I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 223

I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad chapter 223

Chapter 223

The girl believed Linda’s words considerably , but when she heard what Linda said about the front seat, she suddenly hesitated.

After all, there are tens of thousands of seats within the front row and two tickets, which is tens of thousands.

These people are poor students, and their family background isn’t excellent . Where can there be such a lot money?

They are not like local students from Buckeye in good backgrounds, high-rise buildings, and sports car secretaries.

Those people may spend tens of thousands of dollars to shop for a ticket, and hear a couple of songs by celebrities, it feels no big deal.

But tens of thousands of yuan may be a huge sum of cash for college kids who sleep in other places and therefore the conditions aren’t too good. which will be the income of the family for the whole year.

And the girl also knew the conditions of Linda’s house alright . She knew that with Linda’s conditions, it had been absolutely impossible to shop for the primary row of tickets.

As for Linda’s boyfriend, although she has never seen him, she has rarely heard Linda mention it.

But she cares it carefully. Although Linda looks good, she is unlikely to seek out any rich second-generation boyfriends. After all, the few rich and young in Buckeye University, all of them know, and nobody has heard of Linda. Who did you follow?

So within the eyes of this girl, either Linda was cheated by her boyfriend, or her own vanity was at work.

The girl hesitated, squeezed out a clumsy smile, and said, “That Linda, I see, you ought to check this matter again to avoid being deceived…”

Linda also smiled: “No, he never lied to me…”

Linda appeared very confident, then said, let’s not ask you now, I’m getting to wash the garments .”

After speaking, Linda picked up some clothes and left the bedroom.

The girl next to her checked out Linda, and her friend shook her head in disbelief.

“Listen to her, ho ho, if she will afford the first-row tickets for Samira’s concert, i will be able to go live and eat shit!”

When Luna on the upper bunk saw Linda leaving, she immediately sat up and said angrily at the door where Linda left.

Although she couldn’t understand Luna’s bullying Linda, her views on the ticket were an equivalent as Luna’s.

“Oh, okay, Luna, do not be angry. i do know you’re not happy if you didn’t grab the tickets. I didn’t get the tickets either. Let’s settle down . there’ll be opportunities within the future.”

Luna sighed and said unwillingly: “Where is that the opportunity? this point Samira’s national tour, we’ve the Buckeye wave in our province. I missed it. The ghost knows that we’ve to attend until the year of the monkey.”

Luna said again: “I am also angry, Linda what conditions, who doesn’t know what the large guy is doing, what’s she showing off, what can she pretend, does one really consider herself as an enormous person? It’s really interesting, I annoy her Up!”

At this moment, other girrl suddenly cleaned up in silence, and whispered: “Hush…she’s back.”

As soon as her voice fell, Linda walked into the bedroom. She came back to urge the detergent .

Linda got it and was close to return to the laundry room, but was suddenly stopped by Luna.

“Linda, wait a minute!”

Linda stopped when he heard the words, looked back at the opposite person, and said blankly, “What’s the matter, Luna?”

A sinister smile appeared on the corner of Luna’s mouth, and said during a calm tone, “Why, I heard that your boyfriend helped you get the tickets for Samira’s concert? Really fake.”

Linda didn’t know why, so she nodded slightly and said, “Really? what is wrong with Luna.”

Luna smiled, and continued: “Nothing. Since your boyfriend is so good, how about you let him get some tickets for us? , most are good sisters playing together, since you you’ll roll in the hay , i feel you can’t roll in the hay in the least , I think, can you?”

Linda was stunned when she heard the words, and she or he was a touch embarrassed: “This…I don’t know an excessive amount of . it had been done by my boyfriend. i do not know if it are often done.”

Luna’s face suddenly sank when she heard the words, and she or he said displeased: “Besides, if you cannot catch on , you cannot catch on . What are you pretending to be with me? Are you actually stupid? Your boyfriend helped you get the front row. Tickets, you brag and do not pick an excuse for the past, you say such outrageous things, you actually treat us as fools!”

Luna said at the start that it had been fake that Linda helped to urge the tickets. She wanted to require the chance to humiliate Linda.

To be honest, Luna is typically jealous of Linda, she is nothing quite a prettier and a far better figure than herself.

But her family is poor and clinking. My mother remains half-dead within the hospital. Why is she in her heart, as if she feels superior!

It seems to be a touch angry, but Luna continued: “What about the tickets that your boyfriend bought you? The ghost knows what quite dog your boyfriend is and what garbage it’s . you’re ashamed to blow these ahead folks , you’re afraid it isn’t a brain damage!”

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