if you go around and fool around, isn’t that a case of death? What’s more, if it’s true, wouldn’t it’s better if we’ve another relative like this? A bottle of wine is nothing, maybe everyone’s family has many many capital …”

Karen appeared to be relieved tons when she heard the words, but she still didn’t support her.

She hurriedly turned to seem at Roy and said seriously, “My husband, or else, what does one do, how about we test him?”

“Temptation?” Roy scratched his head, and eventually nodded silently, “It’s an honest idea, but how is it better to test?”

At this moment, Linda’s cousin suddenly had a thought , and said: “By the way, my husband, I heard that the superstar Samira seems to possess a concert in Buckeye recently. that is the first-line superstar within the country, or we are like this…”

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