I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 222

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 222

Chapter 222

Ethan was stunned when he heard the words, and for an extended time he said, “You…how does one know?”

Maggie giggled and said, “Just guess it. There was nothing wrong with You within the past two days. it had been more sensational than Samira’s concert. Many of my friends have already called and asked me to assist get tickets. ,Of course i do know .”

Ethan nodded silently: “Oh, that’s it, then… are the tickets easy to get?”

Ethan felt a touch unsure in his heart. Although he knew that Maggie could almost reach the sky together with his hands and eyes in Buckeye, he didn’t think he could do anything.

“It’s okay, it with great care happens that I even have two available . I’ll allow you to send them back later. this is often the primary row of tickets!”

Hearing what Maggie said, Ethan breathed a sigh of relief, hehe smiled: “Then many thanks Sister Maggie, many thanks such a lot …”

“Hey, welcome . Okay, if there’s nothing else, i will be able to hang up first, and that i will send the tickets to you tomorrow morning.”

After speaking, Maggie ended the decision .

At this moment, Ethan was extremely happy.

He hurriedly sent a message to Linda, telling her that the ticket has been settled, so she was relieved.

Linda was also very happy about this.

She is learning songs , and she or he has been fascinated by the large star Samira for an extended time.

And Linda had long known that Samira was getting to hold a concert in Buckeye, but at that point she didn’t even dare to believe it.

After being with Ethan, Linda still did not have the courage to inform Ethan about it.

Although Linda knew that Ethan was rich, regardless of what proportion Ethan’s money was spent, albeit it had been a penny, she felt a touch uncomfortable in her heart.

So this matter has been dragged down.

Originally, Linda had no hope anymore, but at precisely this point , Ethan called and told himself this, and eventually got the tickets easily.

How could this make Linda unhappy, and he would be ready to meet her long-loved idol immediately, and the way could Linda not be excited.

Linda couldn’t help but secretly laughed within the bed, the voice was very soft and sweet.

But just after she finished laughing, she suddenly heard a scolding from her getting to bed.

“If you do not sleep within the middle of the night, you’re so sick to laugh within the bed!”

Linda’s face flushed immediately when she heard the words, and she or he softly responded, “Yes…I’m sorry, I disturbed you!”

Linda’s mom on the upper bunk didn’t seem to require the apology to heart. He grabbed a pillow on the bedside and threw it down, cursing, “I’m sorry, I’ll be sorry all day long. If I’m sorry, if it’s useful, what am i able to do with an atomic bomb? You’re a bedroom, I’ve been bloody moldy for eight lifetimes!”

Although the pillow isn’t heavy, Linda’s face hurts within the middle, and Linda let loose a “Oh” cry.

At this moment, a woman living next to Linda hurriedly stood up and accused: , what are you doing? Linda didn’t bother you intentionally . Besides, you didn’t nod off in the least . People laughed. What happened?”

She heard the words and immediately sprang out of the bed, and said angrily: “I want you to be nosy, grandma is during a bad mood today, i do not want to listen to someone laugh, are you able to manage it? don’t need to urge out!”

Luna glared at the 2 people below her eyes, and muttered: “My grandma didn’t grab the concert tickets. It’s already disturbing enough. You laughed, did you deliberately!”

After speaking, Luna pulled the quilt to hide her head and lay down.

Linda and another girl checked out one another and shook their heads helplessly.

The girl asked during a low voice, “Linda, what did you tease just now? what is the good thing?”

As soon as this matter was mentioned, Linda suddenly forgot the unhappiness he had just received, and a smile appeared on his face.

“My boyfriend just told me on WeChat that he got two tickets for Samira’s concert, so i used to be so happy!” Linda said.

“Huh?” The girl was a touch surprised, but more envious, “It’s true, Linda, this is often an honest thing. You know, I heard that tickets are not any longer available through regular channels, scalper Over there, the foremost common tickets are everywhere 3,000. Your boyfriend is so kind to you that he bought the tickets at a high price! Hey, my boyfriend who isn’t promising won’t work anymore, he said to me at the start Buying tickets, but now, it’s estimated that the cash has been bought by him for the sport panel…”

The girl said she was serious about envy, and Linda could even see that the yearning in her eyes couldn’t be pretended.

The girl sighed and hurriedly asked: “Linda, have you ever asked your boyfriend, where is that the ticket he bought for you? have you ever got the ticket? do not be fooled!”

Linda smiled and shook her head: “Don’t worry, you cannot lie.”

Linda looked very confident, then said, “My boyfriend said, he bought me, it seems to be a front row seat!”

“Tickets for the primary row?” The girl was stunned when she heard the words, her face was shocked and incredulous, “I heard that, within the hands of the scalpers, the primary row of tickets has sold for tens of thousands!”

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