I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 221

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 221

Chapter 221

Karen continued: “I heard that the worth of Samira’s concert tickets for the primary row has already reached quite 20,000 yuan. Or we’ll try that child tomorrow and ask if he can get a couple of concerts. Meeting tickets.”

“Once you come, let’s examine if he has the financial resources, for instance there are friends, let him make ten and eight sheets, so it costs quite ten or 2 hundred thousand!” Karen pretended to be clever. “Also, albeit you’ve got money, you do not necessarily get numerous tickets now, unless he features a very strong relationship…”

“If it are often done, then she must be related.”

Hearing what his wife said, Roy’s eyes suddenly brightened, thinking that this appeared to be an honest note.

There will be no mountains and dews, and Ethan won’t be disturbed. Secondly, Samira’s concert, these people dream of eager to take a glance .

After all, it had been somebody , and that they had only watched it twice on TV within the past.

“I think it can!” Roy smiled mysteriously at his wife and said, “I see, the foremost important thing is that you simply want to ascertain a star concert, right?”

Karen also smiled triumphantly, and replied: “What’s the matter, if he’s really an upscale second-generation, wouldn’t it’s great? we’ve a wealthy relative and watched the superstar concert by the way. he’s a fake, so let’s tear him down on the spot and obtain the bottle of wine back, and see how I fix him at that time!”

Roy nodded and said, tell them early tomorrow morning…”

That night, Ethan first sent Linda’s mother back to the hospital, then sent Linda back to the dormitory before returning to the dormitory.

At this point , Charles and Dylan were asleep within the bedroom.

Ethan didn’t disturb the 2 of them either. He finished washing and returned to his place.

Ethan originally planned to sleep, but even as he lay down, he saw a message shooting up from the category group on WeChat.

“Dear students, tomorrow is that the queen Samira holding a concert at our Buckeye Gymnasium. Does anyone want to go?”

This piece of data immediately detonated the category group that had been silent for an extended time.

“I rely so fast? I remember not next week? I even have been working part-time for the past month just to save lots of money to shop for concert tickets!”

“Hey, did you commit it to memory wrong? i made a decision it had been tomorrow a couple of months ago… Samira’s concert, i would like to ascertain it, but i’m a queen, and therefore the price of the concert tickets is just too expensive. Yes, I heard that the ticket at the corner is quite two thousand.”

“Haha, you guys are late. I bought one half a month ago. the situation isn’t excellent , but it still cost quite five thousand. Oh my god, it hurts. i actually don’t skills much the primary row of tickets cost. !”

“Twenty thousand two! this is often still the first ticket price. I heard that the first-row tickets within the hands of some scalpers have already sold for quite 30,000!”

“Damn, so much? I knew i used to be bankrupt and hoarding two front row tickets. I made tens of thousands of dollars after changing hands…”

The discussion within the class group was so lively.

Ethan also looked around, but only smiled.

To be honest, Ethan never catches a chilly with any top superstar, nor does he chase stars, including any interest.

Watching the discussion within the class group fully swing, Ethan watched the thrill , then put his phone aside, able to attend bed.

But soon, Ethan turned over and grabbed the phone, with slightly of pleasure on his face.

He opened WeChat and directly sent a message to Linda: “Did you sleep?”

Two minutes later, Linda’s information came back: “I didn’t sleep, what is the matter? Are you asleep?”

Ethan made a smirk and replied, “I didn’t sleep, I even have something to ask you.”

Linda replied: “Mysterious…what’s the matter?”

Ethan smiled and quickly replied, does one want to travel to Samira’s concert?”

“Think…” Linda made a pouting expression, and said again, “But I heard that the ticket is tough to grab…”

“If you would like to ascertain it, you pack the ticket with me, and that i will find you tomorrow morning!” After Ethan sent the message, he quit WeChat, found Maggie’s number and called.

The phone rang a couple of times, and Maggie connected: “Young Master, is there anything happening at this late hour?”

Ethan responded, ” Maggie are you asleep?”

Maggie smiled: “There remains some work to be done, and that i am working overtime. what is wrong with You?”

When Ethan heard that they were working overtime, he couldn’t help feeling a touch embarrassed.

People are working overtime for his or her circle of relatives , but now they’re still asking them to urge tickets for the concert, which may be a bit outrageous.

“Uh…Sister Maggie, please roll in the hay first, I’ll call you tomorrow.” Ethan said.

Maggie knew that Ethan had something to try to to when she heard it, and smiled again, and asked, “Young Maste, just mention it. I’m not very busy here.”

“It’s okay, hey, take an opportunity early and concentrate to your body…”

Hearing Ethan’s words, Maggie couldn’t help feeling warm, then smiled and said, “Do you would like concert tickets?”

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